Jennings Close To Becoming Restricted Free Agent

Brandon JenningsBrandon Jennings has until Oct. 31 to agree to a contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, otherwise he will become a restricted free agent in the offseason.


Jennings cannot recall the last time he spoke with his agent, Bill Duffy, about an extension.


“I talked to him a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t about the contract,’’ Jennings said. “I can’t put my hand on what’s really going on (with contract talks). That’s why I just let my agent handle it.


“If anything happens, I’m sure he’ll text me and let me know and let me know what’s offered and then say, ‘It’s up to you.’ But I haven’t gotten that call yet.’’


Four officials from NBA teams said they would give Jennings a contract worth between $9 million and $11 million annually.


(Via Gery Woelfel/Journal Times)


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