NBA GM Sees Women Coaching In NBA Soon

Natalie Nakase

Billy King, general manager of the Brooklyn Nets: I thinks the NBA will employ a female assistant coach within the next 5-10 years. But, the hire must be made by an established head coach with the full respect of his players, and the woman in question must be better than good. Whenever you’re the first, people don’t want to see you succeed, I think there would be a lot of cruel jokes made behind closed doors, and there would be a lot of people trying to make sure it didn’t work.”


Daryl Morey Houston Rocket GM: All NBA teams want to be ahead of the curve, but few can afford the risk. It’s always easier when you have one example to point to, so when you take that idea to your owner, you can say, ‘See, it worked here.’ Nobody wants to be the first.” This mentality is one reason women aren’t being hired as NBA coaches — because no team has done it yet. The league loves to recycle, with teams routinely installing coaches and general managers who’ve been hired and fired multiple times. But I find it hard to believe that all of the best and smartest thinkers in basketball just happen to share the same chromosome.


(Via ESPN)


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