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  1. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Is Carmelo Anthony still a top 5 scorer?   

  2. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Andrew Wiggins Potential   

    Tier 7. 
  3. ISOMELO added a post in a topic All known 2k16 Player Ratings   

    He is a better shooter...Dellavedova has higher three point percentages but he plays with LeBron James in one of the most potent offenses in the NBA. Galloway played on one of the worst. Delly was assisted on over nearly 90% of his three point attempts. Galloway's three point percentages would definitely be higher playing with LeBron. Also, are midrange and free throw not considered at all when it comes to being a better shooter? Delly shot 76% from the free throw line with one free throw attempt per 36 minutes, Galloway shot 81% from the free throw line on 2 attempts per 36 minutes. Galloway also shot much better from midrange.
    Matthew Dellavedova 10-16 feet: 32% FG 
    Matthew Dellavedova 16 ft. to 3 PT line: 34% FG 
    Langston Galloway 10-16 feet: 36% FG 
    Langston Galloway 16 ft. to 3 PT line: 43% FG 
    He is a better ball handler he can push the ball and he actually has dribble moves and crossovers, Dellavedova to often uses his back to protect his dribble because of his lack of handles. Also, per 36 minutes Dellavedova averaged more turnovers. Delly averaged 1.7 and Galloway averaged 1.5 and that's with Galloway doing more ball handling and having a much higher usage rate. 
    Even though Galloway isn't good at finishing he's far better than Dellavedova in that regard. Delly only shot 39% at the rim, while Galloway shot 49%. Having guys who can penetrate is always good because it can lead to kick outs which lead to open shots, it opens up the game period and keeps defenses on their toes. Also, it leads to more fouls and even offensive boards. These are 2K ratings we're talking about predicated on skill and athleticism. Galloway is easily a better athlete, and like I said he is a better shooter, slasher, defender, rebounder, ball handler, etc. What does Dellavedova do better than Galloway? Not really biased at all just facts.  
    I don't agree with Dinwiddie's rating all I tried to do is provide perhaps 2K's reasoning. His shooting numbers might be a bit of a fluke considering he shot 39% for his career in college from 3 and shot respectably in the D-League, maybe more of a result of playing sporadic minutes in Detroit. Like I said he's an above average athlete, an above average ball handler as a 6'6 PG, and he averaged over 8 assists per game per 36 minutes. 2K seems to be projecting him to be a 70 that's all I'm saying. 
  4. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Even if Derrick Rose is at full health next season, should Jimmy Butler be the first scoring option?   

    No Gasol should be... 
    Rose should still take their big shots due to still elite isolation scoring ability. 
  5. ISOMELO added a post in a topic All known 2k16 Player Ratings   

    Langston Galloway is not ass he's better than Dellavedova. He's 6'2 with a Rondo-like wingspan and he showed off explosive athleticism throwing down putback dunks over defenses as a PG. 
    He's a good three point shooter too, shot over 40% from three in his college career, 35% on 4 attempts in 45 games last year for us. High IQ player and his understanding of the triangle for such an inexperienced player was impressive. 
    Also, he was one of the best defenders in the D-League and it translated to the NBA look at his defensive tracking stats. 
    Galloway is a better ball handler, athlete, rebounder, better shooter, better at getting to the rim, likely a better defender too. Galloway is actually perfect as a 72 he struggles finishing, is a little foul prone and isn't a pure passer. Galloway would be a noticeable upgrade as a back up guard for Cleveland. 
    Dinwiddie is 6'6, athletic and is a pretty good passer. He only played 35 games and shot horrifically and split in the D-League he seems high at 70 but I'm guessing 2K based the rating off his potential for next year. 
  6. ISOMELO added a post in a topic All known 2k16 Player Ratings   

    He couldn't do better because he's  
    There's no argument Thompson was better by leaps and bounds. He was a dominant force on the boards that the Warriors had to adjust for, he provided rim protection and looked great at times on pick and rolls switching to guards. LeBron was feeding that man offensively and he was cleaning up misses too. 
  7. ISOMELO added a post in a topic All known 2k16 Player Ratings   

    71 is a high rating for him I don't care what he did in two games during the Finals. What he do during the RS and most of the playoffs? Tristan Thompson was the second best player in the Finals not Dellavedova. 
  8. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Top 25 Players 2015: Voting for #13   

    I was going to vote for Leonard next they aren't the far apart for me. What do you mean George is going to take a step back why do you say that? He's going to be fully rehabbed and playing in a faster tempo system... 
  9. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Travi$ Scott - Rodeo   

  10. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Top 25 Players 2015: Voting for #13   

    Was the defensive anchor of the team
    With Leonard / Without Duncan = 99.7 DRtg (#1 defense in the league)
    With Duncan / Without Leonard = 104.9 DRtg (#15 defense in the league)
    Also the defense was hovering around league average before Leonard's return where it then was ranked #2
    When Duncan sits he is replaced by Tiago Splitter who is also a very good defender or Ayres/Baynes, when Kawhi sits he is replaced by minus defenders. Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter is a lot better defensively than Tim Duncan and Austin Daye/Kyle Anderson or Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili (logged 32% of his minutes at SF last season). Kawhi is the best defender at his position but I don't think he's that much better than Duncan where we say it's not close. 
    The point is Kawhi missed damn near 20 games and he got off to a shaky start he had a monstrous second half going into the fist four games of the Clippers and Spurs series. IMO, because of that Duncan was their best and most consistent player in the RS and playoffs. 
  11. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Who do you consider to be Tier 1 players?   

    Kawhi is the most overrated player on this site dudes on here wanna put him up there with guys like Aldridge, Melo, Gasol, Harden when he's on the same tier as Jimmy Butler.  
  12. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Top 25 Players 2015: Voting for #13   

    Right, Leonard was destroying the Clippers and then completely fell off the face of the earth in the last three games yet nobody talks about it... 
    Game 4: 18 points, 31% FG 
    Game 5: 12 points, 20% FG, 4 turnovers 
    Game 6: 13 points, 38.5 % FG 
    Duncan was the Spurs best player throughout that series and he was the best player throughout the regular season as well as Leonard got off to a bad start and had an injury riddled first half he didn't start looking like he could be the Spurs best player until after the All-Star break. Leonard has yet to prove you can run an offense through him he's played as a second to fourth option throughout his career on one of the most efficient teams in basketball. He has a wide handle and struggles to create his own shot. If he were on those grind it out, slow pace defensive minded Pacers teams as a lead ball handler like George I doubt he'd look as good.  Everybody is more efficient on San Antonio it's the team for player development and reclamation projects where guys like Boris Diaw, Danny Green and Gary Neal have their best years Kevin Durant said the same thing put Leonard on Indiana and George on San Antonio what happens? 
    George is a better shooter, ball handler and playmaker while Kawhi has a better post game and plays better off-ball, both are good finishers at the rim. Both are tier one defenders, George was considered the best wing defender before his injury and was accumulating defensive win shares at a similar rate to guys like '09 LeBron and '95 Pippen.  
  13. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Who do you consider to be Tier 1 players?   

    Support your point your're only reasoning is he never made a conference finals yet it's idiotic to pin the blame on him giving the Clippers and Hornets have almost always lost to superior teams, and there's been playoffs where guys like Griffin, Crawford and Jordan's production has fell off the map, last year's Clippers team didn't even have the defense to truly compete for a title. 
    Paul produces at a tier one level and has tier one impact on his team which makes him a tier one player... 
  14. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Who do you consider to be Tier 1 players?   

    How is Paul laughable he's been productions at a tier one level for years, are you just going to blame not making a conference finals solely on him?  
    How exactly is Westbrook tier one but Paul isn't? If you're going by team success Westbrook plays with Kevin Durant on a team that can actually defend flip flop the two and the Clippers aren't even as good.  
  15. ISOMELO added a post in a topic Trade idea(s): Possible landing spot for Carmelo Anthony   

    Nah I still want Melo so it wouldn't be awesome , I don't even know what a Hawks package would look like. 
    But yeah Atlanta's supporting cast compliments him very well especially with all the shooting they have and how his defensive weaknesses can be covered in a strong team scheme like Atlanta's. Melo thrived on the '13 Knicks and that was a team that did a tremendous job of moving the ball. Also, Melo and Hardaway Jr. had developed a bond he was sad to see him traded so they'd be reunited. Melo is that takeover player the Hawks need assuming they keep the core intact they can be a serious threat IMO. 
    Also, Melo's wife went to high school in the Atlanta Metro area and worked for Atlanta radio stations so it would be a bit of a homecoming and she's likely monetize the move with a reality series.