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  1. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Predict Rondo and Hardens series statline   

    Wouldn't totally shock me if he did that given his reputation but Houston has a really underrated defense and he's coming off a bad RS, so Im really skeptical. I would like to see some hack-a-rondo for entertainment purposes as well
  2. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: What was the best individual performance of this regular season?   

    In your opinion 
  3. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Who wins the Clippers/Spurs matchup?   

    If Tiago isn't ok I'll go with the Clips in 6. He is vital to defending the P&R & mobile face up post players like BG. If he's back then Spurs in 6 or 7.
  4. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Which Lottery Teams will make the Playoffs Next Year?   

    Jazz, Pistons, Pacers, OKC
  5. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Bucks are going to surprise a lot of you guys   

    We'll see. I'd be surprised if the Bucks can muster enough offense to win this series. That defense is nasty though & Kidd is a innovative coach.
  6. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Predict Rondo and Hardens series statline   

    I think Harden is gonna blow up for 30/6/6 & Rondo will blow period with 14/7/7 on 40/25/25 percentages. 
  7. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Will we see the real Lebron in the playoffs?   

    I mean, a sluggish LeBron is still better than 99.999999999999999% of the league and anyone in the conference. He should raise his level of play as per usual and even if he doesn't hit that godmode status we're used to seeing it should still be enough to make the finals.
  8. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: What could a healthy Thunder team have done?   

    ​Rockets had the 6th best defense in the league (The Harden carried the Rockets to #2 seed in the West by himself with no help narrative is stupid) and Harden didn't miss a month with injury. He didn't lead his team to anymore offensive production than Westbrook. If you thought Harden played at a MVP level then you must believe the same for WB. Offense was NOT the problem for OKC, their awful defense was. We need to stop looking at WB for OKC not making the PS. Its extremely unfair to him to even contemplate this. One of the sillier criticism I can ever imagine as a basketball fan, he was GREAT
  9. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: What could a healthy Thunder team have done?   

    They weren't winning games because they had a severe lack of interior defense and sorely missed Serge's rim protection next to Kanter. How can you pin that on WB? Nothing he could do to take them from one of the worst defenses in the league to respectable. What he DID achieve is take a meh offensive supporting cast and transform it into an elite unit. Idk how you can find fault in his performance when looking at how much he impacted that offense. Shouldn't be as cut & dry as oh OKC lost so let's blame WB this is a team sport man and he did his job by carrying that offense on his back no different from Harden in Houston. But he has a top SIX defense around him and better health throughout the year so Houston wins more games and all of a sudden his stats aren't empty? Pels miss the PS by a game and are AD's stats empty? Tell Enes Kanter to play like a generational big man on the defensive end of the floor and maybe OKC wins some more games. He was horrifying, a legit net negative when not dropping 25/12. 
  10. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Is anyone else glad that Pelicans made the playoffs?   

    Yeah. Regardless of the severity by which we get raped this is great for the organization going forward. Maybe FA's will be more likely to sign because we have a little playoff pedigree led by a young superstar. Could be the steps toward building a winning culture. We'll make it again next year if Jrue is ok
  11. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: What could a healthy Thunder team have done?   

    But who cares, OKC had a top 5 offense post ASB because of his production. If it was really a problem then they'd have struggled more on that end but he lead them to outstanding production despite having less than ideal floor spacing and no other good shot creator. Real reason they struggled with consistency is because their defense collapsed after Ibaka went down.
  12. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Do you think there will be any sweeps in the first round?   

    Cavs/Celtics & Bulls/Bucks will get ugly
  13. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Who do you think has most to prove in the PS this year?   

    James Harden has to have a great playoff showing. Has to.
  14. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Thunder Will Consider Firing Scott Brooks   

    Wow RIP NBA if it happens
  15. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic: Anthony Davis: Best in the NBA?   

    ​Off ball movement. Physical defenders can deny him the ball & blow up designed plays for him. That should really never happen he needs to do a better job getting open. His turnovers are bad and he can get flustered by double teams as well. 
    Honestly he's already a great high post player. One of the most efficient in the league in the last couple of seasons. Problem comes when people double him in the post

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    2. Carolina Panthers

      ^This guy knows whats up

    1. PaulTrillsap

      ayo who started pels stacked league [expletive deleted]?

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Lmao thanks for posting that. Almost forgot that's our official anthem for the season.

      I forgot who I got that motto from but I've been saying it since last season. Probably started by other Pels fans


  1. Noah » Carolina Panthers

    Glad you're back man! :) 

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Good to be back, looking forward to discussing the playoffs with you guys. Its gonna be a great one

    2. Tony Hoops

      Really glad you're back also. Great step towards rebuilding HN!

  2. Ben » Carolina Panthers

    Pels made the playoffs wow 

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Q Pon & Cole trade saved our season. Went from having no depth to a good bench in the middle of the year. Getting Jrue & Ryno back at the right time was big, Ajinca came out of nowhere and gave good minutes when AD was out to keep the team afloat. Monty coaches his ass off offensively drawing up well designed plays out of TO's and making our offense work no matter who was on the floor. Tyreke was awesome this year playing the point there aren't 10 people I'd take over him as a playmaker for our offense in this league & AD is just a generation talent thats gonna lead a contender pretty soon in NO. Im hyped

    2. Ben

      Make sure to give Ray a nice sig and avi for me 

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Good to be back. Was gonna log on some time ago but the site was down for some reason. Is this still hoopsnation or did Daniel become owner and turn it into hoopsuniverse


      Tony pretty much Hari-kiri'd the shit outta this site in favor of upgrades that are actually downgrades. 

  3. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Just finished Parasyte,  Damn that was great.  Its easily better than Tokyo Ghoul (well, the anime atleast).

    1. Damnshow


  4. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Dude!!! I'm loving where this series is going, its a shame that i don't have the time to watch many episodes in a week, but parasyte has been awesome so far, and i'm only by the third episode lol

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    2. Ray

    3. Bayzus

      what the fuck does that mean

    4. Ray

      Hxh is coming back :)

  5. Nashty » Carolina Panthers

    Watched the first episode of Parasyte, not bad at all.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Isn't the start awesome though? Random dude gets decapitated in like the first five seconds. Plot moves really fast which is something I really like about it. 10/10 for me so far and I'm sure itll be one of your favs

    2. Nashty

      Yeah, it was an excelent start, hopefully i can keep up watching the rest.

    3. Nashty


  6. Carolina Panthers » Nashty

    Ever hear of an anime called Parasyte?

    1. Nashty

      No, but i guess it must be pretty good if you're mentioning it.

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Started it the other day on CR and its pretty great. Alot like attack on titan cept with a better plot and imo a way better main character, highly reccomend

    3. Nashty

      Damn sounds great, AOT was already a great anime, i can't imagine a similar one but with a better main character and plot.

  7. Nolan » Carolina Panthers

    Thoughts on Dragic's play for Miami so far? I'm not really feeling him tbh

    1. Carolina Panthers

      What you saw in the Pels game two nights back is what to expect from him in Miami. Would give him a couple weeks to adjust to the team and build chemistry, if he resigns he & Bosh should make a great P&R tandem

    2. Nolan

      Yeah it's way too early to tell

  8. Carolina Panthers » Lights

    Have you seen FLCL or did you pick the avi b/c of how it looks

    1. Lights

      Yeah, I picked it bc of how it looked. I could never really get into anime.

    2. Carolina Panthers

      Figured as much. One of my favorite shows so just wondering

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    2. Noah

      Lol you know he'd jump on it

    3. Kobes 5th Ring

      @RealSkipBayless I pray every night that Stephen A calls up his old niggas from the hood and blows your brains out old [expletive deleted]


      Where did that even come from?

    1. Frosty

      exum is so shit

  9. Carolina Panthers » Kenny

    Rank Tyler's albums 1-3

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    2. Kenny

      1. Wolf

      2. Bastard

      3. Goblin.

      Wolf is by far away the best one imo and Goblin is awful. We should be getting a new album next week and with the way he progresses, production will be insane.

    3. Carolina Panthers

      Oh I thought you hated bastard and liked Goblin & Wolf. Was gonna ask why b/c to me thats his best work by far. Actually didn't care for Wolf aside from Colossus, maybe Treehome & Lone Wolf. Said he wanted to make music people could get high to so I get why it was more mellow & less edgy than any of his other albums but couldn't really get into it personally.

      1. Bastard


      2. Goblin

      3. Wolf

      Whatever he releases next I hope its more l...

    4. Carolina Panthers

      like his first albulm

  10. Pusha Key » Carolina Panthers

    miss u guys, glad to see ur still going strong

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    2. Carolina Panthers

      Yeah. A lot has changed lately, still come across some old HNL threads from time to time. Howve you been?

    3. Pusha Key

      i've been great man, really happy in general. miss the nostalgia so much lol

      i need to text u sometime too smh

    4. Carolina Panthers

      Actually changed phones the otherday so you should definitely do that sometime so I get the # back. One of these days im gonna make a HNL recap article. Lot of funny times in that league

  11. boatsandhoes » Carolina Panthers

    congrats on ten k likes. I had to be the one to give you it lol

    1. Carolina Panthers

      thanks man, appreciate it lol

    1. Bayzus

      heat should retire his jersey, 2 rings in 3 years. the face of heat success

  12. Carolina Panthers

    AD hurt his shoulder again

  13. Ben » Carolina Panthers

    Forget to let u know but ur gonna love Norris Cole's missed layups and dumb fast break decision making

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Dude got a tribute video and a standing ovation tonight. Cole the legend will lead us to a playoff berth

  14. Frosty » Carolina Panthers

    Not sure how I feel about the profanity in your signature

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Original tweet before he deleted it

    2. Frosty

      dont forget to add me back on xbox, i dont want to have to bully you

  15. Delirium » Carolina Panthers

    How do you think Norris Cole will fit in with the team?

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Gonna infuse some championship experience into the lockeroom

      Sarcasm aside he's one of the worst starters in basketball and was awful with Miami so I expect him to be as bad here. I like his defense at least though so Westbrook shouldn't be dropping 45 on us with his eyes closed again

    2. Delirium

      Yeah I was also interested in seeing his defense. Just something that could be good to try out.