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  1. Nashty added a post in a topic: Djoker's 2015 Finals Preview   

    ​Never underestimate Lebron, specially if he has a healthy Irving that can provide some scoring relief when he's off.
  2. Nashty added a post in a topic: What are your thoughts on Klay Thompson in the playoffs so far?   

    We all know Curry is playing like the MVP he is , but what about Thompson? I think he has done pretty good too so far in his own role, his defense has been on point, Eventhough Harden went off in 3 games, Klay made him work hard for those points. By the eye test he has done great defensively.
    He's averaging around 20PPG on 45% shooting and 43% from downtown, 2.9APG and 3.7 RPG so far in the playoffs.
  3. Nashty added a post in a topic: Djoker's 2015 Finals Preview   

    Warriors in 6, but I hope Kyrie can recover and stay healthy all series long so the Cavs can have a nice chance to win.
  4. Nashty added a post in a topic: Ready to watch Steph Curry crush some skulls in the Finals?   

    The ether is strong in this thread.
  5. Nashty added a post in a topic: So is Harden gonna get the superstar "you choked" treatment?   

    ​Exactly, Harden has been amazing in the playoffs overall, specially these last 2 games.  We can't judge him based on one mistake.
  6. Nashty added a post in a topic: Thoughts on Harden vs Curry so far   

    Both have played great so far, but Curry's team is up 2-0, really hope this series can go up to 6 games atleast.
  7. Nashty added a post in a topic: How much will not getting past the 2nd round affect CP3's legacy?   

    lol, if he had atleast an MVP this would be a decent discussion. 
  8. Nashty added a post in a topic: "Chris Paul is the biggest playoff choker in modern history"   

    ​Seriously, I'm getting tired of the circle jerk around here with cp0. He deserves criticism, I remember people here trashing Dirk in the past previous to his 2011 championship run,people constantly talked shit about Lebron too. I don't know why CP0 gets a pass.
  9. Nashty added a post in a topic: Series Prediction   

    Cavs in 5, Maybe 6 if Kyrie doesn't recover quickly.
  10. Nashty added a post in a topic: How likely can the Cavs sweep the Hawks if Lebron and Kyrie stay healthy   

    I don't think the Hawks are that much of a threat even if Kyrie isn't at a 100%.
    I think the finals are going to be pretty much Golden State vs Cavaliers, i will be shocked if i see  a different matchup in the finals. It looks like this is the Warriors year.
  11. Nashty added a post in a topic: "Chris Paul is the biggest playoff choker in modern history"   

    ​Its not all on CP3, but he deserves a decent amount of blame, He finally has a good coach and a great supporting cast and still can't get past the 2nd round.
  12. Nashty added a post in a topic: Are surprised to see many former Knicks flourish with other teams?   

    Seems like Melo does make his teammates worse afterall, he's like the opposite of Lebron.
  13. Nashty added a post in a topic: How much will not getting past the 2nd round affect CP3's legacy?   

    Well, atleast Nash has made it to the Conference finals before.
  14. Nashty added a post in a topic: Are you surprised to see Lebron in the Conference finals for the 5th straight year?   

    Not many star players in NBA history have managed to accomplish that.

Status Feed

  1. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Just finished Parasyte,  Damn that was great.  Its easily better than Tokyo Ghoul (well, the anime atleast).

  2. Nashty

    I don't like this new HN at all.

    1. Poohdini

      i agree its slow and clunky feeling

      and it looks like i lost my Ben Gordon signatures which i made on my old computer that doesn't work anymore :(

  3. Nashty

    AD only 3 assists and 1 block shy of a quadruple double.

    1. DR1

      oh fuk

    2. RedPower

      if only he will be healthy, he will finish his career as a top 10 player ever mark these words

  4. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Dude!!! I'm loving where this series is going, its a shame that i don't have the time to watch many episodes in a week, but parasyte has been awesome so far, and i'm only by the third episode lol

  5. Nashty

    Has somebody found anything about CP?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Frosty

      Ever thought maybe he doesnt want to talk to u

    3. Ray

      Lold irl

    4. Ray

      Lold irl

  6. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Watched the first episode of Parasyte, not bad at all.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Isn't the start awesome though? Random dude gets decapitated in like the first five seconds. Plot moves really fast which is something I really like about it. 10/10 for me so far and I'm sure itll be one of your favs

    2. Nashty

      Yeah, it was an excelent start, hopefully i can keep up watching the rest.

    3. Nashty


  7. Carolina Panthers » Nashty

    Ever hear of an anime called Parasyte?

    1. Nashty

      No, but i guess it must be pretty good if you're mentioning it.

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Started it the other day on CR and its pretty great. Alot like attack on titan cept with a better plot and imo a way better main character, highly reccomend

    3. Nashty

      Damn sounds great, AOT was already a great anime, i can't imagine a similar one but with a better main character and plot.

  8. Nashty

    Lol You can watch Ronda Rousey entire fight in a gif, literally

    1. Nashty

  9. Nashty

    I wonder if RIG still thinks Rondo is a top 5 PG

    1. JDK

      top 5 player*

    2. Moe

      Of all time

  10. Nashty

    Kuroko no basket has been much better than i expected so far.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bayzus

      Pretty entertaining huh?

    3. Nashty

      Yeah, i'm still in the early episodes. But i assume it only gets better from now on.

    4. Bayzus

      I only watched the first arc so far so I'm not sure, probably at the same part as you. It should though because we've only seen a few of the talented guys.

  11. Nashty

    You know what's more destructive than a Nuclear weapon? words, man. words

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Guest

      "No" - Japan

    3. Sep

      Words are a sound there's no difference between the sound whore and hi it's the person that makes the feeling

    4. Aponte

      words cant cause a nuclear fallout or nuclear winer doe.

    1. Nashty

      thx bro, didn't even recognized it was her. T

    2. Nashty

      Recognized the girls in your profile, you have some great pics of Tori Black there lol

    3. JDK

      I love Tori Black

  12. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Do you read your mangas online or do you actually buy them? If you buy or order them, where is the cheapest place that you could find any?

    1. Carolina Panthers

      I read all of them online, have a couple volumes here & there of some of my favorites. Cheapest I've found them are in Barnes & Nobles for like $11 per volume. Its definately a better experience to actually read in hand rather than on a computer though because the quality of the art is noticeably better. Any major public library should have a couple titles here and there also

  13. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Watching Killua rip that guy's heart is still as breathtaking as the first time i watched, one of the GOAT anime scenes.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Carolina Panthers

      Ever see the 1999 series version of that scene? no paper bag lol Entire arc is great really. Part where Gon got destroyed by that bald guy but broke his will with pain tolerance was a good scene too

    3. ste001

      Goddamnit, now I need to re-watch the whole anime again. And I wonder when Togashi will be back from the hiatus...

    4. Nashty

      damn, i would guess that in 2011 it looked like he took part of his shirt with him and used it to grab his heart without having a blood mess. The music makes the 1999 much more scary, while the 2011 makes it look a bit more innocent but with his facial expression and the fact that he actually hands the guy's heart back to him after he falls to the floor lol.

      Both versions of the scene are awesome in their own unique ways, but 1999 was certainly creepier lol.

  14. Nashty

    The Warriors are beating the crap out of the Rockets

  15. Nashty

    Damn, Tokyo Ghoul is pretty good.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bayzus

      dont be ray

    3. Carolina Panthers

      Whats good about it

    4. Nashty

      I've only watched the first 2 episodes, i'm liking it so far but its nothing special, not yet atleast which is understandable since i only have such a small example to compare. Its pretty dark and violent, you're probably going to like it too.

  16. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Its hard to not get the feels when listening to Sid Rain

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Yeah it is. Do you download the OP's and ED's from a show after watching too? Have been doing that for years and drive to the music

    2. Nashty

      the ones i like yeah.

    1. Lew


  17. Nashty

    Jonathan Irons wan't a bad person, they just don't understand him.

  18. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Watched Day Break Illusion on CR, watched the first episode. Its pretty different from the type of anime i usually watch but it seems interesting. Its only 13 episodes long.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Its a pretty solid watch, definitely didn't expect it to be as dark as it was. If you think that show is even remotely interesting though you should check out Mahou Shoujo Madoka which is where it pretty much drew inspiration from. Is in my top 20 list

  19. Nashty

    I have the free 14 day trial of Crunchyroll if its worth it i should keep it.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Carolina Panthers

      Its the best anime subscription service out there bar none so I'd keep it

    3. Ray

      Wow let me have it

    4. MC_Muslim

      Yeah it def is. They have legit everything you ask for it's amazing

  20. Nashty » Bayzus

    Just watched the first episode of Kuroko no Basket, its pretty good tbh, that Kuroko guy is one hell of a passer although it looks like he sucks at almost everything else.

    1. Bayzus

      Yeah it's an interesting show, I haven't watched it for a couple weeks but it's pretty cool to watch when you're bored af

  21. Nashty

    Never go full Lewpid

  22. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Had to start watching HxH again now that is available on Netflix, is a whole different experience watch in it on TV on full HD.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      I know right. I started off watching it in standard def b/c it took less time to load than full HD on crunchyroll, but then I got the app on my console and watched it on my HD TV. Huge difference