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  1. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Game 5: Milwaukee Bucks @ Chicago Bulls   

    Bulls lead 3-1 going back home to Chicago. The Bucks have been playing some spectacular defense against the Bulls but haven't been able to create much offensively. This has been an exciting series for me personally, lots of physical defense and tough baskets. There's been a fair share of bad blood among the teams with multiple small on-court altercations. That always seems to happen to the Bulls though. I wonder why...
    Can the Bucks find an offensive spark out of one of their players to push the series even longer?
  2. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Game 4: Atlanta Hawks @ Brooklyn Nets   

    The Atlanta Hawks are up 2-1. The series nobody has been talking about. The Nets had a chance to tie it up in G2 and send it into OT but Deron Williams blew a wide open jumper. The Hawks haven't been looking too sharp so far in the postseason and the Nets don't seem like they're fighting hard enough, especially their supposed 'leader' in Deron Williams who has played like complete ass the entire series. They won G3 led by Brook Lopez, who has been tearing up the Hawks defense when he gets touches. The series is still very winnable for the Nets. They need to win G4 at home to gain some momentum going back to ATL. 
  3. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Game 4: Memphis Grizzlies @ Portland Trailblazers   

    Memphis Grizzlies up 3-0. Elimination game for the Blazers, this series is all but over unless they find some fight in them and make a historical comeback. Looks unlikely, the Blazers have no answer for the Grizzlies. 

    Michael Conley Jr. is out with a facial injury. 
  4. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Game 4: Rockets at Mavericks   

    ​From Playoff Hero to Playoff Zero lmao. What a god damn legend. 
  5. Bayzus added a post in a topic: So JR is going to get suspended but not that CAC ?   

    ​Everyone on this thread except me, Korv, and Ben
  6. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Kevin Love could be a Celtic   

    Yeah not gonna happen after that Olynyck shit lol
  7. Bayzus added a post in a topic: How Rondo single handedly ruined the Mavs hopes of a championship   

    They probably wouldn't have won a championship but they would have been a top 4 seed in the West.
  8. Bayzus added a post in a topic: wtf Raptors   

    Lmao, I too was a huge raps fan this season. My 2nd most watched team after the Warriors (of course) and I expected sooo much more from them. This is pathetic and hilarious at the same time. 
  9. Bayzus added a post in a topic: So JR is going to get suspended but not that CAC ?   

    ​Not really, at least not on the level of JR Smith punching Jae Crowder in the mouth like that. That was some Ron Artest elbow type shit. At most Olynyck should get a 1 game suspension or something. It's really not worth addressing, it was a freak injury. 
  10. Bayzus added a post in a topic: So JR is going to get suspended but not that CAC ?   

    ​Of course it might have been intentional but it wasn't a dirty play, he didn't know he would dislocate his shoulder. Of course Love is gonna say he did it (including messing up his shoulder) on purpose, he's not exactly an unbiased source lol
  11. Bayzus added a post in a topic: So JR is going to get suspended but not that CAC ?   

    1. scott free
    2. JR punched ol boy in the mouth. Kelly just grabbed Love's arm, that happens a lot when you get tangled boxing out and it's not a dirty play. Shaq said it best
  12. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Chuck, Kenny, and Shaq discuss the Love injury and possible JR Smith suspension.   

    LeBron must be pissed about JR Smith, I know I would be if I were his teammate. Wtf dude, so unnecessary. It's the damn playoffs. 
  13. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Do you think AD will become an all-time great?   

    There's only one thing stopping him and that's injury. So pretty much I couldn't tell you at this point. A freak injury could cause him to lose his career and he's way too young to become an all-time great off of a couple years of play. 
  14. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Anthony Davis & Steph Curry this series......   

    ​That's a beautiful picture, I would make it my avatar if I didn't have to hold up my end of a bet haha. 
  15. Bayzus added a post in a topic: Anthony Davis & Steph Curry this series......   

    ​I was impressed but honestly as good as a defensive player Dray is I don't think anyone can stop this man. He's just too athletic, too skillful, too talented. REALLY bright future ahead of him. I'm scared for the Warriors and the rest of the West. 

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    Looking forward to the return (!)

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      I can't wait!!!! :)!!!!

    3. Mentch

      I'm gonna cringe

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      shut the fuc up mentch take ur negative ass elsewhere

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    Keep watching Steph's game tying 3 on replay, I'm still amazed. To me he's the greatest Warrior ever if he wins this championship. 

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      Rick Barry. He's the best GS Warrior for sure. 

    3. Bayzus

      Not if we win the championship


      Rick Barry won a championship. He has the potential to be a Top 50 player all-time, but he would leapfrog a Top 25 player all-time with one chip? 

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    Yo Bay, how did you transfer thing go? Are you at a state university right now or do you still have a year left?

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    2. Tony Hoops


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      I'm trying to transfer to UCLA and I'm going to tag UCSB as a backup lmao

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      Oh SB is nuts. We always party out there! Good luck dude.

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    I just told this thot, that had been playin me for the last week, off. I feel like a new man forreal. hoes got me fkd up if they think i got time for games. 

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      same here brah, [expletive deleted] that thot. It ain't a thing though, shit another one probably around the corner rn.

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      Fuck em bro, stay up man

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    Can I get two large medium pizzas to go?

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      wtf how did you know my dominos order

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      I have your phone pinned

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      i miss you ryan, where have you been

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      lmao we won't get him

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    lol'd at your cover photo bruh

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      nothing better than gangsta rap 6 in the morning + ma [expletive deleted] making me those goddamn pancakes while wearing a piru bloods 69th malcolm x street doo rag on

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    i will drop a mixtape if the warriors win it all

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      If you need an album cover aka no limit label quality shit up in this biatch then holla at me

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      i will fasho hit u up fam

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    why the fuckeroni does this site keep going down at random times man

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      U know what to do

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      dumbfoundead is honestly one of the most awesome freestylers ever, love that dudes style. koreans are goat

    2. JDK

      did you watch the vid prior tho? don't really follow the battle rap scene but this is one of the best battles I've seen

    3. Bayzus

      no i havent, just watched it when u posted it. almost done

      ive seen other dumbfoundead battles tho, he's a beast spitter. conceited had a lot of wordplay and references but dumbfoundead killed him in that 2nd round

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    i got more followers then you [expletive deleted] which means im better at life

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      i get more hoes

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    Follow me on HN fam @Bayzus Mixtape dropping March 32nd #Started

  13. Bayzus

    Rhyme something with blunt? Eminem: Confront Lil Wayne: Nigga Lil B: Bicycle .... Rap is nothing like it used to be!1111!!! eminem last tru rapper alievee!!!1

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    2. Mentch

      Another unoriginal poorly written Youtube comment?

    3. Damnshow

      I love when eminem stans start talking about him being greatest rapper cause he lyrical, when he can't make any great music at all, none of his albums are classic, all that shit outdated already.

    4. Sterling

      Finally Bay comes to life with a great post. Extremely rare

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    Earl album March 23

  15. Bayzus

    The Rose That Grew from Concrete

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      these are my damaged petals (points at knees)

    2. Bayzus

      Poor d rose :/

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    Not going to ruin it for you, but the end of the final song on the album......

    1. Bayzus

      has me speechless. great album, exceeded my expectations and my expectations for kendrick are always high. it's this type of music that keeps me goin

    2. JBars

      good shit fam

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    oh look ur back to bayzus

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  18. Dante » Bayzus

    Before the money there was love, but before the money it was tough

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    2. Bayzus

      real words from a real artist. how did you like that album?

    3. Dante

      Loved it yo, I'm still bumpin it

    4. Bayzus

      Same. Between that album and Drizzy's for my favorite album of the year (so far). Drake's album is slightly winning for me because I just loved the sound on that album. Didn't really mess with Lupe's album much surprisingly... I could only fully listen to it 4-5 times and it just didn't grow on me. I might have to go back and try it again. KDot album is amazing I heard so I can't wait to hear that ish.