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  1. ISO added a post in a topic Rambis head coach for rest of year; Shaw/Walton top choices this summer   

    Kurt Rambis  
    Hire Thibodeau, with Lopez and Porzingis in the middle and Thibodeau's coaching we'd be transformed into one of the best defenses in the league. Thibs knows how to get the most out of his players. The burning players out thing is bullshyt, why because of Rose. These guys should be able to handle 35-40 minutes a night regardless. He was an elite assistant on the Knicks for quite some time bring this man back. 
    I think Luke Walton is a better fit for the Lakers once they get rid of Scott. I know Walton did a great job with the Warriors but he'd have to build from scratch with us and he doesn't have anywhere near as strong a team. I want an established guy. I highly doubt Jeff Van Gundy coaches for us again and it's been so long since he coached in the league. Kenny Atkinson is behind that Spurs East system in Atlanta and is a great mind on both ends as well as player development guy I wouldn't mind. 
    Hell no to Brian Shaw or Mark Jackson...
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  2. ISO added a post in a topic How are your rookies playing so far?   

    D'Angelo Russell doesn't suck I don't know why so many people on this board hate him...  
    Porzingis has been what I expected, never bought that whole "project" bullshyt these analysts were spewing I knew he'd be productive from day one, I thought he should start from day one. I saw his draft workout nobody looked better but KAT, it's obvious he was too agile for a 7'3 guy, the jumper was too wet and he was incredibly level-headed and poised for a young Euro in his interviews. Dude's destined for greatness and should be a two-way force, a hybrid of Dirk Nowitzki and Detlef Shrempf with better rim protection IMO. His rebounding is pretty good we've seen the putback slams, averaging 2.5 blocks per 36, great range on his jumper shyt is rivaled by few in the league right now. Only issues I've found with him are...
    -needs to develop handles, Dirk was crossing dudes and leading breaks in his prime 
    -postgame could be better I don't think he'll ever be as good as a Gasol but he does have his little dream shakes and up and under's but he doesn't look to post enough
    -smaller players take his legs out, Thaddeus Young and Marcus Smart have severely limited him using this tactic 
    -he's a bit foul prone, a rookie being undisciplined is to be expected 
    -he could be a better passer
    -conditioning needs to get better, dude needs to get stronger his biggest knock coming out the draft a lot of the time dude is winded in the 4th Quarter 
    Jerian Grant looks lost at times and just can't shoot the ball, I don't know if he'll stick in the league. 
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  3. ISO added a post in a topic Anybody been paying attention to ESPNs top 100 players list?   

    Pippen always gets overrated on these damn lists...
    Both S.I. and ESPN have him in their top 25...  
    He is NOT a top 25 player him ranking ahead of Wade is dumb shyt. ESPN has some sketchy shyt and odd rankings but these lists are always tough. 
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  4. ISO added a post in a topic Would LeBron James be considered greater with a better Finals record?   

    People who analyze the game know he inexcusably dropped the ball in 2011, and was incredibly overmatched in 2007, 2014 and 2015. 
    Without doubt he'd be considered better with a better Finals record...
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  5. ISO added a post in a topic How is it possible for Marc Gasol to be voted DPOY but only making the All Defense 2nd Team the same year?   

    Wes Unseld won MVP's and made the HoF with numbers like that...  
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  6. ISO added a post in a topic JR Smith   

    J.R.'s specialty fouling the three point shooter and causing a flagrant by running his shoulders through a pick...
    J.R. can be solid on-ball though he inconsistent though
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  7. ISO added a post in a topic Do you think I'm Handsome irl?   

    Your hairline 
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  8. ISO added a post in a topic Do you think I'm Handsome irl?   

    You Somali or something my nikka? 
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  9. ISO added a post in a topic Drake - Summer Sixteen   

    Drake responded pretty viciously to Kendrick on Future's Sh!t Remix and Kendrick was copping pleas at the radio stations talking about there's no beef. These two will never really beef let's be real, Pusha T been sending shots at Lil Wayne and Drake. Pusha T is one of the Drake's biggest influences he was a huge fan of the Clipse and Pharrell then, even had an original Pharrell beat on his first mixtape and Malice from the Clipse featured. Drake gains nothing by going at Pusha who ain't even relevant like that..  
     False, that's a narrative used by Kanye stans to overstate Kanye's influence. 
    It wasn't a diss for Kanye more of slick shyt talking. I agree I really miss the 2007-2013 Drake I loved that dude's music, this trapper Drake shyt is just cool it's not what I want to hear. 
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  10. ISO added a post in a topic NBA's top 3 defensive players by position   

    1. Rudy Gobert
    2. Tim Duncan 
    3. Hassan Whiteside
    HM: Andre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol 
    Power Forward
    1. Draymond Green 
    2. Anthony Davis
    3. Nerlens Noel 
    HM: Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors, Serge Ibaka 
    Small Forward
    1. Kawhi Leonard
    2. Jae Crowder
    3. LeBron James
    HM: Paul George, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant
    Shooting Guard 
    1. Tony Allen 
    2. Danny Green
    3. Jimmy Butler
    HM: Avery Bradley, Iman Shumpert, Klay Thompson 
    Point Guard
    1. Kyle Lowry
    2. Russell Westbrook
    3. Ricky Rubio 
    HM: Chris Paul, John Wall, Patrick Beverley
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  11. ISO added a post in a topic Bucks Want to Trade MCW & Monroe   

    I'm glad we didn't get Monroe...  
    Milwaukee's aggressive help defensive scheme was destroyed with their new acquisitions and the guys they lost. Just look at their starting 5 no three point shooting. They've had to start O.J. Mayo at PG. Kidd hasn't been there for much of the season, I hate the way Jabari's been utilized they aren't getting the most out of his potential. Losing Dudley and Zaza was huge, they basically gave Zaza away. 
    I really liked this team, loved the rebranding but it's been a disaster. Regardless, Parker/Middleton/Antetokoumnpo are great pieces going forward. 
    Zach Randolph was a very good player for some years, 20/10 and an All-Star in some. But lets not ignore his terrible defense and being a complete blackhole and bouncing around before Memphis. A guy like him making HoF is why the basketball HoF is a joke. 
    Jennings is a pretty good playmaker IMO, he has Iversonesque shot selection and is allergic to lay-ups but I wouldn't say he can't pass... 
    That achilles injury tho  
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  12. ISO added a post in a topic Meek Mill - War Pain (Drake Diss)   

    This was dope, Meek need to stop pushing Omelly on to the public. 
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  13. ISO added a post in a topic Top 15 Point Guards of All Time: Voting for #3   

    Steph and CP3 belong on these polls...
    Steph might actually end up having the G.O.A.T. offensive season this year, he's the greatest shooter and has an MVP and title more than a lot of these guys. 
    I'd like to see Frazier and Nash get more love, Thomas and Stockton are almost consensus above Magic and Oscar when a good case can be made for those guys. 
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  14. ISO added a post in a topic This classic song came out 10 years ago   

    Aye, what's your top 5 Tip tracks? 
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