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  1. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: What if Kobe.....   

    Rings are circumstantial. LeBron spent the first 8 years of his career on undermanned teams, Kobe spent the first 8 years of his career playing under Phil Jackson, playing with a prime Shaquille O'Neal, with a great cast of role players. The fact of the matter is LBJ is a superior prime and peak player than Kobe on both ends and he doesn't really lack much in terms of achievements. It's not about what LeBron might do, it's about what he's already done.
    For the OP, we're talking about a great performance against arguably the greatest defense ever. I'd say he has to be in the top 8, probably ahead of Tim Duncan and Hakeem. 
  2. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Hawks @ Cavs (Game 3)   

    They don't suck stop it. It's easy to look at the Nets as just a 38 win team in retrospect but in real time down the stretch they were one of the hottest teams in the league, Thaddeus Young was a big acquisition for them. Brook Lopez at 7'1 was bound to give ATL problems, he had an 11 game stretch averaging 26 points on 61% FG to end the season. Actually, the Hawks were never even in danger of losing the series. They lost back to back games, one was because of an uncharacteristic bad shooting night where they scored 82 points and the other was because of a D-Will flashback game where he scored 35 points. Other than that the Hawks won the series by a margin of 11.5 points. 
    Also, don't act like John Wall didn't play in most of the games in the series, don't act like Bradley Beal didn't average 23 per game, don't act like the Wizards weren't a top 10 ranked defense, dont disregard Washington's size against ATL's small frontline, don't act like Pierce wasn't clutch 
    Teague, Millsap and Horford would be fringe All-Stars in the West. 
  3. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: What if Lebron.....   

    I think he'll be top 5. I think I had him at 8 if im not mistaken, I feel as if he's a better prime and peak player than Magic and Bird and those guys routinely make top 5's, and it's really just a matter of time he's on the verge of edging them in terms of longevity. 
    If he manages to miraculously beat the Warriors in this year's Finals, I don't know where I'd place him...   
  4. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: What if Lebron.....   

    If the Heat would have won with LeBron's performance all we'd be hearing is how Wade carried him to a ring...
    If LeBron would have won in 2011 with his usual production he'd be in top 5's, it's a huge and unfortunate blemish of LBJ's career. 
  5. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Starting a team: Magic Johnson or Larry Bird?   

    Larry. Like Djoker said he seems like a greater individual force with his scoring and rebounding, he's a top tier post player and shooter, he's also better on the defensive end and a more than capable playmaker.
  6. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Circle or Rectangle Profile Pictures?   

    Rectangular. If possible we should definitely go back, this is way too small and it's odd for a forum to have circular avatars. 
  7. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Lebron James adding more to his legacy   

    Look yall LeBron fukked this guys b*tch a few years ago
  8. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Hawks WOAT #1 seed team (move to seattle? hellyeah)   

    Also, the playoffs aren't all about win/loss records it's about match-ups. The Nets took them to 6 games not 7 games as stated above. The Nets put up a good fight because despite their 38 win record they were actually one of the hottest teams in the league during the second half due to Brook Lopez having a hot streak he had an 11-game stretch towards the end of the season averaging 26 points per game on 61% FG, the Thaddeus Young acquisition was huge. The Hawks weakness was of course size so he was able to eat against them, they also had an uncharacteristic poor game offensively in game 3, and the Nets stole game 4 with D-Will having a miraculous flashback game. The Hawks won games by a margin of 11.5 points in that series. 
    The Wizards used their size, their elite defense, and clutch heroics from Pierce and a great series from Beal to stretch out the series even with Wall missing some games. They could have easily lost that series if Wall was healthy not gonna lie. Nobody thought they could beat a motivated LeBron in the playoffs, Thompson is destroying them on the boards, and Cleveland's defense these whole playoffs has been amazing and now they are having injury issues. It was a great year for Atlanta regardless. 
  9. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Hawks WOAT #1 seed team (move to seattle? hellyeah)   

    Like celtic_fan said a 66 year history, one title, 44 playoff appearances and they just made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, they've been a consistent playoff team since drafting Al Horford, I believe they have an over .500 win/loss record in the post shot-clock era, they are located in a city that's widely considered the capital of the American South you just don't move a team like that despite their lack of success in terms of Finals appearances and championships, exagerrated attendance problems and Dominique being one of their few All-Time greats they are a classic NBA franchise. 
    1996 Seattle SuperSonics: 64 wins, 14th out of 29 teams in attendance, 697,301 fans 
    2015 Atlanta Hawks: 60 wins, 17th out of 30 teams in attendance, 713, 909 fans 
    Seattle is a more populated city, they had a better team led by one of league's histories most explosive duos and two of the most marketable players of the '90's in Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton yet it's not like they were leading the league in attendance. Really, there attendance was no better than the Hawks and their attendance towards the end in the Ray Allen years was bottom of the league. 
  10. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Steph Curry Last Night   

    Pictures dope tho
  11. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Report: Jahill Okafor "has his heart set" on being drafted by the Lakers   

    ​This isn't about the Knicks  or the other lottery teams , this is between Minnesota and L.A. since Towns and Okafor are practically the consensus number one and number two overall picks...
    If you're about winning I don't see how you're picking L.A. over Minnesota. Wiggins just won RoY and is hyped as the next big thing in the league, Rubio is considered one of the best playmakers in the league, Muhammad was balling before he tore a ligament in his middle finger, we saw LaVine in the Slam Dunk Contest he's one of the leagues best athletes and made All-NBA Rookie Second Team. Minnesota is stacked with young talent, players with bright futures. The Lakers have Kobe on the way out, pieces that don't match, a disgruntled front office, one of the worst coaches in Byron Scott, and their young players don't have as much upside as Minnesota's. Also, Kevin Garnett is still there and will continue to have a hand in the franchise even when he retires he's obviously one of the best bigs ever why not take the tutelage, Kevin Martin is there a solid veteran player.
    Seriously, depending on how much the Wolves improve on defense, how good Okafor is, and how much Wiggins/LaVine/Rubio/Muhammad/Bennett improve you could be talking maybe a playoff push for the Wolves faster than you think. 
  12. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Report: Jahill Okafor "has his heart set" on being drafted by the Lakers   

    If I was in this class I'd hate to get drafted by the Lakers.  
  13. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Lebron James 74 30+ point games in playoffs and counting   

    LBJ isn't passing MJ, 35 more 30 point game seems like a lot to ask for, not to mention MJ did it in less games... 
    MJ was a fukking scoring machine 
  14. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: 2009 NBA Draft Class Retrospect   

    ​Nothing wrong with Ricky, not the best floor general in the game he's good I'm criticizing the fact than Kahn took Flynn and Rubio two PG's back to back.
  15. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: 2009 NBA Draft Class Retrospect   

    I remember this draft I wanted Steph so badly, this nikka was the gawd at Davidson.  
    I'd still take Blake with the number one overall pick, Blake was a can't-miss prospect coming out of Oklahoma 
    Khan drafted Jonny Flynn and Ricky Rubio back to back 
    Brandon Jennings was jacking "f*ck the Knicks" , because we didn't draft him low key I wanted him too thought he was the next A.I. 

Status Feed

  1. ISOMELO » Ben

    Breh, LeBron's defense has been G.O.A.T. in these playoffs, huge chasedown on Rose, 4.2 defensive box plus minus :wow: 

  2. ISOMELO » PaulTrillsap

    Fewtch performed at my school today :wow: 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PaulTrillsap

      god damn you serious? Damn wish i could get a chance to see the ATL god :wow:




      what songs did he perform? you get a pic?

    3. ISOMELO

      Nah he performed songs from Monster mixtape and some of his old shit like Tony Montana, Turn off the Lights, Shyt, UOENO and features like Love Me. K-Camp also came 

    4. PaulTrillsap

      K CAMP :damn: god damn two of my favs you go to a ATL school or what?


      damn what a experience though you get any pics with any of them?

  3. Noah » ISOMELO

    Are you an aspiring teacher? Bc you been schooling people all over HN today :whoo: 

    1. ISOMELO

      I actually am lol 

  4. Ben » ISOMELO

    Breh I seen the worst argument against LeBron on thecoli the other day

    1. ISOMELO

      WOAT basketball opinions :scusthov:

    2. Ben

      Person said LeBron played no defense in the 2012 finals :mjlol:

    3. ISOMELO

      Lmao 2012 LeBron was such a monster defensively just because Durant killed doesn't mean he didn't play D. Check the vid I posted in Noah's thread, 20 minutes of excellence. :wow:

  5. Frosty » ISOMELO

    How you know you made it? When you're with Killa Cam watching Paid in Full.

    1. ISOMELO

      What's Mac coming out with this year?

    2. Frosty

      I'm guessing an album, just signed with Warner so I'd expect late 2015 drop

  6. ISOMELO » Guest

    I just realized Draymond Green was a RFA, I'd offer him the max thoughts?

    1. Guest

      Yeah I'd gladly offer him the max but I assume the Dubs will dump Lee and match any offer .. Even though their owner is cheap, salary cap is going in the future so he can take that Lux tax for 1 season to keep a #1 seed contender

    2. ISOMELO

      Damn, I really want this dude. I'd take him over Leonard as far as RFA's go. Galloway looked nice today, with his defense and shooting I wouldn't be surprised if he could possibly develop into a great triangle PG.


    Thoughts on my starting 5 breh?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ISOMELO

      G Walt Frazier

      G World B. Free

      F Julius Erving

      F Dave Cowens

      C Willis Reed

      Great defense, backcourt is straight swag IMO

    3. ISOMELO

      Also, you're up

    4. JDK

      it's good bro. Definitely one of the strongest. Nice pick on Lanier btw


    It's your turn in the '70's Draft

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    2. JDK




    4. JDK

      you're up ISO

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mirrors

      Another classic track. I like last hope better cause of the powerful kardinal verse and it's less romantic lol

    3. Mirrors

      Omg peep the flow at the end. The beat

    4. ISOMELO

      Dat OVO sound :wow:

  9. ISOMELO » Bayzus

    Glad you agree with me about the Big O thing breh :myman:

    1. Bayzus

      There's just so much gray area about players prior to the 70s. Ridiculous pace and the game lacked as much depth as it has today. I can't assume Oscar would be as dominant as CP3 in the modern era because of athleticism and legnth in today's NBA since the players today are far more athletic. PGs probably wouldn't be guarding him anyway.

    2. Bayzus

      Seems like on HN people are split between thinking players from the 60s would be just as good today and then others (DJ90 type) think they would be scrubs coming off the bench as 3rd string players.

    3. ISOMELO

      Exactly. Also, Oscar having a post game perhaps being a slightly better scorer doesn't make him a far superior player.

  10. ISOMELO » Wojnarowski

    The thread got locked so I never got to your post

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Westbrook''s production with or without Durant's been ridiculous thus far, how can you talk about stat inflation when you're arguing for Oscar Robertson? Westbrook is putting up these numbers in only 31 minutes per game that's amazing. You nitpick his 4 turnovers and 28% 3PT shooting the man is averaging 32/7/8 per 36 minutes with nearly 3 steals.

    3. ISOMELO

      Saying OKC is a poor team because Durant was injured isn't a valid excuse not just anybody can put up those numbers through 20 games. That's like knocking Jordan for averaging 37 on a poor team, I'm not saying Westbrook will sustain his performance I doubt it, I'm not saying he's as good as Oscar. The point is there truly isn't a dramatic difference from Curry facing a Westbrook or Paul in today's league.

    4. Wojnarowski

      OKC is a poor team. Any team below .500 is poor in comparison to what they should be. Wade and Bosh's stats dropped because they joined with LeBron. Without LeBron, Wade and Bosh's stats go back up. Same thing with Westbrook and Durant. Westbrook is chucking threes that's why he's shooting 27% from three. Westbrook is also shooting 43% from the field whereas Robertson averaged 48%. Robertson vs Curry? Robertson would out rebound him, have the edge on him on defense because of...

    1. ISOMELO

      you win IMO

  11. Bayzus » ISOMELO

    Breh... fire squad truly was some fire. too hot

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    2. ISOMELO

      Verse 3 is facts, Love Yourz my favorite track tho

    3. Bayzus

      i like that track a lot too

    4. Bayzus

      do you think this is a contender for AOTY?

  12. ISOMELO » PaulTrillsap

    Breh, u didn't like The Blueprint?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PaulTrillsap

      its not bad its just one dimensional. Every song except renegade and jigga that nigga has a soul feel to it. TBA Is way better

    3. PaulTrillsap

    4. PaulTrillsap

      couldn't post this on your feed for whatever reason

    1. ISOMELO

  13. ISOMELO » PaulTrillsap

    Dusted off the God Forgives I Don't by Rozay :whew: classic

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    2. PaulTrillsap

      i didnt like it at much at first when it came out but now, :whew: its a good ass album. So many gems on there. You heard hood billionaire? Rozay delivered twice this year :wow:

    3. PaulTrillsap

      word has it though that the album is just a collection of his unreleased songs that he didnt wanna let rot

    4. PaulTrillsap

      bruh I'm telling you were gonna look back at this era in like 8 years and talk about how good the music was

  14. Bayzus » ISOMELO

    Hood Billionaire is underwhelming af

    1. ISOMELO

      Should have been a mixtape, it's got some some decent joints Wuzzup is the best song overall yeah it's kinda underwhelming. Not near Ross' best projects.

    2. Bayzus

      My favorite song was Trap Luv, smooth ass beat

  15. Frosty » ISOMELO

    Can I ask you a hip hop question

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    2. ISOMELO


    3. Frosty

      Serious question no bias or anything, is Mac Miller's career symbolic of this generation? You say shmurdas song is symbolic because it was organic without an industry push, but Mac just recently signed a deal after pushing out record breaking albums as an independent artist, is he too not symbolic in the same vain as Shmurda?

    4. ISOMELO

      Shmurda's song is symbolic because of that and other things I elaborated on such as the death of regionalism in hip hop and current NYC sound. I don't think that's stupid or anything so I don't understand why it's being mocked so much on here.

    1. ISOMELO

      1995 NYC radio show thought you'd be interested. Lots of obscure East Coast 90's joints, one of Jay-Z's first songs pre-Reasonable Doubt, appearances from Lord Finesse/KRS-1/Mic Geronimo among others, rare tracks like the OG Mobb Deep Temperature's Rising. Really takes you back to the 90's, full 4 hour show.

    2. ISOMELO

      Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, MOP, GZA, Raekwon and Wu-Tang affiliates, Shyheim, Fat Joe, Heltah Skeltah, Redman, LL Cool J, AZ/Nas among many others have tracks. Live mixing and freestyle sessions, KRS kicking knowledge.

  16. PaulTrillsap » ISOMELO

    what u think of this years knicks? Small sample size but w.e :shrug:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Meh, I don't think we're making the playoffs. I'm not a fan of the Triangle, it worked with Phil because he had All-Time players like Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Pippen, Rodman and amazing role players. Many other coaches have tried it and failed because of personnel as of right now we don't have the personnel.

    3. ISOMELO

      It sucks that Calderon is out, this is gonna be a bottom defense as well. Just hoping we can get Marc Gasol in the offseason and maybe Rondo during the deadline or something. I'm really looking for Shumpert's progression, also love what Jason Smith has brought. Melo is passing the ball well.

    4. ISOMELO

      When things aren't working in the triangle it's really bad it really leads to a jumpshots fest with low time on the shot clock.

  17. ISOMELO » Mirrors

    Drake trolling Tyga crazy lmao

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    2. ISOMELO

      Liked 5 of Chyna's pictures on Instagram, and posted a picture with Kylie Jenner lmao Drizzy the gawd of subs :banderas:

    3. Mirrors

      bruh and then chyna went and tagged him in a picture of her chest. and then durk screened it and captioned "lol I got next @champagnepapi" lmao this dude tyga messed with the wrong one, hes getting lit up and drizzy aint even dropped a diss record yet

    4. Mirrors


  18. ISOMELO » Mirrors

    Thoughts on new Drake tracks that leaked?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mirrors

      How Bout Now srsly grew on me, it's cray. In love with that song. Can't stand Heat of the Moment tbh since I heard it months ago. 6 God beat is NICE, a few hot lines but really nothing special... just throwaways, Drake hasn't gone in since Draft Day and a nigga is getting a lil restless now

    3. Mirrors

      Dumb little kid Thugger fans on HNHH claiming Drake fell off smh

    4. ISOMELO

      Didn't fukk with 6 God, Heat of the Moment is the typical Drizzy lowtempo R&B banger, How Bout Now is cool mainly because of the Jodeci sample and hook.

      Drake thinking of being on the remix for Dej Loaf's Try Me, she's a new female rapper and her single is bubbling.

  19. Mirrors » ISOMELO

    wheres the thread on coli for the logic album. the homie didnt even get a sticky lol

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bayzus

      they're probably too busy calling him a biracial coon trying to be white or some ignorant racist shit

    3. Mirrors

      I didn't believe a site like this existed. its one of the most ignorant group of people ive ever met but I go on there for the few knowledgeable people that aren't just posting to get "daps" from other people

    4. Bayzus

      I couldnt stand that BS so I stopped going on after a week. It was like a site full of adult/older teen Korvs lol

  20. Mirrors » ISOMELO

    logic's album leaked... i think it's safe to say hes got the album of the yr. no way hes not top 5

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Mirrors

      ya heard it yet?

    3. ISOMELO

      nah i'll wait till it's on Spotify

    4. Frosty

      Get off Logics sack

  21. PaulTrillsap » ISOMELO

    i saw belly for the first time :ohh: was a alright movie didnt really pay attention to the plot. Never knew nas had a chipped tooth though

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PaulTrillsap

      also keisha is fine af :noah:

      and DMX's acting fell the fk off from belly to cradle 2 the crave

    3. ISOMELO

      "Nikkas thinking shit sweet, I carry big heat, wavy hair chipped teeth"

      Yeah he got that when he was young, he got it fixed Fabolous needs to do the same :scusthov:

      Classic hip hop movie breh, Nas is a bad actor though lol.

    4. JBars

      Came up on that shit. (just look at my profile lmao). It was what scarface was to the generation before me.