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  1. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Official NBA 2k15 MyTeam Thread   

    Unfortunately it got wiped by the update, it's a shame since the thread was already three pages deep with some good discussions. 
    Also 2K guys, Tony has started a $100 posting contest for the month of April you guys can sign up here...

    It's gonna take posting outside of the 2K section, but $100 for posting on a forum seems pretty sweet to me
    Sign up brehs
  2. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Enter - $100 Posting Contest   

    I wouldn't mind making $100, put me down  
  3. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Should the NBA ban Hack-a-[insert name]?   

    Aggressive off-ball defense is completely different from intentionally fouling off-ball a few seconds into the shot clock. I don't see how Melo being doubled or trapped at the baseline or seeing an aggressive double as he establishes post position and being hit or something is anything like Howard running up the floor and being wrapped up intentionally with 20 seconds on the clock before either team even establishes position on offense/defense.
    If the NBA says you can't intentionally foul off-ball players how would that stop aggressive off-ball/help defense?
  4. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Should the NBA ban Hack-a-[insert name]?   

    How? Hack-a- has nothing to do with aggressive off-ball defense.
  5. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Should the NBA ban Hack-a-[insert name]?   

    It still kills the tempo of the game, you running around trying to wrap a guy up off-ball with 7 minutes left in the 4Q because you're down by double digits is a [expletive deleted] ass way of playing. Watching a guy shoot FT's over and over again is very, very boring. It's not a good product for the fans and just a cheap way of playing ball as far as I'm concerned. Also, fouls aren't something you're supposed to WANT to do.
    I'm pretty sure Howard is a better free throw shooter than you are by the way.
  6. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Should the NBA ban Hack-a-[insert name]?   

    I think so. It kills the tempo of the game, definitely not very entertaining for the fans, also it just doesn't seem like the right way to win. I'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to things like this but I don't support the hack-a technique.

    It's not as easy as saying "just learn how to shoot free throws". Do y'all play ball?

    Some people just never get it. There's nothing wrong with DeAndre Jordan's form, Dwight Howard can hit at over an 80% clip on hundreds of attempts in practice. These are guys that have worked their asses off over their careers and just can't do it.
  7. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Do you consider Westbrooks shot poor, same level as Rose?   

    I don't see how Westbrook is a better shooter and isn't even close :wtf:
  8. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Hawks honor HoF Wilkins by unveiling statue   

    Culturally Dominique is the Hawks greatest player though. Also, Bob never played in Atlanta. He played in Milwaukee and St. Louis and this was very early in NBA history.
  9. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: How will Portland do without Wes Matthews?   

    It sucks that Wes went down, he's been so durable for you guys and he's arguably the best 3D player in the league. Afflalo is a more than capable replacement though solid player on both ends and he can bring more of a playmaking dynamic as well. Portland also has Gee who is a good defender, he was the go-to defensive wing in Cleveland a few years ago. Byron Scott loved him and used him on positions 1-3. 
    Batum is definitely going to have to step it up, it's like he can't string together a series of good games and he's struggled all season shooting from three uncharacteristically. Dorell Wright should also see more burn, you guys should still win 52-57 games, go down to 6th seed at worse and still be a dangerous playoff team. 
  10. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Chris Paul over the last 10 games   

    The point gawd :ahh:
  11. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Young AI did more than break Jordan's ankles...   

    Meh, while the stats may not seem to tell the whole story I don't get the outrage. Jordan from '96-'03 was no longer in his defensive prime All-NBA Defensive teams be damned. Harper WAS a better defender than Jordan on those Bulls teams. Jordan struggled defending guards like Iverson and Stoudamire.
  12. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Westbrook lowkey in the MVP Race   

    D-Wade didn't win MVP in '09 just because of his teams 43 win total, LBJ had a flat out better season.
  13. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Historical MVP reconsideration   

    I honestly don't see Wade's case over LeBron in '09, there's always a few guys on here who say that.
  14. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: 3/1: NBA Gameday   

    It doesn't make it true...
  15. ISOMELO added a post in a topic: Anthony Mason, Former Knicks Power Forward, dies at 48   

    Mase was a very unique player, 6'7 250 lb. PF the man was a truck, but he could handle the ball coast to coast, he could really pass, and was an awesome defender, his physical style was perfect for those '90's Knicks squads, great versatility on both ends. He had that Barkley effect where he's a lot faster than he looks. He was nasty on the court extremely passionate a great man off it, did a lot of work in inner cities and with charities. Draymond Green is probably the closest thing in today's league to Mason.

    Mason just embodied New York basketball, one of our last great local products. He was flashy, he was tough, he was blue collar. Him and Starks were two miracles Riley happened to scoop up he was a second rounder cut from the league, who had to grind in the CBA before being let back in the league. He always kept close ties to the organization like Larry Johnson after retirement.

    Mase was hip hop too, he was in Diamond D and Beastie Boys videos in the '90's.

    48 is too young man, R.I.P.

    Legit one of my favorite old school players will consider writing a piece on him...

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  1. Ben » ISOMELO

    Breh I seen the worst argument against LeBron on thecoli the other day

    1. ISOMELO

      WOAT basketball opinions :scusthov:

    2. Ben

      Person said LeBron played no defense in the 2012 finals :mjlol:

    3. ISOMELO

      Lmao 2012 LeBron was such a monster defensively just because Durant killed doesn't mean he didn't play D. Check the vid I posted in Noah's thread, 20 minutes of excellence. :wow:

  2. Frosty » ISOMELO

    How you know you made it? When you're with Killa Cam watching Paid in Full.

    1. ISOMELO

      What's Mac coming out with this year?

    2. Frosty

      I'm guessing an album, just signed with Warner so I'd expect late 2015 drop


    I just realized Draymond Green was a RFA, I'd offer him the max thoughts?

    1. TGIA

      Yeah I'd gladly offer him the max but I assume the Dubs will dump Lee and match any offer .. Even though their owner is cheap, salary cap is going in the future so he can take that Lux tax for 1 season to keep a #1 seed contender

    2. ISOMELO

      Damn, I really want this dude. I'd take him over Leonard as far as RFA's go. Galloway looked nice today, with his defense and shooting I wouldn't be surprised if he could possibly develop into a great triangle PG.


    Thoughts on my starting 5 breh?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Yeah, I'm thinking of drafting a more defensive oriented SG and sliding World to the bench as well that way I can have 5 elite defenders in my starting lineup.

    3. JDK

      Sloan would do well on your team then. plus he works well off ball

    4. ISOMELO

      Yeah I was thinking Sloan or DJ


    Ok so bruh..through this horrible Knicks season, I think of some crazy ass hypoethicals to get me through the day...Imagine Phil Jackson dumps Jose for expirings. So we have enough cap to sign 2 max level guys...We get the #1 pick, and we can sign a combo of LMA/Marc/Butler/ can only pick 1 wing, 1 big...which duo do you go with?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Perhaps I'm high on Millsap and Dragic, I think that'll make a top East team depending on our depth. I would prefer we abandon the Triangle, don't like it.

    3. ISOMELO

      I really want that number one pick. Really liking OK4 right now, seen quite a few of his games. He's just too skilled, one of the best low post prospects I've seen. Averaging 19/9.5 on 67% FG, huge hands, 7'5 wingpsan, runs the floor well, light on his feet. I think he's a guy you can build around long term, hearing Al Jefferson/Tim Duncan hybrid comparisons.

    4. TGIA

      I don't think getting Dragic-Millsap is that crazy of a hypothetical. Hopefully Suns don't trade Dragic to Houston.


    It's your turn in the '70's Draft

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JDK

      you're up ISO

    3. The Future


    4. ISOMELO

      JDK you're up, Future is shortly after

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Another Drizzy throwback

    3. Mirrors

      vft6 might just be album of the yr

    4. Mirrors

      I got this song, its so dope that be that ying yang whisper style

  7. ISOMELO » Bayzus

    Glad you agree with me about the Big O thing breh :myman:

    1. Bayzus

      There's just so much gray area about players prior to the 70s. Ridiculous pace and the game lacked as much depth as it has today. I can't assume Oscar would be as dominant as CP3 in the modern era because of athleticism and legnth in today's NBA since the players today are far more athletic. PGs probably wouldn't be guarding him anyway.

    2. Bayzus

      Seems like on HN people are split between thinking players from the 60s would be just as good today and then others (DJ90 type) think they would be scrubs coming off the bench as 3rd string players.

    3. ISOMELO

      Exactly. Also, Oscar having a post game perhaps being a slightly better scorer doesn't make him a far superior player.

  8. ISOMELO » Wojnarowski

    The thread got locked so I never got to your post

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Saying OKC is a poor team because Durant was injured isn't a valid excuse not just anybody can put up those numbers through 20 games. That's like knocking Jordan for averaging 37 on a poor team, I'm not saying Westbrook will sustain his performance I doubt it, I'm not saying he's as good as Oscar. The point is there truly isn't a dramatic difference from Curry facing a Westbrook or Paul in today's league.

    3. Wojnarowski

      OKC is a poor team. Any team below .500 is poor in comparison to what they should be. Wade and Bosh's stats dropped because they joined with LeBron. Without LeBron, Wade and Bosh's stats go back up. Same thing with Westbrook and Durant. Westbrook is chucking threes that's why he's shooting 27% from three. Westbrook is also shooting 43% from the field whereas Robertson averaged 48%. Robertson vs Curry? Robertson would out rebound him, have the edge on him on defense because of...

    4. ISOMELO

      Everything is flying over your head and your comparing statistics across eras lol. I'm not saying Westbrook is better than Robertson... I'm saying Robertson isn't that much better than Westbrook or CP3.

    1. ISOMELO

      you win IMO

  9. Bayzus » ISOMELO

    Breh... fire squad truly was some fire. too hot

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bayzus

      i like that track a lot too

    3. Bayzus

      do you think this is a contender for AOTY?

    4. ISOMELO


  10. ISOMELO » PaulTrillsap

    Breh, u didn't like The Blueprint?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PaulTrillsap

    3. PaulTrillsap

      couldn't post this on your feed for whatever reason

    4. ISOMELO

      banger :whew:

    1. ISOMELO

  11. ISOMELO » PaulTrillsap

    Dusted off the God Forgives I Don't by Rozay :whew: classic

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. PaulTrillsap

      i put hood billionaire, coke like the 80s, burn, and like 2 more songs to the whip playlist bruh trap rozay >>>

    3. PaulTrillsap

      2014 is a good year for singles, album wise its been p weak though. Trigga is probably my favorite album this year :shrug:

    4. PaulTrillsap

      rap is getting more mainstream love. A lot of rap on the hot 100

  12. Bayzus » ISOMELO

    Hood Billionaire is underwhelming af

    1. ISOMELO

      Should have been a mixtape, it's got some some decent joints Wuzzup is the best song overall yeah it's kinda underwhelming. Not near Ross' best projects.

    2. Bayzus

      My favorite song was Trap Luv, smooth ass beat

  13. Frosty » ISOMELO

    Can I ask you a hip hop question

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Frosty

      I was just comparing what you said about him having an organic comeup to Mac is all, still think his was just as organic as shmurdas one hit but hey.

    3. ISOMELO

      Yeah but Mac blew up traditionally he had a few tapes then he got signed, also Mac wasn't completely organic it's known in hip hop circles that he paid for YouTube views that got him to the front of the page and sparked attention, that he had connects this caused music label execs to get at him.

    4. Frosty

      I mean everyone pays for views, doesn't mean you aren't organic.

    1. ISOMELO

      1995 NYC radio show thought you'd be interested. Lots of obscure East Coast 90's joints, one of Jay-Z's first songs pre-Reasonable Doubt, appearances from Lord Finesse/KRS-1/Mic Geronimo among others, rare tracks like the OG Mobb Deep Temperature's Rising. Really takes you back to the 90's, full 4 hour show.

    2. ISOMELO

      Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, MOP, GZA, Raekwon and Wu-Tang affiliates, Shyheim, Fat Joe, Heltah Skeltah, Redman, LL Cool J, AZ/Nas among many others have tracks. Live mixing and freestyle sessions, KRS kicking knowledge.

  14. PaulTrillsap » ISOMELO

    what u think of this years knicks? Small sample size but w.e :shrug:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ISOMELO

      It sucks that Calderon is out, this is gonna be a bottom defense as well. Just hoping we can get Marc Gasol in the offseason and maybe Rondo during the deadline or something. I'm really looking for Shumpert's progression, also love what Jason Smith has brought. Melo is passing the ball well.

    3. ISOMELO

      When things aren't working in the triangle it's really bad it really leads to a jumpshots fest with low time on the shot clock.

    4. PaulTrillsap

      yeah exactly I've noticed that too, goes back to the same iso shit during the woody era. Woody was such a awful coach man i was never a fan of him and for good reason. Some assistants just cant transition into the HC role. Wasted 2 years of melos career

  15. ISOMELO » Mirrors

    Drake trolling Tyga crazy lmao

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Someone tell Maliah I should work tonight/Call King of Diamonds and tell Chyna It'd be worth the flight :banderas:

      Tyga an idiot forreal for cuffing her.

    3. ISOMELO

      6 PM in New York? Should be fire 9AM in Dallas and 5AM in Toronto were flames. Those Tyga subs can't wait :wow:

    4. Mirrors

      hell yeah drake knew what he was doing when he gave future the shoutout on insta, made sure his record was highlighted and right on top

  16. ISOMELO » Mirrors

    Thoughts on new Drake tracks that leaked?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ISOMELO

      The ILoveMakonnen signing was horrendous. Dej is more talented and kinda cute, she already signed to Columbia Records tho.

      OVO is lacking as a label outside of Drake, the producers (40, 1985, Mike Zombie, T-Minus, Boi-1-Da) and Partynextdoor who has a little buzz it's dead.

    3. Mirrors

      srsly DnF is really drake featuring drake, s/o 5am in Toronto. idk wtf ob has been doing, steve nash was an ok track, hazelton trump sucks af. not even mike zombie, sftb was cool and all for the verses but a lack of a switch up for the hook made that beak weak and overrated af. drake needs find peeps, he cant hold up ovo by himself

    4. Mirrors

      I really wish logic was still independent, personality wise (from what I seen) and background wise (as far as being biracial) it seems like they'd match up pretty well, like get along and I feel like if logic was on a trakc with drake they'd both be trying to outrap each other like TDE does together which would be dope af.

  17. Mirrors » ISOMELO

    wheres the thread on coli for the logic album. the homie didnt even get a sticky lol

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ISOMELO

      Nah he has a thread went like 10 pages, mostly knocked for some of the things I said blatant Kendrick biting, some people found him boring, some people praised him, some people said he was corny. A guy said he was the lyrical Kid Ink.

    3. Mirrors

      ya so could ya link it

    4. ISOMELO

  18. Mirrors » ISOMELO

    logic's album leaked... i think it's safe to say hes got the album of the yr. no way hes not top 5

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. tripleaamin

      Prob suk was the wrong choice of word, but I just didn't like it tbh. Something about it just seemed corny to me. I prob will give it another listen since I don't like to critically judge albums based on only 1 listen. It just seemed disappointing to me, but we each got our opinion.

    3. Mirrors

      yee most def agree with the last part. listen through 1 more time focus on what he did in tracks like nikki, now, gang related, under pressure, and til the end

    4. tripleaamin

      I got to admit it, it's better then I originally gave credit. For me the 1st half of the album is a lot stronger then the 2nd half, which to me hurts the album if you are listening to it from start to finish. Still it's a solid/good album to me, but I wouldn't put it with Pinata, Cilvia Demo or Seen it All personally at this moment.

  19. PaulTrillsap » ISOMELO

    i saw belly for the first time :ohh: was a alright movie didnt really pay attention to the plot. Never knew nas had a chipped tooth though

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JBars

      Came up on that shit. (just look at my profile lmao). It was what scarface was to the generation before me.

    3. Ray

      God put us here to make money nigga!

    4. PaulTrillsap

      Tommys crib :ohlawd:

      didnt know they had shit like that back in 99. I need a room with blue lights like that

    1. ISOMELO

      I heard the album breh, will post my observations in the thread tomorrow

    2. ISOMELO

      Anyway rank TI's discography from best to worst, favorite to least favorite where does this album stand

    3. Korv

      Right w/ Trouble Man at the 5/6 slot and ahead of Im Serious and TI vs TIP

  20. ISOMELO » Mirrors

    Breh, you heard the new Drake track

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ISOMELO

      The second verse is just nice storytelling. His grandmother is in the hospital he's lacking communication, he hits the dial tryna call her instead calls some girl he met at the mall this while he's laid up with a different girl, he then receives a text from another girl talking about how she should have kept the baby and the chick he's with reads it. Dude is going crazy inside :wow:

    3. ISOMELO

      The whole song is really about being resistant to fame changing you and staying true to yourself and his struggles in doing that. Great song.

    4. Mirrors

      ya I been hearing ya rave about this song for a minute. now that I think about it ive never heard a completely wack drake verse including tracks like SFTB/Trophies. he still has clever lines here and there. cant say that for guys like sean, meek, weezy, and all these other radio guys