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  1. Rog added a post in a topic So This Just Happened   

  2. Rog added a post in a topic So This Just Happened   

    what the Fuck is wrong with you lol... Those are if the best games ever lol
  3. Rog added a post in a topic So This Just Happened   

    I believe so. I put my address in and stuff, they said it would be delivered up to 6 weeks after the promotion ends. I have no idea. I have a confirmation number that I won and everything so, they better give me my fucking PS4 lol
    I sat here texting the code like "i never win stuff" and they text back like "winner" and gave me a pin, so I"m putting that shit in on the website like "its gonna be like a free taco just watch" and then that shit happened. 
    I legit fought Brittany about going to Taco Bell tonight, like what the hell lol
  4. Rog added a topic in Off-Topic   

    So This Just Happened

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  5. Rog added a post in a topic How long would it have taken USA to defeat Japan if they didn't use those Nukes?   

    I don't agree with you honestly, I still think that if Hitler doesn't send troops into Russia unprepared for winter, thinking he'd take the country quick enough to be out before winter started, the war drags on for years and years. I don't know if they would have won the war necessarily, but I'd absolutely never say "they had no shot", because despite everything, up until that point they were still "winning" the war. Even with US support, the Allies would have been hard pressed to win the war, even if just as quick as they did, if Hitler doesn't lose 800,000+ soldiers, 2400+ tanks and 2800+ aircrafts during the attempt to take Russia. 
  6. Rog added a post in a topic MyCareer?   

  7. Rog added a post in a topic Let's say our goodbyes   

    This sucks man. 
  8. Rog added a topic in NBA 2K16   

    Holy Live Glitch: Love Shoots FT To the Wrong Basket
    Like WHAT THE FUCK. I'm dying on this. 
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  9. Rog added a post in a topic k. bye.   

    Uh... wtf :(
  10. Rog added a post in a topic Leaving HN   

    Yeah I'd really wish people stuck around until the season starts and see if discussion returns and people return before they decide to leave. :( 
  11. Rog added a post in a topic NBA Live 16 is low and behold another piece of shit   

    omg I can't breath. This can't be real... It can't be... Someone on twitter was saying they aren't even done scanning a lot of the guys into the game, but... considering its only 10 days left surely, surely they must be pretty damn close to done. 
  12. Rog added a post in a topic NFL ATD Poll   

    I do feel like I have the best team here. 
    1. CP
    2. Frosty
    3. Noah
  13. Rog added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    2005 Tiki Barber please. One of the greatest seasons ever for a running back. Kind of surprised he wasn't taken sooner honestly. 
    3rd all time in yards from scrimmage behind Chris Johnson and Marshall Faulk. 
    13th all time in rushing yards in a season with 1860
    54 receptions for 530 yards
    QB: 1989 Joe Montana
    RB: 2005 Tiki Barber
    WR1: 2003 Tory Holt
    WR2: 2008 Andre Johnson
    WR3: 2011 Wes Welker
    TE: 2011 Rob Gronkowski
    O-Line: 1998 Broncos Line
    Front Seven: 2011 San Francisco 49ers 
    Secondary: 2013 Seattle Secondary
    Coaching: 1984 San Francisco 49ers(West Coast/3-4)
  14. Rog added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    FINALLY SOMEONE TAKES TIM FUCKING BROWN. i was gonna take him but liked Welker's sure hands in the slot a bit more especially given it was a peak year type deal. 
  15. Rog added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    2011 Wes Welker please