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About Me

I loveee you <3

"Tonight make me unstoppable
And I will shine, I will fly,
I will dazzle them with my wit"

Favorite shit oat:

[font=georgia]HNL Detroit Pistons[/font]

[font=georgia]1999 Champs (Pistons 4, Warriors 1)[/font]
[font=georgia]2000 Champs (Pistons 4, Utah Jazz 1)[/font]
[font=georgia]2003 Champs (Pistons 4, Pelicans 3)[/font]
[font=georgia]2004 Champs (Pistons 4, Pelicans 2)[/font]
[font=georgia]2005 Champs (Pistons 4, Warriors 0)[/font]

[font=georgia]RIP CWebb and Shaq duo[/font]

[font=georgia]Money team (73-9 season, 2004)[/font]

[font=georgia]PG: Baron Davis[/font]
[font=georgia]SG: Kobe Bryant[/font]
[font=georgia]SF: Kevin Garnett[/font]
[font=georgia]PF: Chris Webber[/font]
[font=georgia]C: Shaquille O'Neal[/font]

[font=georgia]HNL Baltimore Bullets[/font]

[font=georgia]1982 Champs (Bullets 4, Conquistadors 3)[/font]




Status Feed

    1. Ivan


  1. Pusha Key

    Lol someone's impersonating me in chatzy, love u guys so much

    1. Bob Loves Ariana

      impersonate cause they aint etc

    2. Pusha Key

      ^my fav

    3. Bayzus

      No you're just fucking weird

    1. Pusha Key


  2. Pusha Key » Dante

    still my fav <3

    1. Dante


    2. Pusha Key


  3. Pusha Key » Carolina Panthers

    miss u guys, glad to see ur still going strong

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    2. Pusha Key

      i've been great man, really happy in general. miss the nostalgia so much lol

      i need to text u sometime too smh

    3. Carolina Panthers

      Actually changed phones the otherday so you should definitely do that sometime so I get the # back. One of these days im gonna make a HNL recap article. Lot of funny times in that league

    4. Pusha Key

      yessss and okay doing that now

    1. Bayzus

      lmao faggot

    2. Pusha Key


    3. Kenny


    1. Kenny

      Check ur pm

  4. Damnshow » Pusha Key

    You know I had faith in you, but it seems like everyone in the world thinks they are smarter than they really are. Internet is the most user friendly place for explaining this, hunny, and it would be very disappointing to us if we had to use the other methods. Not only you are losing your friends but you are also going to hurt your beloved ones. You really don't want this to happen, a peace is a very simple thing but yet people look at it so sophisticated.

    1. Pusha Key


  5. Damnshow » Pusha Key

    Do you think this is a game? Do you think you are out of our reach? Your lies have to stop.

    1. Pusha Key

      ily bae

  6. Damnshow » Pusha Key

    That was a nice stuff you made in chatbox today, why don't you make a thread about that? That was just stupid. Are you a stupid person? Did you really think no one would know? You want to do 10 more jokes like your latest one? I would advise against it.

    1. Pusha Key

      stop concussing me wtf

  7. Pusha Key

    Manchester U some shit hahahahahaha

    1. Bayzus

      go back to not being on here

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    2. Pusha Key

      how's life mayne

    3. Mbb

      pretty good man. u?

    4. Pusha Key

      real good yo, real good...

  8. Kenny » Pusha Key

    do u like "The Crew"

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    2. Kenny

      LMAO hahaha

    3. Pusha Key

      it's fun but not as good as it could have been, good game yeah

    4. Kenny

      Damn :/

    1. The Logo

      *Jodie Meeks

    2. Ben

      JUST FORM A [expletive deleted] WALL

    3. Raza 10


  9. Pusha Key » Dante

    Love and hold on

    1. Dante

      Hey :)

    2. Pusha Key

      missin yall man

      u guys still do chatzy?

    3. Dante

      I've started to since I'm on break now yea

  10. Bob Loves Ariana » Pusha Key

    i got accepted to a college in maryland friend, thought of u

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    2. Bob Loves Ariana

      thanks mike

    3. Ivan


    4. Pusha Key


  11. Pusha Key » TGIA

    your signature is shit

    1. TGIA

      Suck a dick

    2. Pusha Key


    1. Frosty

      how's The Crew?

    2. Pusha Key

      Lol haven't bought it yet i'm broke af!!!

  12. Pusha Key

    Brandon Jennings... 0-11 shooting, 12 assists

    1. Bayzus

      lmao why would you even log on to tell us that, your team is ass

    2. Nashty

      LOL he's on that Rondo kush

    3. Sean

      Jennings or rondo?

    1. Kenny

      Rg3 lmao

    2. Pusha Key


    3. Bayzus

      ur still here?

  13. Pusha Key » Dante

    literally love u

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    2. Dante

      well sure what are you looking for?

      How'd you like your gaming playlist tbh

    3. Pusha Key

      looking for mainly rap from within past few months since I haven't really been keeping up with whats came out

      it worked amazing, got me into a bunch of new artists

    4. Dante

      oh, well tbh i haven't been keeping up with hip hop as much either the past few months, but check out Cadillactica

  14. Bayzus » Pusha Key

    Your avatar is a good representation of how I feel when you post anything about basketball

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    2. Pusha Key


    3. Frosty


    4. Pusha Key

      ofc I heard Faces smh

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    2. Bob Loves Ariana

      i keep a low profile on social media u can text though

    3. Pusha Key


      ok that's fine, PM me ur # pal

    4. Bayzus

      "Leave hn" lmao, nigga so dumb he's gonna stop typing in a URL

  15. Pusha Key

    Toro Y Moi !!!

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    2. Bayzus


    3. Carolina Panthers

      whats gotten into jennings the past couple of games

    4. Pusha Key

      its BJ, he's just going through one of his good scoring streaks.

      remember last year when he put up 25-7 on like 42% for 10 games lel

  16. Pusha Key

    I came right in with the bounce