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  1. Flip added a post in a topic: Who replaces Kobe in the allstar game?   

    Anthony Davis
    would be two great choices, but David Lee deserves a mention at least. 
  2. Flip added a post in a topic: Top 5 players   

    This season
    Paul George
    Chris Paul
    ...with LMA and Chris Paul being interchangeable for the 4 and 5 spot.
    Curry and Love would be put in the top 10, top 15 sort, adding in performance and team record, compared to the ones i listed in the top 5. 
  3. Flip added a post in a topic: Top 5 players   

    No love for Paul George? 
  4. Flip added a post in a topic: Richard Sherman Student of the Game   

    "you better LeBron the hell out of it" hahhaha
  5. Flip added a post in a topic: Would you like a mandatory 2 point play after touchdowns?   

    That would definitely make it more exciting. It would be more strategical for both sides of the ball and possibly make it even tougher to score. They should do that, if they get rid of PATs. 
  6. Flip added a post in a topic: Charles Barkley Kellen Winslow joke   

    I caught that haha i had to LOL 
  7. Flip added a post in a topic: Their year?   

    it'll be Niners and Pats 
  8. Flip added a post in a topic: Will statistics ever "tell the whole story"?   

    ok noobland, Kyle Korver is GOAT, RickyRubio 
  9. Flip added a post in a topic: Why HN Isn't the Same as it used to be, and how to elaborate.   

    HN would be better if there were less children tbh 
  10. Flip added a post in a topic: Sig Request!   

  11. Flip added a post in a topic: Why The Bobcats Should Tank 1 More Time   

    one of the best reads in a while. 
    you've got a great point, but i don't think they should tank, though. They have 2 sure picks, even if they lose their own pick in a "stacked" draft. 
  12. Flip added a post in a topic: Kevin Love: Playing For Himself?   

    He just needs a team to be built around him. They've got a few good players, which includes Rubio and Pekovic, but Love can't do it all. 
  13. Flip added a post in a topic: Paul Millsap posterizes Jared Sullinger   

    would've been better if Sully fell instead of himself haha
  14. Flip added a post in a topic: If it is an ACL tear, what would this mean for Rose's career?   

    He definitely won't be mentally ready to get back on the court for a while. 

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