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    You don't get there by just wishing -"Pistol" Pete
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  • Favorite NBA Player(s)? Ricky Rubio Alexy Shved
  • Favorite Player Of All-Time? Pistol Pete
  • Favorite Dunker? Steve Nash
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    1. Mraz

      MTD is legendary

    2. RickyRubio


  1. RickyRubio

    Happy birthday to me! :)

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    2. RickyRubio


    3. Diamantidis is GOAT

      Xronia Polla! Translation: Happy Birthday!

    4. TeoTheGreek13

      Happy Birthday!

  2. RickyRubio

    But I'm not a rapper

  3. RickyRubio

    Sorry for earlier I mistyped I meant who's going to win Celtics or Knicks

    1. Kenny

      We've been wanting an explanation for awhile now. Thank you.

  4. RickyRubio

    Clippers going to beat the Thunder!

    1. The Worlds Greatest

      And then you'll turn off NBA 2k13 and go to sleep.

  5. RickyRubio

    Steamy Moist Towels

  6. RickyRubio

    You don't get there by just wishing -"Pistol" Pete Maravich R.I.P.

  7. RickyRubio

    You don't get there by just wishing -"Pistol" Pete Maravich R.I.P.

  8. RickyRubio

    OJ Mayooooo wid da treeeeyyy

  9. RickyRubio

    These Youngbloods don't practice the fundamentals anymore

    1. TeoTheGreek13

      Tell that to Rubio who has still to learn how to shoot.

    2. DJtheCap™

      Not gonna lie, this quote has become overused.

    3. RickyRubio

      I saw this Pepsi video on kloves twitter had to say it

  10. RickyRubio

    What's something good to watch on Netflix?

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    2. Tony Hops

      Family Guy

    3. Curry

      Friday Night Lights.. show is GOAT

    4. RickyRubio

      Ok thanks ill check those out after I'm done with oxymorons

  11. RickyRubio

    No food got napkins and plates doe

    1. TGIA

      Story of my life, no girls, got a condom and a boner doe

    2. Gary

      Haha you wack, doe.

  12. RickyRubio

    Is it just me or is the layout messed up? No theme it's just all white hard to navigate

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    2. iCM

      im good

    3. TP9

      use ip community skin

    4. Bob Loves Ariana

      same lol I feel like bath saltz

  13. RickyRubio

    The forums work on my Ipad but not my computer anyone know why?

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    2. RickyRubio

      Thanks it worked

    3. Rog

      Not a problem brotha.

    4. Jan_Sobieski™

      Stop watching Torbe on nudevista

  14. RickyRubio

    Alexy Shved ROY who cares about Lilard

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    2. Raza 10

      yeah, I like Shved's inferior PPG, RPG, APG, FG%, 3P%, and FT%

    3. DJtheCap™

      Chris Copeland b1tches

    4. aznkid

      Robert Sacre >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. RickyRubio


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    2. The Logo

      In GSL yeah

    3. Carolina Panthers

      Wizards > Heat

    4. airWarrior


  16. RickyRubio

    What is up with these salad post?

    1. TGIA

      Try to raise awareness of the deadly addiction

    2. El Quince

      If u get addicted to salads, you'll start turning into a chick.


    3. Wolves United

      they are making fun of me because they believe that i said that salad is addicting. I said food CAN be addicting because it can release/relieve emotional stress

  17. RickyRubio

    good morning everyone hope you guys have a good day

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    2. RickyRubio

      i live were its 2:30

    3. The Logo

      Good night

    4. Tony Hoops

      12:00 AM at where I live!

      Good morning to you! Good night to me, haha.

  18. RickyRubio

    Things nobody says- Blake Griffin has the best jumper in the NBA hands down.

  19. RickyRubio

    Hello people of HN how are you doing today? :)

    1. Dante

      Swell, how are you?

    2. RickyRubio

      good. glad you are to

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    2. Mirrors

      +1 ^

    3. RickyRubio

      if you say you work multiple jobs and still struggle ok government should give you some help but there are to many people who abuse the welfare system and have done nothing ther whole lifes. The problem is Obama allowd this so this country is going into shambles. Bye USA you were once a great country.

    4. Wolves United

      Voter fraud happens .01% of the time. It's not a problem and republicans know it; it's a way to limit democrats from voting. Their basically saying that sense they can't win it fair and square they will try to cheat

  20. RickyRubio

    Go Spain in tonights Olympic gold medal game go out and win it for us @ home watching and looking up to you guys! I hope for a good clean match with USA wish both teams the bets of luck!

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    2. Pusha Key

      Okay cool

    3. TeoTheGreek13

      USA is gonna win with ease, IMO.

    4. Diamantidis is GOAT


  21. RickyRubio

    Just forget about me saying Love was the best player and Rubio is a top 5 PG I was just felt so bias at the point because I just watched a Kevin love and Rubio highlight video and it just looked so crispy

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    2. Carolina Panthers

      I watched a Scalabrine video, and am now convinced he's the best forward in the NBA

    3. Dante


    4. Ben

      LMFAO @ SUPER KOBE BRYANT saying don't get caught up in your bias when he's the most bias poster here

  22. Dante » RickyRubio

    I saw you from Y!A, welcome