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  1. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Can we pretty much just put the Warriors in the finals?   

    If the Rockets make it yea. Warriors will choke that offense out
  2. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Has any player in recent years choked as bad as Griffin   

    Didn't say anything about defining him as a player, but that he has to perform better in situations where the team is in position to close a game in the postseason. 
    Well no shit the Clippers aren't in this position without Griffin, he's played great, but he needs to play better in the 4th Q. This isn't a blip in the radar he's had several poor performances in this frame. It's something that absolutely should be discussed. Under no circumstance should Josh [expletive deleted] Smith be the best power forward on the floor in the 4th Q of a closeout game to advance to the [expletive deleted] Western Conference Finals. This is not a knee jerk reaction or unfair to Griffin. I am not labeling him a choker or saying that he's a worse player than someone else b/c of some poor 4th Q play. I am not saying he is the reason his team won't make the next round. I am simply saying he must perform better in these finals frames for the Clippers.
  3. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Has any player in recent years choked as bad as Griffin   

    ​Idk if I can get behind that narrative, every superstar is tired in the 4th Q
  4. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Has any player in recent years choked as bad as Griffin   

    Josh Smith was the best power forward on the floor in the 4th last night. Blake was awful in that Q and it hasn't been the first time
  5. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Is Dwight Howard the most disrespected superstar of this era?   

    He deserved MVP in 2011 and is legitimately one of the best centers ever from a peak standpoint (whether that be top 15 or 20, he's up there) but the general belief is that he's never had an ounce of post skill and largely underachieved for his talents. Don't really see it that way personally, he's a shell of himself now but back in his prime the man was nothing short of incredible. Get the feeling he'll be remembered as a clown or a disappointment as opposed to a dominant big man.
  6. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Better scorer: Current Steph Curry or peak Chris Paul   

    Whatever you consider CP3's peak to be
  7. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Has LeBron been the clear best player in the game this season?   

    Clear would mean he's performing at a level that's obviously superior to everyone else, regular and postseason included. Imo he's been that in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (yeah even over KD, big difference in playoff performance). This season I'm not so sure.
  8. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Who is wiling to agree with me: LeBron is the Greatest Ever   

    Thing I don't get is why now is the time people choose to bring this up. LeBron isn't playing well by his standards this postseason.
  9. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Mt. Rushmore of Greatest SF peaks all-time?   

    Bron, Bird, Erving, Barry. Not mad if you want to put KD in there over Rick
  10. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Mt. Rushmore of Greatest C peaks all-time?   

    Shaq, Kareem, Wilt, Hakeem
  11. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Mt. Rushmore of Greatest SG peaks all-time?   

    Jordan, Kobe, Wade, West
  12. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Mt. Rushmore of Greatest PG peaks all-time?   

    Magic, Oscar, Penny, Nash. Not really mad at Paul getting in there
  13. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Mt. Rushmore of Greatest PF peaks all-time?   

    Duncan, Garnett, Chuck, Dirk
    *Fingers crossed AD gets there one day*
  14. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Do you think the Cavs will lose another game in this series?   

    If they keep Noah + Gasol around 20 mpg and use Gibson/Mirotic against the Cavs small ball lineup, yeah.  They'll probably wind up winning the series if Thibs realizes that Jo is hurting them offensively and that Pau is getting destroyed on the glass and isn't really scoring in the post that well. 
  15. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Austin Rivers   

    Where were you when Austin Rivers outperformed James Harden in a playoff game?

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  1. The Logo » Carolina Panthers

    Have you ever played/watched Danganronpa?

  2. JDK » Carolina Panthers

    Be more active on the site buddy :( It's slowly getting better tbh

  3. Mbb » Carolina Panthers

    It's been a while man. How's life treating you?

  4. PHILOLOGY » Carolina Panthers

    Thoughts on Williams's firing?

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Dissapointed. Pretty clear power grab move on the part of Dell, Monty did a damn good job this season. In spite of all the unfortunate injuries including to our superstar Davis missing 14 games the team still managed to finish eight games above .500 with the #9 ranked offense and were statistically one of the top teams out of timeouts on the season. Only valid criticism I've seen of him is the way our defense is structured but thats nothing we couldn't have rectified in an offseason and a lot of our defensive issues have to do with a poor bench unit that hemorrhages points when on the floor and the lack of a wing stopper. Reportedly Dell wants to play an uptempo style of offense and the Pels were a slow pace team this season, but who really gives a [expletive deleted] when we had a top 10 offense that would have probably been top 5 with better health and were one of the best half court teams in basketball? Most importantly of all Anthony loved him so I'm concerned about how he views the organization right now. Unless we get Thibs or something I'm livid 

  5. Kenny » Carolina Panthers

    With the additions of Mike Wallace, Trae Waynes, and Eric Kendricks.. is it safe to say Minnesota will get a wild card playoff spot this year? I'm saying yes.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      I can see it. Like that defense a ton and if Teddy can play the way he did in the 2nd half of last year that offense will be able to compliment it enough for the team to be successful. 

    2. Kenny


  6. Carolina Panthers

    The NBA MVP is a Carolina Panthers fan. Just sayin

    1. Bayzus

      Yeah but on the bright side he's also a great person


      We are all CP fans. The user at least

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    2. Panthers_Fan

      Can't wait to watch this dude play

    3. Tony Hoops


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bayzus

      L M A O

    3. Bayzus

      That John Mayer made me lol irl

    4. Tony Hoops

      That was hilarious lol

    1. Bayzus




    2. Carolina Panthers

      ^This guy knows whats up

    1. PaulTrillsap

      ayo who started pels stacked league [expletive deleted]?

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Lmao thanks for posting that. Almost forgot that's our official anthem for the season.

      I forgot who I got that motto from but I've been saying it since last season. Probably started by other Pels fans


  7. Noah » Carolina Panthers

    Glad you're back man! :) 

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Good to be back, looking forward to discussing the playoffs with you guys. Its gonna be a great one

    2. Tony Hoops

      Really glad you're back also. Great step towards rebuilding HN!

  8. Ben » Carolina Panthers

    Pels made the playoffs wow 

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Q Pon & Cole trade saved our season. Went from having no depth to a good bench in the middle of the year. Getting Jrue & Ryno back at the right time was big, Ajinca came out of nowhere and gave good minutes when AD was out to keep the team afloat. Monty coaches his ass off offensively drawing up well designed plays out of TO's and making our offense work no matter who was on the floor. Tyreke was awesome this year playing the point there aren't 10 people I'd take over him as a playmaker for our offense in this league & AD is just a generation talent thats gonna lead a contender pretty soon in NO. Im hyped

    2. Ben

      Make sure to give Ray a nice sig and avi for me 

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Good to be back. Was gonna log on some time ago but the site was down for some reason. Is this still hoopsnation or did Daniel become owner and turn it into hoopsuniverse


      Tony pretty much Hari-kiri'd the shit outta this site in favor of upgrades that are actually downgrades. 

  9. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Just finished Parasyte,  Damn that was great.  Its easily better than Tokyo Ghoul (well, the anime atleast).

    1. Damnshow


  10. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Dude!!! I'm loving where this series is going, its a shame that i don't have the time to watch many episodes in a week, but parasyte has been awesome so far, and i'm only by the third episode lol

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    2. Ray

    3. Bayzus

      what the fuck does that mean

    4. Ray

      Hxh is coming back :)

  11. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Watched the first episode of Parasyte, not bad at all.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Isn't the start awesome though? Random dude gets decapitated in like the first five seconds. Plot moves really fast which is something I really like about it. 10/10 for me so far and I'm sure itll be one of your favs

    2. Nashty

      Yeah, it was an excelent start, hopefully i can keep up watching the rest.

    3. Nashty


  12. Carolina Panthers » Nashty

    Ever hear of an anime called Parasyte?

    1. Nashty

      No, but i guess it must be pretty good if you're mentioning it.

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Started it the other day on CR and its pretty great. Alot like attack on titan cept with a better plot and imo a way better main character, highly reccomend

    3. Nashty

      Damn sounds great, AOT was already a great anime, i can't imagine a similar one but with a better main character and plot.

  13. Nolan » Carolina Panthers

    Thoughts on Dragic's play for Miami so far? I'm not really feeling him tbh

    1. Carolina Panthers

      What you saw in the Pels game two nights back is what to expect from him in Miami. Would give him a couple weeks to adjust to the team and build chemistry, if he resigns he & Bosh should make a great P&R tandem

    2. Nolan

      Yeah it's way too early to tell

  14. Carolina Panthers » Lights

    Have you seen FLCL or did you pick the avi b/c of how it looks

    1. Lights

      Yeah, I picked it bc of how it looked. I could never really get into anime.

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Figured as much. One of my favorite shows so just wondering

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    2. Noah

      Lol you know he'd jump on it

    3. Kobes 5th Ring

      @RealSkipBayless I pray every night that Stephen A calls up his old niggas from the hood and blows your brains out old [expletive deleted]


      Where did that even come from?