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  1. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: NUMBER TWO PICK BABY   

    ​Yeah, I think that may be the case. Anthony-Towns does have great potential though.
    ​My cousin wants to take Russell over both KAT and Okafor lol. I'm not sure about that! This is really tricky.
  2. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Rockets @ Warriors (Game 1)   

  3. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Favourite player going into the NBA draft?   

    Jahlil Okafor. This guy is a beast on the offensive end! He just needs to improve defensively.
  4. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Wolves Future Looks Great!   

    Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Ricky Rubio, Gorgui Dieng and now either Karl Anthony-Towns or Jahlil Okafor!

  5. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: NUMBER TWO PICK BABY   

    ​Definitely agree. I'd take Russell over Mudiay any day! I'm torn between KAT, Okafor and Russell though. I'll be happy with any of these guys! Okafor's defense is weak but he plays like a young Tim Duncan on the offensive end.
  6. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: NUMBER TWO PICK BABY   

    ​I'm with you man, we deserve this. BRING OKAFOR TO LA!
  7. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Official 2015 NBA Draft Lottery Discussion   

    Man I'm so excited!!!! I haven't been this happy in a long time.
  8. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Series Prediction   

    ​Yeah, that's very true. Terry and Prig are SCREWED here.
  9. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: NUMBER TWO PICK BABY   

    Who are we getting?! Who do you want to get?! Finally something goes our way.
  10. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Judging after the playoffs: Is DeAndre Jordan worth a max contract?   

    ​Great post. I agree with everything you said. However, I feel like his potential is way beyond Tyson Chandler's ever was. DJ is a beast defender when he's locked in. He just needs to work on his FT's and postgame much, much more this summer.
  11. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Is Our Run Over?   

    ​Well he opted in! :P
  12. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Judging after the playoffs: Is DeAndre Jordan worth a max contract?   

    If you originally thought DJ was worth a max contract, do you still think so?
  13. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Series Prediction   

    That would be awesome.
    I think Corey Brewer and Trevor Ariza are really going to give Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson a challenge. However, I see the Warriors winning in 5 or 6. GO WARRIORS!
  14. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: How likely can the Cavs sweep the Hawks if Lebron and Kyrie stay healthy   

    If Kyrie was fully healthy, I could see the Cavs taking ATL out in 5. However, I think a sweep is highly unlikely here.
  15. Tony Hoops added a post in a topic: Do you think the Cavs have a realistic chance of winning it all?   

    It depends on Kyrie's performance. I really think LeBron has what it takes to carry them with an injured Irving though. Smith, Shump and Mozgov have been great enough to cover for all the injuries the Cavs have been facing.

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  1. Tony Hoops

    Steph Curry's little baby is so cute haha

    1. Bayzus

      she has some beautiful eyes too. 2 beautiful parents make a beautiful baby, who woulda known

    2. JDK

      fatass Windhorst having a problem tho. Bet if it was Lebron's kid he be taking pics

    3. Bayzus

      windhorst got lebron dick in his ass

  2. JDK » Tony Hoops

    Is there something wrong with the reps system? Counted like 8-9 reps or w/e on threads but the notifications only tagged around 4. Also if you try and unlike a rep it takes you to that 'oops I did it again britney spears something went wrong' page

    1. The Future

      I still don't know how I gave myself a rep. How's that even possible? 

    2. Tony Hoops

      Starting a ticket right now! I wasn't aware of this.

  3. Lights » Tony Hoops

    just letting u kno, the avis are still circle n the website still crashes on my ipad

    1. Tony Hoops

      How often does it crash and when?

    2. Lights

      every single time i try to open the site on my ipad it loads half the page n just closes my browser. the site is gud on my android so im thinking its my ipad

    3. Tony Hoops

      I'll try to borrow my bros iPad asap and test it out!

  4. Tony Hoops

    Working until 9:30pm again -_-

    1. JDK

      making that money so you can wire Bay a $100 for the competition

  5. Tony Hoops » Noah

    Hey congrats!

  6. Tony Hoops

    Hmm turned off the ads and the forum started functioning again.

    1. Bayzus

      Can't view any threads

  7. Tony Hoops » Raza 10

    Always nice to see you online!

    1. Raza 10

      Free time is hard to come by these days but I'll be on when I can!

  8. Tony Hoops

    A Clippers/Cavs NBA Finals would be insane.

    1. Jay

      Warriors/Anyone would be better though.

    2. Poohdini

      i'd rather see GS in the finals

    3. Mr. Smiley

      I'm rooting for GS too. Lol.

  9. Lights » Tony Hoops

    Why is the site so slow on mobile, and it crashes every time I try to load up a thread. tried it on my ipad and my android

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    2. Tony Hoops

      Is it slow only on the phone or all tablets?

    3. Lights

      idk can't speak for everyone but it crashed on m ipad and my android

    4. Bayzus

      hi lights

  10. Tony Hoops

    These hoes for everybody

    1. Bayzus

      Make them get HN accounts

  11. Lights » Tony Hoops

    Circle - 3

    Rectangle - 9

    Your move boss.. 

    1. Bayzus

      there's more important shit to worry about than a fkn square avi

    2. Lights

      It's circle, u cow

    3. Bayzus


  12. Tony Hoops » WeAreChampionsTV

    We need you to take over HNTV boss!

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    2. WeAreChampionsTV

      why and how??

    3. Tony Hoops

      Because the YouTube account has been DEAD!

    4. WeAreChampionsTV

      you mean I'll be making mixes for the YT account of H-N?

  13. Tony Hoops

    Activity is pretty nice this morning!

  14. Tony Hoops

    It's only up from here!

  15. Lights » Tony Hoops

    I love the new site but my only complaint is avi's.. if we get a enough people to back me up is there a way they can go back to rectangular? The circles are really bugging me out, & are a main reason why I always used the classic h-n theme

    1. Tony Hoops

      I feel you. Care to start a topic with a poll? Let people vote for rectangle or circle.

    2. Lights


    1. Tony Hoops


    2. Tony Hoops

      Why are you talking to yourself?

  16. Noah » Tony Hoops

    New member/mod/admin/owner banners look nice! Owner.png.bbe2e7cf954d4cd8672e9dcf71a03c

  17. Lights » Tony Hoops

    make sure u bring back rectangle avi's instead of this circle

  18. Tony Hoops » Sean

    You're cute.

  19. Tony Hoops

    Almost died in a car accident last night while taking an Uber.

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    2. Bayzus


    3. Tony Hoops

      Dude crashed into the dividers that split a freeway into two!

    4. Bayzus

      wow wtf

  20. Tony Hoops

    Had to clear my inbox. Don't take it personal cuties!

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    2. JDK

      is the new update that's on the way gonna conflict and erase the previous threads/posts? I wanna post in one of the threads but if it's gonna get erased then there's no point until after the update

    3. Tony Hoops

      No sir, that is not the case.

    4. JDK

      you know when everything is gonna be all good to go?

  21. Tony Hoops

    Peep my cover photo!

    1. Bayzus

      That's dope, I need to do mine

    2. Charles

      Sexy ;)

  22. Ari Gold » Tony Hoops

    I don't think we're able to post in the report bugs and issues thread. I don't have an option at least when I go on it. The only option I have is to create a new thread.

    1. Tony Hoops

      Please try again. Sorry!

  23. Lights » Tony Hoops

    sign me up for posting contest

    1. Tony Hoops

      Reply to the topic brotha!