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  1. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Raptors sign Bismack Biyombo   

    Damn, thought he'd get a lot more $$. My Mavs shoulda got him for that price.
  2. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Which team had the worst FA so far?   

    Sacramento with the Lakers right behind 
  3. MaverixFan added a post in a topic LaMarcus Aldridge signs with...   

    As expected. Never bought for 1 second that he was going to Phoenix. But damn that Spurs team may win more games than the Warriors did this year.
    And look at all the talent in the Southwest division, it's ridiculous....
    Harden, Beverley, Ariza, Howard, M. Gasol, Randolph, Conley, J. Green, Parsons, W. Matthews, Dirk, D. Jordan, A. Davis, Holiday, Gordon, T. Evans, Ginobili, Duncan, Leonard, Parker, Aldridge
  4. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Kings sign Rajon Rondo   

    If Rondo was still good I'd be salty... good thing that isn't the case
  5. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Kings sign Rajon Rondo   

    He deserves to rot in Sacramento for quitting on his teammates in the playoffs. 
  6. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Mavs close to secure DeAndre Jordan   

    FINALLY a freaking good free agent comes here!! LETS GOOO
    And for people confused about why he choose Dallas, here are the main reasons...
    -Him and CP3 didn't get along
    -He wanted a bigger role on offense and the Mavs promised him that in their pitch
    -He's from Texas, huge Cowboy fan
    And for everyone saying Jordan needs the Clippers and CP3 to be good...
    DeAndre Jordan's stats without Blake Griffin (2014-15): 14.9ppg 18.5rpg (15 games)
    DeAndre Jordan's stats without Chris Paul (2013-14): 11.2ppg 15rpg (18 games)
    Then people say that the Mavericks have nobody to throw him alley-oops... but last season before the Rondo trade, the Mavericks and Clippers were the top 2 teams in dunks... most of ours coming from alley oops to Tyson Chandler and Brandan Wright mostly from Harris and Barea, who are great pick-and-roll players who'll both probably be back with Dallas next year. 
    Just to be clear, yes I think the Clippers are the better team and would be his best chance to get a ring this coming season. But next season when the cap sky-rockets, the Mavs are gonna be able to sign another max player... preferably a point guard. And a roster consisting of Wes Matthews, Parsons, Dirk and Jordan is pretty attractive. So it's a two year plan. 
  7. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Heat making a run for LMA?   

    LMA acting like a diva... just sign with the Spurs already
  8. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Would a Butler + extra for Melo work?   

    I like the trade from Melo's perspective but why would Butler wanna go to NY and play with human garbage?
  9. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Mudiay: I Didn't Want To Go To Sacramento   

    Can't blame him haha. That franchise is a mess. I really like the fit for Mudiay in Denver. He's great in transition and playing a fast pace style which the Nuggets like to do. Hopefully they don't go into full tank mode and trade Ty/Chandler/Gallo/Faried. I mean they will probably end up trading Lawson but I hope they keep that little core together so Mudiay can develop with some quality players around him. 
  10. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Bold Predictions for next year   

    ​Because the Hawks will probably lose Carroll and maybe Milsap... also because I just think their whole season was a fluke. And then I think the Bucks will sign a good free agent to take them to the next level, along with Jabari Parker coming back. 
  11. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Bold Predictions for next year   

    If Tim Duncan doesn't get a standing ovation in his last game then something is wrong with the world...
    But here are mine:
    -Spurs get back to the Finals
    -Mudiay wins ROTY
    -Wade leaves Miami
    -The T-Wolves win 30-35 games (kinda bold considering they won 16 this year)
    -The Jazz compete for a playoff spot (but fall just short)
    -Cousins is traded to the Lakers and Kobe comes close to murdering him on live television during a game
    -The Hawks won't be a top 5 seed in the East
    -The Rockets won't be a top 5 seed in the West (unless they somehow get Aldridge or Love)
    -The Bucks will be a top 4 seed in the East
  12. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Lakers want Tobias Harris   

    Who do they not want? That's the question
  13. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Lakers, Ed Davis have mutual interest   

    Extremely underrated player. Can't believe he didn't get a better contract last summer. Hopefully he gets an opportunity to play more whoever he ends up. 
  14. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Slogans for NBA teams going into the next season   

    Mavericks: "Who needs a point guard?"
  15. MaverixFan added a post in a topic Jimmy Butler dining w/ Tom Thibs   

    Wonder if the Bulls would even consider not matching any offer for Butler. Maybe if he makes it clear that he doesn't want to be there and basically forces his way out. Hard to imagine that happening though.