Adelman May Quit as Timberwolves Head Coach This Summer

According to Scott Howard-Cooper of, Timberwolves head coach Rick Adelman maybe calling it quits this summer if his wife keeps having health issues. He told this statement to the NBA.

usp-nba_-minnesota-timberwolves-at-utah-jazz-3_4_r536_c534At one point, Adelman left for the team for three weeks, 11 games, in January. His wife, Mary Kay, was hospitalized to try to find out why she kept having random outbursts of seizures. A quote from Adelman shows that he is hinting towards maybe leaving as the head coach of the Timberwolves, “There’s a couple times I really struggled whether I should come back.”

Rick Adelman is eighth on the list of the most winningest coaches in NBA history. He sits right behind George Karl, head coach of the Nuggets, on this list.


(via, @Hoops_Nation)

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