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  1. ISOMELO added a post in a topic What would you name your 1st child?   

    If it's a boy I don't know to be honest maybe Anthony that's my middle name, if it's a girl Leslie just like my momma  
  2. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Let's talk Drake   

    Quentin Miller isn't credited on R.I.C.O. either, so if he worked on Where Ya At he probably wouldn't be credited since it's Future's people writing the credit and album liner. I don't think he worked on the song since this was really a last minute thing so I'm assuming Drake did this one. Regardless, Quentin Miller never wrote full 16 bar verses for Drake it was more like hooks, some lines and cadences and only on a handful of tracks nothing major. The Weeknd did have a big influence on Take Care. Drake also got help from Anthony Palman, also known as Young Tony also known as Hush, he's a former rapper from the Toronto underground and he's a producers assistant and audio engineer now he's credited on Take Care and Nothing Was The Same. I don't think he made references for Drake but he's more like a yes-man and helps Drake in the writing process. At the end of the day Drake is still nice he wrote all of his early material exclusively with minimal help from Nickelus F and wrote the vast majority of his catalog period you can't doubt his pen. 
    People don't understand how the industry works this whole hip hop purist stuff is B.S., some of the best in the game and of All-Time have had guys around them who helped them write or at least some type of ghostwriting allegation. Since you already mentioned Jay-Z it's been out for quite some years that Lupe Fiasco wrote on The Black Album. Like you can't tell me What More Can I Say doesn't sound like it could have been on Food & Liquor. Also, Lupe's album was exec produced by Jay-Z which tells you they really had a special relationship. Kanye giving Jay the hook and bars on Lucifer is on YouTube for everyone to see. Also, Feelin' It was originally a Camp Lo song before Ski Beatz gave it to Jay. Look at how Jay takes the cadence, hook, flow, words and even the opening laugh from the track. And this is Jay one of the 5 greatest rappers ever and you can find more examples. 
  3. ISOMELO added a post in a topic tbh   

    I agree good discussions going on, the posters that joined in late 2014 like junorjrs and Drizzy Dre are pretty good users. CLE and Knicks Nation joined this year and they aren't bad users I've been seeing some different names on here and people starting to come back too like CP, I think I saw Ben post the other day, RIG is back. Tony needs to keep recruiting hopefully we can get 2-3 more active users soon. We still have the same 20-25 user core that we've had since 2012. 
    JDK, Noah and Djoker are doing a good job in the history section, Damnshow stay coming with the comedy, and I feel like we're getting good replies even on slow days where the best news is some shyt like Chuck Hayes going back to the Rockets or Matthew Dellavedova staying on the Cavaliers.
  4. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Which MMG album is better?   

    That's why I call him mumble mouth, good ole peanut butter on the roof of his mouth ass nikka   
  5. ISOMELO added a post in a topic How would my 2k team do in real life?   

    Team seems to lack shooting with Jackson, DeRozan and Gay. Jackson and DeRozan are below average three point shooters, Gay is slightly below average himself shooting at a 34% clip on about three attempts for his career. Gay obviously didn't work out in his first stint in Toronto he shot very poorly it doesn't seem like it's a good fit. While Thompson, Jordan and Johnson are good defensively, will set good screens and is a monster rebounding front court they lack offensively. Team isn't that great IMO. 
  6. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Gilbert Arenas basketball analysis   

    It's not a terrible analysis, I don't think he means LeBron isn't a number one option I think he means he's not a pure prolific type of scorer like a KD, Jordan, Iverson, Bryant. Because a number one option he most definitely is he has one of the highest scoring averages in NBA history RS and PS and has a Scoring Title. He leads all his teams in scoring and is the man with the ball down the stretch. He's not going to have as many 50 point games as a Kobe but he's going to be very consistent and more efficient with his scoring numbers and is capable of exploding in dire situations. LeBron is more of a rhythm shooter than a pure shooter like Kobe.
    About his first two steps LeBron undoubtedly has one of the quickest first steps in the league, also the LeBron that Gilbert  faced in the playoffs had a the same first two steps typical to the guys he was talking about then. His handles in isolation and lateral movement circa 05-06 were more natural as he was a lot lighter then. Nowadays he does move like Jason Kidd. Kidd (even at 40) and LeBron are fast as hell vertically their acceleration is crazy but in the half court they aren't pulling crossovers like KD or Kyrie. 
    He did say LeBron could be the second or third best player to play the game.  
    I'm not sold on this whole Jordan 48 inch vertical, I've seen both him and Scottie play and 48 inch verts just seem like a stretch. Jordan did jump higher than Kobe though and he did have those fast twitch muscles I wouldn't say Jordan's was quite Westbrook-like but yeah. Jordan's athleticism is why he's a better slasher than Kobe it's what separates them. Kobe was an above average (60-65% at the rim) but Jordan was Wade-like. 
    Gilbert my dude despite the guns and all that I wouldn't mind if they gave him a job can't possibly be worse than Shaq and Barkley... 
  7. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Which MMG album is better?   

    Ambition is a better album. The first two Seinfeld-themed mixtapes are better this was is a little better than his last album. I'm not a huge Wale fan he's a good lyricist but his flow is god awful. 
  8. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Trip out on this...   

  9. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Trip out on this...   

    And Shaq kinda looks like a bald Jahlil Okafor  
  10. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Meek Mill - Wanna Know (Drake Diss)   

  11. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Best charge taken in NBA history?   

    Man that was a bytch ass call  
  12. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Migos -Yung Rich Nation   

    Migos in 2015?  
  13. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Do you have a girlfriend or FWB?   

    That shyt be having me conflicted  
    Sometimes I want one  
    Other times I'm like I'm bugging  

  14. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Meek Mill - Wanna Know (Drake Diss)   

    Beat is trash, Meek been listening to too much Future could barely understand him or is that the Wale mumble mouth flow? Drake came in with bars on both diss tracks and both tracks are enjoyable sonically. I thought Meek was a battle rapper from Burks Street in North Philly what happened nikka?
    Meek done been bodied by Neef Bucks, Cassidy and Ar-Ab bout to get bodied by Drake too. That Kendrick diss Meek put out was trash too.  
    Also those reference tapes aren't as incriminating as people make it seem. It was like hooks and he took 4 lines on R.I.C.O. and like 6 lines on 10 Bands. R.I.C.O. is a 24 bar verse, Drake had an 8 bar verse, a 16 bar verse and then an outro on 10 Bands too. Getting hooks is common industry practice and guys get fed lines all the time even the greats. This is damning since Drake has these tapes out for his legacy but at the end of the day he's still the biggest in the game with a lot of good music and a pen that can't be doubted based on track record. The people who hated him before this will continue to hate him and the people who liked his music will continue to fukk with him. 
    One of my homies in Toronto right now he going to Caribana Fest, I told that nikka he need to dub that and go to OVO Fest shyt looks like it's finna be legendary. Drake needs to drop the hammer on some Stay Schemin' type shyt or bring back the Comeback Season flow and body bag him like he did to Voyce and Aristo.  
    Remember Drake you already talked about Nicki, keep talking that shit, bring up Meek's hoe tendencies and snake past. Turning on nikkas and snitching when YOU took Meek on his first major tour, wore Free Meek t-shirts to your concerts when he was in jail, praised his Dreams & Nightmares Intro as one of the best moments of this generation and have him one of his biggest hits in Amen. Drake should wait till Meek drops a second diss. 
  15. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Who is your least favorite player   

    DeAndre Jordan. I find him to be an overrated player especially on the defensive end. He deserved to be yelled at by CP3 after that ridiculous mental lapse, he slows down games because he can't knock down FT's which leads to Hack-a-Jordan. He strikes me as a player who think's he's better than he is hence the whole "I want to be the man" comment when he signed with Dallas, which led to my comments saying he thinks he's Dwight Howard when he's a glorified Tyson Chandler. The whole Dallas fiasco was an absolute unprofessional joke. He's entertaining, one of the most athletic bigs ever, all in all good player but I'm not a fan. 
    Iman Shumpert. This guy is supposed to be better than he is but is basically the same player he was as a rookie. He's so wildly inconsistent and a trash finisher at the basket. He has so many flaws in his game it's not even funny. It seems like he spends most of his off-season chilling with Teyana Taylor, putting out weak ass raps and grooming his flat top than actually developing a consistent midrange shot. His new contract is a joke.