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  1. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Blazers players worried LaMarcus Aldridge might leave Portland   

    Guys, he's coming home to Dallas and Dirk will be 6th man of the year next season. 
  2. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Game 1: Rockets vs. Mavericks   

    4-11 from the field, 15-17 from the free throw line... Harden is a joke
  3. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Who is the 2nd best player in the East   

    Kyrie tbh
  4. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Game 1: Raptors vs. Wizards   

    ​Both teams started out poorly shooting the ball. Toronto fans are giving Paul Pierce the business. Washington went up by 15 in the fourth. Great comeback by the Raptors. Still a sloppy game though. Now we need overtime to decide who sucks a little less today. 
  5. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Game 1: Raptors vs. Wizards   

    ​I'd take an F on a homework assignment if it meant watching my team in the playoffs haha
  6. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Game 1: Raptors vs. Wizards   

    Holy sh*t what a comeback by the Raps! Can we get some OT? There's 30 minutes until the next game... might as well
  7. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Game 1: Raptors vs. Wizards   

    lol this series is the battle of the pretty good but not elite enough teams to actually be considered contenders
  8. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Which East team is most likely to beat Cleveland?   

    I still think it's the Bulls. If they're healthy and at their best, they're better than Atlanta. 
  9. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: What was the best individual performance of this regular season?   

    Kyrie Irving vs the Spurs. 57pts (20-32 FG, 7-7 3PT, 10-10 FT), 5asts, 3 rebs, 4stls.
  10. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Do you think there will be any sweeps in the first round?   

    Cavs will sweep Celtics
    Bulls will sweep Bucks
    That is all
  11. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Predict Rondo and Hardens series statline   

    Harden: 22.5ppg 7apg 5rpg 42FG%
    Rondo: 12.5ppg 8.5apg 6rpg 48FG%
  12. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Is anyone else glad that Pelicans made the playoffs?   

    Definitely cool to see AD in his first postseason. And I think the Pels will make this series more interesting than a Thunder team without Durant & Ibaka. 
  13. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Favorite First Round Matchup?   

    I really can't wait for the HOU/DAL series because of our little rivalry that's been brewing these past couple years. I'll always be the most excited for any series involving the Mavs but besides that it's gotta be Spurs/Clips. 
  14. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Should there be a retool of the NBA system drafts and all?   

    I think they should keep the draft lottery system but tweak it by evening out the odds a little bit. The worst team shouldn't have such overwhelming odds to get the first pick. I believe the worst three teams have around a 20-30% chance of winning the lottery, while the 11th or 12th worst teams have like a 1% chance. I think they should just make the odds closer. 
  15. MaverixFan added a post in a topic: Circle or Rectangle Profile Pictures?   

    Rectangles all the way

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  1. airWarrior » MaverixFan

    Whatup my neighbor

    1. MaverixFan

      Good brotha. In my first semester of college and I'm killin it. But can't for this NBA season to start. Just renewed my League Pass. I'm ready, leggo!!

  2. MaverixFan

    So I was at the Mavs practice scrimmage today... and after they finished Raymond Felton autographed his sweaty practice jersey and threw it to me. It smells like sh*t lol Also got a Dirk autograph :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jrunyan

      How were you able to go to the practices? Did you have to buy tickets or something? And nice job getting the jersey and auto

    3. Frosty

      I literally would have thrown his jersey back at him

    4. MaverixFan

      It was at the American Airlines Center, where the Mavs play. They do it every year before the season starts... it's free admission, they do a live practice and then a scrimmage with two 10 minute quarters. It got me so pumped for the season. Parsons was going ham. It's pretty awesome, I try to go every year.

  3. Korv » MaverixFan

    lmfao remember when Dallas signed Brendan Haywood to that big ass contract lmfao irl

    1. MaverixFan

      Didn't he already have that contract when we acquired him in that trade w/ Washington? I think so, but I could be wrong. And yeah that contract was absolutely rwdicukous... that's why we amnesited his ass lok

  4. PaulTrillsap » MaverixFan

    What do you think of the mavs offseason so far?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MaverixFan

      I give it a solid A. Going into the offseason our two biggest needs were small forward and center... and we've already majorly upgraded both positions. Parsons was my number one ranked free agent SF (not named Lebron or Melo). Of course we overpaid for him, but we had to. Parsons is probably worth $10-12mill/yr... but if we offered him that, Houston surely would've matched. But think of it this way... with Dirk's discount, we're paying $25mill for both Dirk & Pa...

    3. PaulTrillsap

      How much cap space does dallas have left? Hope they pick up a few more good role players and strengthen up that bench. If they don't get mo williams hopefully they bring back roddy buckets

    4. MaverixFan

      We can only offer the minimum and out MLE for 2.7mill... Hopefully Mo Williams takes that. Then our bench will be set.

    1. MaverixFan

      I know, I'm sooo pissed!!! The guy's a top 5 middle linebacker but can never stay healthy. Lee is our best defender (now that Ware is gone) and our QB on defense. This is a HUGEE loss. Our defense last season had so many injuries and it looks like the same sh*t is gonna happen this year :/

    2. TP9

      They believe its a acl tear, idk if they've done the MRI yet

  5. Korv » MaverixFan

    Lebron looks like Game in that pic

    1. MaverixFan


  6. Korv » MaverixFan

    Micheal Finley 2nd best Mavs OAT ?

    1. Coach Sparks


    2. MaverixFan

      It's either Finley, Nash, or Blackman. Pretty had to choose

  7. Aponte » MaverixFan

    u look like the white monta ellis

    1. MaverixFan

      hmmm, not sure if that's a good thing... I love Monta and everything, but he gotta big ass forehead and some bug eyes lol

    2. Young Gee

      Why is everyone talking about ur appearence yet i havent seeen u? Where did u post ur pic?

  8. airWarrior » MaverixFan

    ur sexy as fukk and I am attracted to you. no homo

    1. MaverixFan

      Thanks bro, I get that a lot tbh

    2. airWarrior

      u do u

  9. Kenny » MaverixFan

    you look how i expected you to

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    2. aVeryFishyPanda


    3. Kenny

      u have me on ignore, go away!!

    4. MaskedPhenom


  10. JDK » MaverixFan

    you look how i expected you to

    1. aVeryFishyPanda


  11. Sean » MaverixFan

    you look how i expected you to

    1. aVeryFishyPanda


  12. Aponte » MaverixFan

    Hey do you accept me into fanhood.

    1. MaverixFan

      Yes, I'll take you under my wing and mold you into the prototypical MFFL

  13. MaverixFan

    I had a bad dream that the Mavs blew a 17 point lead with 4:49 left to the CP3-less Clippers...

    1. Nolan


    2. airWarrior

      fk Clippers

  14. Aponte » MaverixFan

    Bet you wont inbox me doe.

    1. Coach Sparks

      "But seriously, don't ever say disrespectful sh*t like that to me again. I was about to kill you but I ain't tryin to get locked up." - MaverixFan

  15. JDK » MaverixFan

    Ellis and Nowitzki are in the ocean and you can only save one....GO!

    1. Young Gee


    2. MaverixFan

      Easily Dirk. He's been so loyal and great to the Mavs his whole career... Even if Ellis was averaging 50ppg this year the answer would still be DIRK.

  16. airWarrior » MaverixFan

    How has Monta Ellis' impact been so far? His 56%TS is as high as its been for like 6 years.

    1. MaverixFan

      He's been great for us. I've been trying to explain to people that all the guy needs is some other weapons (like Dirk, Carter, Marion) and he can be efficient again. He had to do so much in Milwaukee and take so many bad shots. But him and Dirk running that pick-n-pop is so deadly. Monta comes off that pick so quick going to the rim which forces defenses to collapse on him, leaving Dirk wide open for jumpers. And Monta's passing ability has been shockingly good. He's gre...

    2. airWarrior

      Yeah, the Bucks were a trash situation to be in. Hes looked v. good so far this year from what I've seen.

  17. Mraz » MaverixFan

    What do you think about Marion?

    1. MaverixFan

      He's a very valuable player for the Mavs, even at his age. He's always the guy responsible for guarding the other team's best perimeter player (guys like Lebron, KD, Melo, etc.). He's still a great rebounder for his size and position (8rpg). He's also very versatile and can play SF or PF, so he meshes well with multiple different lineups. He's not gonna force a lot of shots, but occasionally he can go off for 20+ points on any given night. He's already had two...

    2. Mraz

      I've been looking at the stats of both Marion and Ilyasova and they pretty much had the same amount of points and rebounds last season. or i'm just being confused, what do you think would be a good trade for the Mavericks

    3. MaverixFan

      I'd be hesitant to give up Marion... But with his age, and since he'll be a free agent this summer, I'd be okay trading him, but only for the right deal. Getting Asik would be good for us, so maybe Marion for Asik... But Asik's contract scares me. Also I'd like to try to get Greg Monroe somehow. Detroit might look to move him since he'll be a FA this summer, and they might not want to give him a big deal since they'll have to pay Drummond eventually. It also wo...

  18. aVeryFishyPanda » MaverixFan

    Just for the record your Mavs pissed me off soooooo much in 2011. I was tripping off acid after that loss. But props to them.

  19. TP9 » MaverixFan

    where were you on 9/11?

  20. TeoTheGreek13 » MaverixFan

    You're up in the draft.

  21. TeoTheGreek13 » MaverixFan

    You're up in the Organisation draft man...

  22. Ivan » MaverixFan

    Looking fancy there huh

    1. MaverixFan

      Yeahhh buddy

    2. Ivan

      I can honestly see him going to Dallas. They got some good ass food over there.

  23. TP9 » MaverixFan

    ugly ass picture

    1. MaverixFan

      Lol Dwight looks pretty good in dat Mavs jersey and y'all know it

    2. TP9

      This one is way better

    3. WadeCounty

      he has false hope