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  1. ISOMELO added a post in a topic peak Iverson vs peak Westbrook   

    It's tough, Westbrook is a special player. I don't want to get into numbers but I feel Westbrook's efficiency would be slightly worse given the style of play in Iverson's era (no defensive three seconds, remnants of handchecking, very low pace, more physicality, less emphasis on spacing and three point shooting).  Iverson is tougher to defend in one on one situations and both are All-Time great slashers, I feel Westbrook can put more pressure on a defense because of his transition pull up, reckless driving style and explosive athleticism. Both have their flaws on defense Iverson was obviously undersized while Westbrook has his problems by being undisciplined and overly aggressive off-ball. I think I value Iverson's ability to pick pocket and get in the lanes higher than anything Westbrook does, then again Westbrook can be solid on-ball.  
  2. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Jason Kidd's influence on the Nets defensively in 2002 & 2003?   

    I'm sure @JDK has some numbers on Kidd... 
  3. ISOMELO added a post in a topic peak McGrady vs peak Harden   

    T-Mac didn't have the holes Harden has an an offensive player that really show in the playoffs. T-Mac has a tighter handle much less turnover prone, better midrange game, better finisher around the basket and could punish guys in the post just watch the video where he hits Shaun Livingston with a behind the back dribble to a fadeaway out the post. 
    I feel like Harden is a slightly better playmaker, overall shooter and his All-Time great foul drawing ability is definitely a plus. I think T-Mac is getting a bit too much credit defensively. Toronto T-Mac put in work defensively arguably the best shot blocking swing man ever. T-Mac was a better rebounder too. In his peak years in Orlando he didn't exactly have consistent effort. I think Harden was solid last season and was actually really good early on in the season. 
    I'm taking T-Mac he was too prolific  
  4. ISOMELO added a post in a topic How long would it have taken USA to defeat Japan if they didn't use those Nukes?   

    Hold the fukk on my nikka @Aponte  
    Make Ray Allen proud gawd  
  5. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Cudi out here making school shooter music   

    Infinite by Eminem is better than any record by Cudi... 
  6. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Lil Herb - Ballin Like I'm Kobe   

    This was dope better than Pistol P Project 
  7. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Fetty Wap - Fetty Wap   

    120K is great for him, Lyor clearly giving him that push  
    With that being said no way in hell I'm sitting through 20 of Fetty's songs  
  8. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Bryson Tiller - T R A P S O U L   

    Very dope project currently in rotation heavy  
  9. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Cudi out here making school shooter music   

    He was  in '09 and he's still  today 

  10. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Vince Carter still has ridiculous HOPS   

    Carter had a 43 inch vertical in his prime no way he's still jumping that high at his age...  
    Still impressive regardless  
  11. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Derrick Rose has a family to feed yalll   

    Funny how all of Rose's dikkriders can't explain his recent behavior I thought he was so quiet and humble about the love for the game 
    I remember nikkas in the gang rape thread acting as if they knew this man "why D-Rose? Never he's too nice and humble to commit such actions."  
    Nikkas eat up the NBA's marketing tactics  
  12. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Ben Hedibi - Queens Bridge   

    This is actually dope