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  1. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Is the TOP 5 Rajon Rondo back in action now?   

    "Borenets" im weak 
    But nah... empty stats bro
  2. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Who would win in a fight: 50's Soviets vs 50's Americans   

    United States all day, every day, any era
  3. MaverixFan added a post in a topic What the hell happened to the CP3 love fest we used to have on HN some time ago?   

    Because of the emergence of Curry and Westbrook dethroning him as the best PG in the game. Also because he still hasn't done s**t in the playoffs since then. 
  4. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Golden State Warriors No Fap Challenge 15-0 (Next Game Tues)   

    if they beat the Clippers tonight I'm officially out lol 
    In my defense it had been weeks before this challenge even started
  5. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Head Coach - Best Fit For Houston?   

  6. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Golden State Warriors No Fap Challenge 15-0 (Next Game Tues)   

    ok whatever you say bud
  7. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Golden State Warriors No Fap Challenge 15-0 (Next Game Tues)   

    LOL tha fuqq did I do to you? Last time we argued about something I think it was you saying David Lee was a better power forward than Dirk so I went off. Chill out kid
  8. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Fluke Starts   

    We'll see about that... But for our bet you have to put this picture as your avatar
    and write "PLEASE COME BACK MONTA" in your signature along with this picture...

    I was gonna make you put some negative shit about the Warriors but it's kinda hard to find anything negative about them at this juncture... so I went with this. You better get ready son, we makin the playoffs. 
  9. MaverixFan added a topic in General NBA   

    Fluke Starts
    Which teams y'all think have been flukes so far, whether it's good or bad?
    So name a team that's started out really well that will likely fall off sooner or later, and a team that's underachieved that will pick it up eventually. Here's the standings so far...

    Good --> Bad: Celtics, Nuggets
    Bad --> Good: Bucks, Rockets
    I know Celtics fans gonna roast me but I just don't like their roster. They play hard, have good chemistry but they don't have a go to scorer or much overall talent. Then the Nuggets have started out pretty well, and I think they actually just won another game as I was making this thread, but they're bound to slow down here soon. Just don't have enough talent/expereicne. 6-5 isn't THAT good but many people expected them to be one of the worst teams in the league but they've had some real quality wins so far. Then for teams I think will get better... the Bucks and Rockets. Bucks are around .500 but I expect them to be a top 4 seed in the east and to get hot here pretty soon. So much athleticism, youth and length. If Jabari Parker can comeback strong they gonna be scary. Then the Rockets have been so bad that there's just nowhere to go but up. Team seems to have chemistry issues but I expect them to figure it out and get it going here. Another pick is obviously the Pelicans but idk... they're roster doesn't excite me outside of Davis and maybe Gordon. They're not gonna be the worst team in the West for much longer but it's very realistic that they'll miss the playoffs at this point. 
    Who y'all got?
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  10. MaverixFan added a post in a topic I think Kevin McHale is gonna get fired   

    The Rockets look so bad it's comical. I don't even know how they have 4 wins. It looks like nobody on their team has touched a basketball in 6 months. Hopefully they keep McHale so they can continue to lose haha
  11. MaverixFan added a post in a topic James Harden vs Manu Ginobili   

    Flopnobili and James Soften are like the same player... I guess I'll go with Soften because he tends to flop more effectively and get to the free throw line more
  12. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Is it too early to say that the Mavs are a better team than the Rockets?   

    It's definitely too early to say that... but we can be a damn good team for sure. I kinda held back my expectations coming into the seasons for two reasons... our health and the center position. We had Matthews, Parsons, and D-Will all coming into the season with injuries but so far they've all played except for a few nights of rest and minute restrictions. Wes has looked great at times, D-Will has shown some flashes of old D-Will, and Parsons is still trying to get back into rhythm. As far as our center position...coming into the year I was skeptical because we obviously didn't get DeAndre and then Tyson left... but Zaza Pachulia has been an absolute beast so far. I knew he was solid but he's so much better than I anticipated. Great rebounder, hustle player, smart player, great passer. He's averaging 10/10. And then our backup center, Dwight Powell (who was a throw-in in the Rondo trade last year), is looking amazing. Averaging 11/8. Not many people know about him but he could end up being a really good player. He plays with so much energy, great rebounder with a lot of athleticism, and even has nice range. He's kinda like a Taj Gibson with a better jumper. So Zaza/Powell have been a great combo but we'll also eventually get Javale McGee back here in a few weeks. If he can return to his 2012/13 form then we could serious. Gonna have to wait and see. But I love how Carlisle has this team playing so far. 
  13. MaverixFan added a post in a topic NBA Team(s) that put you to sleep?   

    Pretty easily the Nets. Especially this year with the roster they have. Joe Johnson, even in his prime, is an extremely boring player to watch. He moves so slow and smooth, even though he was effective, it was boring af. Lopez is also boring as hell. Moves like a dinosaur and does nothing that excites me. And something about the Nets' court and arena just puts me to sleep also. 
  14. MaverixFan added a post in a topic 11/12 Gameday   

    What we're saying is it's better to give up twos than threes... and Curry is as good from three as most are even in the paint