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  1. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Where would you rank Draymond Green in the league today?   

    Imo there's too much focus on his offensive limitations when defensively he's one of the most impactful players in the association. Like Rudy Gobert is a top 20ish player because his defense is so great, and he's a net negative offensively unlike Dray. 
    No he can't be the best offensive player on a contending squad, but he's a strong complementary piece while playing great defense.
    I can guess your list of 25 players better, but I'd have to disagree with you. If he played on Sac, Was or Det he'd still be a great player in my eyes, isn't just the Warriors he completes he'd be a high impact player on several other franchises. 
    I get that he doesn't have any 1on1 scoring ability but he does give you significant value offensively, while providing DPOY caliber impact on the other end of the court. If not top 15 I think top 20 is reasonable. Also should take into consideration the caveat of "today", meaning this season so players who have been injured or not playing well should be ranked lower than normal. 
  2. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic KAT or Okafor   

    Yeah I'd take Towns too. His defense is so far advanced for a person his age. Offensively that hook shot is money and he has a very reliable jumper (41%). I don't think it would be TOO crazy if you said he's the best rookie you saw since Duncan. Obv there's LBJ, Melo and others but he should be at least mentioned with them imo.
    Like Jah's talent and his supporting cast isn't doing him any favors (That lineup with him & Noel...christ), but he needs to work on getting better post position, not being a black hole and help defense.
    Thought this would be closer though b/c of how Jah dominated KAT h2h the other night
  3. Carolina Panthers added a topic in General NBA   

    KAT or Okafor
    Who do you think is playing better right now?
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  4. Carolina Panthers added a topic in NBA Player & Team Comparisons   

    Where would you rank Draymond Green in the league today?
    Lot of buzz over Jerry West saying that he's a top ten player, and while I'm not sure I agree with that he shouldn't be far off from that spot. Talking about a defensive anchor that can push the ball up the floor in transition, pass at a high level and shoots a well above average percentage from behind the arc. Off the charts versatility 
    Most fans hate the dude though, so its rare that an objective discussion can be had about his place among players in this league
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  5. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Which players in today's era will be overlooked?   

    Dwight Howard
  6. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic This season: Cam Newton vs Carson Palmer   

    Carson's been better than Cam this year
  7. Carolina Panthers added a topic in National Football League   

    NFL Pick'em Finals Week 7
    Only two remain

    I'll take the Jets
    @Ace: W1 Patriots, W2 Bengals, W3 Falcons, W4 Jets, W5 Cardinals, W6 Vikings
    Me: W1 Panthers, W2 Packers, W3 Giants, W4 Vikings, W5 Patriots, W6 Seahawks
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  8. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Is CJ McCollum a top 5 SG this season?   

    He could be. We'll see but the early returns + his postseason play against the Grizz last year are positive
  9. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Are the Raptors legit threats in the East?   

    Sure. Defense is much improved (their achilles heel last season) and their offense will be potent so long as Lowry doesn't die again.
    This is the pool of contenders other than the Cavs though
  10. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic NBA Gameday 11/04/15   

    Spurs getting their teeth kicked in by the Wizards
    17-2 start
  11. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Shit Warrior haters say   

    If hand checking were legal they'd be a .500 team
  12. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Gotta say it   

    i think he'll wind up with a 15-20 game stretch of 30 ppg on 70 is insane. No doubt he has the peak of an all time great
  13. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Your Starting 5 to Save Your Life   

    PG: Stephen Curry
    SG: Michael Jordan
    SF: Kevin Durant
    PF: Dirk Nowitzki
    C: Hakeem Olajuwon
  14. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic First Player to Score 50pts in 2015-16 Season   

    Crazy thing is most of those shots were well contested. Wasn't even about how terrible our defense is, man just could not miss
  15. Carolina Panthers added a post in a topic Rondo, Kings looked good vs. Lakers   

    Rajon did play well last night, for the second consecutive game he backed up his post game comments from opening night to be more aggressive and took the onus upon himself to drive to the basket without fear, push the tempo, consistently knocked down perimeter jumpshots and remarkably kept his turnovers in check while being a good playmaker. Was impressed, but I doubt that'll be a trend going forward and I'll need to see more from him in this long 82 game season.You say that he's shown signs of being the clear better option for the Kings thus far, but the sample size isn't significant enough to draw any conclusions especially since you'll have to ignore the preseason exhibitions where Collison was the best point guard on the roster. I will say that its interesting that Karl is opting to play them together often, and I'll continue to watch how that dynamic influences the Kings as opposed to other lineups
    Claiming Collison is a good and efficient scorer isn't a misuse of statistics, his ability to generate points on drives using his track speed to get to the rim and convert at the rim/accrue shooting fouls at an exceptional rate/make interior passes and hit off the dribble mid range jumpers at a well above league average rate (47% in '15, 44% in '14) and hit 3's at a well above league average rate (37% in '15 & 14) is impressive no matter how you slice it. Never said he was a star caliber scorer, but he might as well be elite when compared with Rajon Rondo who has massive offensive limitations and doesn't pose nearly the same threat to defenses. He does not have the same court vision as Rajon, but what he gives you as a penetrator, 1on1 scorer and an off ball shooter is more valuable than what Rondo provides for this team. In a nutshell: Darren Collison is a better offensive player than Rajon and is an actual threat off ball, so he will be of more value to the Kings offense. If you can't see my reasoning here then idk what to say man, I think I'm doing a good job of articulating my stance without a reliance on advanced stats and using straight up basketball talk. Its nothing outside of the box either and I think the reason you're having a hard time with this is because you for whatever reason believe Darren is one of the worst PG's in basketball
    Collison was one of the best bench players in the association in 2014, and was instrumental in their survival without Chris Paul who missed 18 games with an injured shoulder. No Clippers fan would agree with you that he was awful, they missed him dearly last season where their team went to shit once Paul left the court without Collision there to provide a reliable relief for him. When healthy Collison was very good for the Kings last season as well, and your claims of him being awful are entirely unfounded. 
    Well you keep saying that Rondo now is motivated, and I'm saying that him feeling disinterested last season with Dallas is not something that I'll ever overlook. So unlike yourself and many others I'm not giving him a mulligan for that effort last year or chalking that up to him not caring, and am factoring that performance into how I perceive him going forward. Its up to Rajon to prove that wrong now and I'll be watching to see how he performs. Despite my first post on this thread, I don't have a set in stone opinion of the man for this season and will adjust my line of thinking accordingly if he proves it wrong. I just highly doubt that'll happen which is why I made the preseason prediction.
    That Zach Lowe barb is pretty uncalled for, both here and in the fück CP thread. I don't parrot the opinions of anyone, but what I have continued to do since I've joined this forum is respect and acknowledge the viewpoints of virtually every basketball mind out there and incorporate them into my own reasoning. Especially those who see this game in ways I do not. That's why I respected Lowe who continuously brought to light viewpoints I'd never contemplated, that's why I respected Sparks who's completely outside of the box thinking made me approach things with angles I'd never thought of. You don't learn more about this game unless you're willing to accept viewpoints aside from your own, and I've literally become a mix of every user on this forum, a large variety of columnist out there and my own perception of the game itself.