Allen Iverson Contract Pen Selling in Auction at Ridiculous Price

If you think that Allen Iverson and his legacy will ever be forgotten, you better think again. Iverson was on hand for the Sixers season opener against the defending champion Miami Head in October, in which the Heat were 10 point favorites, even without Dwyyne Wade. The Sixers stormed out to an incredible 19-2 lead to start the game, led by the rookie, Michael Carter-Williams. The Sixers held onto a lead that got smaller, and then bigger, and then smaller throughout the game. They ended up making headlines, and sending waves through the NBA by defeating the Heat, and winning the first game of the season. A team that was so set to be the bottom feeders of the league, that Vegas said they would not win more than 16.5 games. Those odds were recorded as one of the lowest ever set for win/loss totals by Vegas. Did it have anything to do with Allen Iverson?

Any time Allen Iverson makes a return to the city of brotherly love, you get an electrifying feel in your body. A man who took  a turn for the worse when finishing his NBA career in 2010 in just three games with the Memphis Grizzlies can still pack an arena at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, just by showing up. It did not matter that there were rumors that the Sixers planned to tank the season. It did not matter that they traded away their centerpiece for a pick which landed a player (Nerlens Noel) who would sit out the entire season due to injury. It did not matter that they were predicted to be the worst team in the league. What did matter is that Allen Iverson was there, the man who was drafted first overall by Pat Croche and the 76ers, and single handedly changed what the 76ers meant to their city.

To further recognize his accomplishments, the 76ers have set March 31st, 2014 aside as their day to recognize Allen Iverson once again, and retire his number in Philadelphia before they face off against the Washington Wizards. Once again, it doesn’t matter that the two teams playing currently have a combined record of 16-24. You can bet that place will be an absolute zoo full of people, all because of The Answer.

pen iverson

Take a look at Sixers.Com, where the team is currently auctioning off the pen that Allen Iverson used in 2009 to sign a contract with the 76ers. A contract which only lasted for 25 games before leaving the team. The pen currently has 16 bids and stands at $590.00. Again, because its Allen Iverson.

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