Bulls’ Rose Still Uncertain About Returning From the Knee Injury


According to the NBA website,  Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls’ superstar, still remains uncertain when he’ll comeback from his devastating knee injury that occurred last season during the NBA Playoffs.


The return for Derrick Rose has been long, and hard, even though Rose shows signs that he is getting a lot better, the return still continues on. This has been emotional for Derrick Rose. During the showing of his brand new Adidas shoe, he broke out into tears while he was up on the stage showing his shoe. He obviously shows signs that he’s really missing playing the game of basketball.

Even though we’ve been seeing Rose in pre-games doing dunks, and just running around like there is no problem, Rose still says that there is some soreness still coming from his knee.  This quote comes from Derrick Rose himself, “”It could be tomorrow and I feel like I can play the next game,” Rose said this before the Thursday game between the Bulls and the Trailblazers. He also added onto his statement saying, “Nobody knows but God.”

Rose hasn’t stepped foot on the floor ever since hurting his knee during the playoff series between the Bulls and 76′ers. In this series, the Bulls were handed an early exit by the 76′ers.

(via, @Hoops_Nation)

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