Suns Interested In Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

The team holds an option to re-sign Rip Hamilton next season, making him the equivalent of an expiring contract due to the low guaranteed money, and since the summer I’ve heard that they would be receptive to offers for him and have even dangled his name a bit.


However, with his recent injury, that could be hard to pull off unless he makes an impressive return in the month or so leading up to the deadline, so it might not be possible to move him. Actually, I’m sure they could find a taker — Phoenix, for one, is a team that I’ve heard has some interest — but at this stage of his career, Hamilton and his representatives might not be open to playing for a non-contender, even for half of a season.


The Bulls wouldn’t want to take back much, if any salary, as the goal would be to avoid the luxury tax — it isn’t assessed until after the season, not the beginning — something that shedding his $5 million contract would allow them to do this season, according to my calculations. Other than Hamilton, I don’t see any other players on the roster potentially getting moved, though injuries and simply a deal that management feels they can’t turn down could change things.


(Via CSNChicago/Bulls Insider)


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