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  1. ISO added a post in a topic Kobe retiring at the end of the season   

    Kobe is one of the legends of this basketball shyt as much as I fought off his stans I can't deny his status as one of the best 10 players ever and one of the best I've seen in real time... 
    Seeing him go out shooting 31 fukking % is sad but he refuses to conform and do what guys like Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Carter, etc. did. I honestly think he has three years of play left in him. 
  2. ISO added a post in a topic Top 50 List from Boston Globe   

    Can nikkas stop tryna put Dennis Rodman in top 50's? Thanks  
  3. ISO added a post in a topic Fisher needs to shorten the rotation   

    Fisher really is terrible...  
    The last few losses have been on him our bench has played like shyt and he insists on putting out lineups with no scoring or chemistry on the court. Vujacic needs to be escorted out of Madison Square Garden. 
     Derrick Williams been trash for awhile now too smh...  
  4. ISO added a post in a topic College football   

  5. ISO added a post in a topic Team Efficient vs. Team Chucker   

    Nah, I'm saying he's not a chucker because in his career he's been knocked for being passive and seeming disinterested at times. The tendency to hide in corners same thing Andrew Wiggins seems to do at times today. Some of the guys in the OP there isn't a shot they wouldn't enjoy taking and that's not really what I see in Rudy. He just takes a lot of long two's wouldn't say he's a super inefficient player or anything. I feel like he's a pretty good player but he's underachieved given his talent, length and athleticism. 
    I agree with the Zach Randolph stuff. Memphis could have used Rudy as a small ball PF, he'd be a mismatch for every PF in the league with a little bulk gain he could defend a lot of 4's he's 6'9 wih a great vert and a 7'3 wingspan. Put Tony Allen at the 3 with Gasol anchoring and the defense wouldn't even suffer that much IMO, Randolph isn't exactly a defensive force. I think Zach is one of those heart and soul guys and crucial to Memphis identity though. Rudy's bad contract and at the time poor play made him easy to trade. 
  6. ISO added a post in a topic College football   

    College Football  
  7. ISO added a post in a topic Team Efficient vs. Team Chucker   

    Gay also has a history of being passive and disappearing and not having a fire... 
  8. ISO added a post in a topic Team Efficient vs. Team Chucker   

    Gay never passes out of his drives to shooters he 's literally one of the bottom guys in the league at that I remember seeing a stat about that and he just doesn't make the guys around him better. I wouldn't say he's a "chucker". 
  9. ISO added a post in a topic So when will the 76ers trade Jahlil?   

    Jahlil is the future, he's going to be better than Al Jefferson. He has one of the best combinations of postgame and ball handling I've seen at his position in all my years watching and studying basketball. I think he's going to be an 8-10 rebound guy and he won't be an elite defender but he can get the little things down as time goes on and he shows a knack for blocking shots so he can be serviceable if he puts in the work. 
    Nerlens is one of the best defenders in the league, he's just god awful offensively but he was a big reason why the Sixers who were terrible last year damn near ranked in the top 10 in dRtg. Embiid is the one getting traded because of his injury issues, immaturity and poor work ethic. With Saric coming over who plays both forward spots, and Noel and Okafor they don't really have a need for him. 
  10. ISO added a post in a topic Let me know some LOW KEY hot mixtapes that have dropped over the last 3 months   

    My cac suitemates stay playing this shyt 
  11. ISO added a post in a topic Let me know some LOW KEY hot mixtapes that have dropped over the last 3 months   

    I've had Fabolous Friday Night Freestyles in rotation heavy since it dropped, Fabolous new mixtape Summertime Shootouts is pretty dope too, that new Badu tape is fire if you into R&B, Trey Songz Intermission 1 and 2 are solid again if you into R&B. 
    Rozay's Black Dollar Mixtape is one of the best of the year the Renzel Remixes aren't that great to me I don't think I'd ever bump that tape in it's entirety but he definitely floated on Flashing Lights. Diddy's mixtape ain't bad I'm personally not trying to hear Diddy rap if Mase ain't featured on it and it's not from 1997.  
    Check out Dave East's Hate Me Now mixtape, one of the guys making noise out of NYC right now. He's signed to Nas' new label, played ball with Kevin Durant's brother in college and has a relationship with KD, raw street lyricist inspired heavily by Jadakiss. 
    You can try listening to that new Kodak Black, his shyt stay getting play on OVO Sound Radio and he's kinda buzzing. 18 year old kid from Florida I guess I'd describe him as Chief Keef meets Juvenile. 
    Lloyd Banks dropped a tape on Halloween, French Montana got two tapes one in collaboration with Fetty Wap the other one is pretty solid has one of the biggest songs of the year particularly on the East Coast in Off The Rip. 
  12. ISO added a post in a topic On My Bucks MY GM is starting Jabari @ PF a good idea?   

    Keep Middleton I feel like he fits Milwaukee perfectly, Batum is nice though if I remember correctly when I used the Hornets. 
    Did you get Bledsoe? 
  13. ISO added a post in a topic Drake- Views from the 6 Anticipation Thread   

    The quality is just like that, Erykah Badu seems to be trolling a little bit she tweeted Drake ain't on the tape. But the writing style, cadence, pronunciations, ad libs and references are all clearly Drake. The voice sounds just like Drake too just slightly deeper and most sites have Drake as a featured artist too. 
    This could be a Drake clone though. 
  14. ISO added a post in a topic J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar - Black Friday   

    Nice, Cole bodied it I wish Kendrick would have used a different beat though. 
  15. ISO added a post in a topic Drake- Views from the 6 Anticipation Thread   

    Y'all heard his latest features on Erykah Badu's mixtape?