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      I hoop you get banned!

  1. Gary » Tony Hops

    God bless Pope Francis.

  2. Ivan » Tony Hops

    The quest for 100K is over.

    1. Young Gee


  3. Flash D3 » Tony Hops

    06 and 09 Wade>>>>>>>>>>>>> any year LeBron #RNS

    1. Tony Hops


  4. Tony Hops

    I got these new JVC Headphones! Theyre so coll!

    1. Tony Hops


  5. Tony Hops » TP9

    Looks lile an ugly Deion Sanders

    1. Tony Hops


    2. TP9

      [expletive deleted] you

    3. Tony Hops


  6. Tony Hops

    The All-Star game is proof that Chris Paul is the best player in the NBA

    1. airWarrior


    2. Dante

      Most Valuable, although it looks like injuries will keep him from the MVP race

    1. Tony Hops

      Whattup N¡gger.

    2. TP9


    3. Pusha Key


  7. Tony Hops


  8. Tony Hops

    This is my last crack at LeBron! better make it count! - Kobe

  9. Tony Hops

    When my team loses in the super bowl, I will resort to Ray Lewis jokes in order to cover up my bruised ego - O.J 2.0

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    2. Bayzus

      Lmao, true.

    3. OJ SIMPSON 2.0

      Lol, whatever bandwagoner.

    4. TGIA

      Yea and I'm sure you guys never joked about kobe and rape.

  10. Tony Hops

    Did anyone hear about that asteroid? Eerie stuff..

  11. Tony Hops

    HN's Best Players: 1. Kyrie Irving 2. ??? 3. ???

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    2. Ambod Lion

      Carolina has the best and most realistic list

    3. Ben





      5.Dgod Wade

    4. Ben

      Carolina has shit list...nobody talks about Beal lol swich Kyrie with Godbe as well fool

  12. Tony Hops » Pusha Key

    Wade got dat thick stick. Bosh got that long stick. And LeBron got the full package.

    1. Pusha Key

      Chalmers got dat lil one

  13. Tony Hops

    "No weapons formed against me shall prosper!" - LeBron

  14. Tony Hops

    Heat doing work on OKC.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      It's embarrassing.

  15. Tony Hops » Ivan

    Look in my eyes!! What do you see?

    1. Ivan


  16. Tony Hops

    As I was saying. Performance wise and sheer value to his team, its LeBron by a mile. Durant will win it because hes fresh and new.

    1. ­JDynasty

      yeah I agree, Durant will probably win it esp. if he leads OKC to best record.

    2. Tony Hops

      Greg Popovich 1st coach MVP?

  17. Tony Hops

    "Now im older, of course im older. Thats the beauty of it. 10 years plus! Different level of wisdom different level of understanding different level of punishment. I wanna live LONG after my records have fallen LONG after my rings have tarnished!"

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    2. RickyRubio

      -Stephen Curry

    3. Tony Hops

      - Robert Horry

    4. Saint Nick C

      -Old shelf holding vinyl records.

  18. Tony Hops

    I`ve always been told im too small, im not big enough, im not fast enough, I dont have what it takes - LeBron James

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    2. Kenny

      thanks panthers this reminds to make a thread

    3. Saint Nick C

      When he was like 3 yrs old?

    4. Wolves United

      When he was 6 playing for varsity maybe.

  19. Tony Hops

    My internet has been GOAT. And LeBron is shooting 56%

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    2. Pusha Key

      I missed you breh

    3. Tony Hops


    4. Pusha Key


  20. Pusha Key » Tony Hops

    This that shit that yall wanted

  21. Tony Hops

    If the Ravens blow this. I will cry for a year.

    1. Ben

      Me too :'/

    2. TP9

      cry [expletive deleted]

    3. Tony Hops

      WHAT NOW B------