Lakers Considering Adding Delonte West

BKB-GER-US-ALBA-MAVERICKSReport: Lakers considering adding Delonte West, other point guard


There are no easy answers for the Lakers, because their problems are not tied to just one thing. It’s point guard play, defensive rotations, a lack of outside shooting, transition defense, injuries and a laundry list of other things that has what was a preseason title contender at 9-13.


But point guard play is the biggest — Chris Duhon and Darius Morris are not cutting it. And with Steve Nash likely out until around Christmas now, the Lakers are thinking of making a move reports Marc Stein of ESPN.


West would be the best of what is out there on the free agent market, but he comes with baggage. The Lakers may think with a veteran-heavy locker room they can deal with that, of course Dallas has a veteran-heavy roster, too. And Mark Cuban is a player-friendly, patient owner.


(Kurt Helin/NBC Sports)



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