Baron Davis’ Torn ACL might be the end for his career

There were times when Baron Davis was as good a playmaker, as good a pure point any guard in the NBA — remember how he played when he led Golden State to the first-round upset of the Dallas Mavericks? He had the gift of court vision, and even in his frustrating later years on the nights he showed up physically and mentally right he could be magical. I’ve seen few players be able to light up a crowd like he could on the right night.


We may never see those days again.


The Knicks have announced that Baron Davis’ knee injury is much worse than we thought. And anyone who saw the video thought it was bad. Here is the announcement from the New York Knicks:


Injury Update: MRI on Baron Davis’ R knee revealed partial tear of the patella tendon & complete tears of the ACL & MCL.


Davis will have surgery later this week but would be age 34 when trying to make a comeback from this. A guy who has struggled to come back from injuries in recent years such as the herniated disc in his back that has limited him these playoffs.


Davis, when he was going right, was always one of my favorite players to watch. Too often, do to conditioning and more, we had to catch glimpses of what he was capable of — in transition he could be amazing. Too many days he settled for threes (early in the clock), but when he attacked he could score or dish as well as anyone.


He’ll try to come back, but it’s hard to be optimistic. I’ll miss him. I’ll miss Boom Dizzle. I’ll miss the beard.


Via (NBCSports/Kurt Helin)


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