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  1. Ivan added a post in a topic Jay Rock - 90059   

    Easy Bake is  
    Dropping on gameday too this bout to be lit  
  2. Ivan added a topic in General NBA   

    RIP Darryl Dawkins
    Bro was only 57  RIP to one of the greatest dunkers of all time
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  3. Ivan added a post in a topic Who wins the NFC South?   

    That defense is going to be so bad though. It cost some them some games last year and it doesn't look like the defense will be much better this year. Do you think the defense will improve well enough to help secure leads late in games?
  4. Ivan added a post in a topic Jay Rock - 90059   

    Think we'll get it next month or early October. I'm excited though. Can't wait to hear the Black Hippy track.
  5. Ivan added a topic in National Football League   

    Who wins the NFC South?
    this division is so bad.. yikes. Can Killa Cam put the team on his back and lead the Panthers to the playoffs again?
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  6. Ivan added a topic in General NCAA   

    College Football Predictions
    Well, the season starts next week. I know there aren't any people who watch CFB but figured I'd start a thread anyway   It's better than a thread asking which NBA players have the most swag 
    Any bold predictions or sleeper teams in the power conferences? Here are mine.

    SEC East: Not a very competitive division top to bottom. Florida with a new coaching staff, Vandy lol, Kentucky is at least another couple classes away from contending but will be better than SC, Florida and Vandy, South Carolina doesn't have the talent compared to previous years to compete. That leaves Missouri, the two time defending East champions, Tennessee and Georgia. Missouri won the East the past 2 seasons, and with an easy schedule they can win it again if they can beat Georgia and UT. Georgia's offense is usually fine but they have to come prepared defensively if they want to win the division. Tennessee is coming into the season with high expectations to win the East and could potentially knock off Alabama or Auburn in the SEC title game.  Top 5 recruiting classes and they may have one of the best defenses in SEC with a very good D-line, Sutton in the secordary and offensively they're deep at WR (Pearson, Howard, Malone, Williams, Marquez). Dobbs will be more experienced and backfield will produce. Butch is building a nice team that can rule the division for years to come.  I think Tennessee will win the East with Mizzu finishing 2nd. With that said, wouldn't be surprised if they lay an egg and lose to Florida or Arkansas (cross divisional game) 
    SEC West: The SEC West fell hard last season. Miss State and Ole Miss were overhyped and fell out of the top 5 and the division went 2-5 in bowl games. Don't be mistaken though this is still the most competitive division in college football despite what ACC and B1G stans say. Auburn's defense will be very, very good. Top 20 in the nation at least. There's some questions abou Jeremy Johnson stepping up to replace Marshall at QB, but he will put up some nice stats via Coach Gus. But that defense will be great enough to lead them to the championship game. You can't ignore Alabama. 3 national titles in the last 6 years says a lot. However, I don't think they will be good enough to beat Auburn and they may lose to an LSU or Texas A&M that will take them out of the running. Ole Miss and Miss State will be decent, but won't be contending for the top of the west. Texas A&M will be a much improved team and can potentially give Alabama or Auburn fits for the division. They will be better defensively via hiring a great coordinator in John Chavis, LSU's old defensive coordinator. Very interesting to say the least. LSU is nice but can't say the same for their quarterback. I say they compete in a few of their divisional games and finish 3-5, maybe 4-4 in the division

    Big Ten West: Remember when the Gophers were 6-1 and it looked like we were on our way to a championship berth in Indy? Then we barely got by Purdue and lost to fukkin Illinois  and gave Ohio State one of their toughest games of their season. Well we start the season playing against one of the top teams in CFB, TCU on primetime television. We also face quality opponents in Colorado State and Ohio University. We should finish 3-1 in non conference play but I refuse to set an expectation on this team. On a more serious note, though, we should be one of the top teams in the division with the offense getting faster and explosive and having the best secondary in the division. Losing Maxx Williams was rough, but this offense will be solid at least. We play Michigan and Ohio State as cross divisional games. I say we keep the Jug and beat Michigan. As much as I hate saying this we ain't beating OSU. Not even making bets with my friends fukk that.  I would say don't sleep on the Gophers, but Minnesota teams tend to disappoint. Why can't God let us win  Moving to the other teams. Illinois and Iowa? Nada. Purdue is on their way to not becoming a joke anymore, and Northwestern's defense will be good. I don't have much knowledge on Nebraska. Think you can help me out @Rog ? In the end  I see Wisconsin being the only team to challenge Minnesota for the West as long as we don't lose to Illinois or Iowa.
    Big Ten East: Ohio State shouldn't have a problem winning this division at all. Defending champions and they return nearly everybody. It's not even fair for anyone not named Penn State or Michigan to play against this team. Penn State is on their up way again after the horrible scandal a few years back. I expect them to give OSU a tough game again and they could potentially knock off the Buckeyes. They'll have to do it at the Shoe, though. Harbaugh is the new coach at Michigan and will look to bring this program back to its standards. They will be a competitive team but expect them to take a few bumps here and there, especially since the offense is questionable and they lost a couple studs on defense. Maryland and Rutgers? Nopeeeeee. Indiana? Lol.

    Big 12: Last year Baylor and TCU felt they were more deserving of a College Football Playoff berth than Ohio State, who played a weak schedule, lost to Virginia Tech and struggled against Penn State, Indiana and Michigan. They ultimately didn't get in because the Big 12 doesn't have a conference championship game. Let's not also forget TCU blew a 20 something lead against Baylor also and lost to the Bears, 61-58. TCU and Baylor will play each other at the end of the season, so there is little room to make mistakes or drop key games in their conference. I think TCU will avenge last year's loss and clinch a playoff spot. I'm hearing big things about Oklahoma's offense, so maybe the Sooners will bounce back and reach 10 wins? Texas and OK State will be improved squads, but they're still rebuilding so they might win 6 games each. Who curr about the rest.

    Pac 12 North: The Stanford Cardinal and Oregon Ducks will be the only teams to look out for in the Pac 12 North. Stanford's offense will be tough to deal with Hogan at QB and if Stanford can somehow repeat their performance on defense after losing 5 tacklers, I think Stanford wins the North. Even in a rebuilding year, Oregon should be right up there. I think they finish 9-3. California Golden Bears are on the rise but I think they're still a year or 2 away from competing. Sucks because Golff is a talented QB. Look for him to make some noise and potentially help Cal upset some teams this year.
    Pac 12 South: I'm not quite sold on USC being a top 10 team. Yes, they have a lot of talent and on paper they're the best team, but they will have to be consistent and WIN on the road. They will have to visit Arizona State, Notre Dame, and Oregon. Will be interesting to see if they're up to the task.  Rich Rod has done a great job leading Arizona to success and Scooby Wright III is one of the best defensive players in the country. Solomon also returns at QB. But they will have to play USC, Utah and Arizona State the last 3 weeks of the season and head to Stanford for a game. Can they repeat as South champions? Utah will be very solid, look for them to potentially upset Oregon or USC. Arizona State surprised a lot of people last year and returns a good front seven and offensive firepower. Can they right the ship and win the South? UCLA returns loaded at every position but they have a freshman starting at quarterback. The Bruins are a good team and should win some games but I don't think a freshman at QB can lead them to the promise land. I think USC, Arizona and Arizona State can win the South. Just depends who will be ready to win when it counts. 

    ACC Atlantic: It's pretty much Florida State and Clemson. Florida State can win but they lost Jameis Winston, they have a new QB, a front seven that struggled all of last year and raw talent throughout. Clemson has Watson but can the O-line give him time to make plays? The ACC is so weak FSU can find a way to win the Atlantic, but they will get creamed by whoever comes out the Coastal. Louisville is coming off a nice season. The front seven is legit and quality recruiting classes coming in. Louisville will be pretty nice for seasons to come and will be a tough team to deal with as they continue to get experience playing in the ACC.
    ACC Coastal: Much like the SEC East, anyone can win this division. Give me my money on Georgia Tech, though. Virginia Tech's defense is great but they can never put together an average offense.
    SEC East: Tennessee
    SEC West: Auburn
    Big Ten West: Minnesota
    Big Ten East: Ohio State
    Big 12: TCU
    Pac 12 North: Stanford
    Pac 12 South: USC/ASU/AofU
    ACC Coastal: Georgia Tech
    ACC Atlantic: Clemson
    SEC Championship:
    Auburn vs. Tennessee- Auburn wins this one pretty easily. Maybe next year UT.
    B1G championship game
    Minnesota vs. Ohio State- I would love for us to crush the Bumeyes' hopes of repeating as national champs, but the Gophers will not be the team to do that. Ohio State wins this one easily. I just hope they don't do us worse than Wisconsin last year.
    Pac 12 championship game:
    USC vs Stanford- If USC lives up to their expectations, maybe this is the year the Trojans break through and win their first Pac title since 2008. Stanford's got some questions to answer about the defense and USC's offense is loaded. Stanford won't bow down to the Trojans but their efforts will not be good enough. USC wins 31-17 or something like that.
    ACC championship
    Clemson vs. Georgia Tech
    Watson gone put the team on his back lead the Tigers back to the top of the ACC. Clemson wins imo.
    College Football Playoff
    1. Ohio State
    2. Auburn
    3. TCU
    4. USC
    National championship
    TCU over Ohio State
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  7. Ivan added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    1996 Green Bay Packers coaching staff. The best offense and defense that year and won the Super Bowl.
    QB: 2011 Drew Brees
    RB: 2006 LaDainian Tominson
    WR1: 1995 Issac Bruce
    WR2: 2004 Joe Horn
    WR3: 2009 Sidney Rice
    TE: 1996 Shannon Sharpe
    O-Line- 1973 Buffalo Bills
    Front Seven: 1990 New York Giants
    Secondary: 1971 Minnesota Vikings
     Coaching Staff: 1996 GB Packers (West Coast, 4-3 Defense)
  8. Ivan added a post in a topic Favorite Rap Song Of The Year?   

    It got taken down a few days after I downloaded it on Soundcloud. I'm sure it's somewhere on the internet though. 
  9. Ivan added a post in a topic Post your fandom   

    CBB: Minnesota Gophers
    NFL: Minnesota Vikings
    MLB: Minnesota Twins
    NHL: Minnesota Wild
    CFB: Minnesota Gophers
  10. Ivan added a post in a topic Favorite Rap Song Of The Year?   

    Adoration Of The Magi- Lupe
    Mural- Lupe
    How Much A Dollar Cost- KL
    Wesley's Theory- KL
    Wavybone- A$AP
    Antidote- Travis $cott
    Jump Out The Face- Pretty much this is Future's song I got an edited version without Meek's verses 
    almost all of DS2- Future
    100 Grandkids- Mac
    Deep Water- Dr. Dre
  11. Ivan added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    2009 Sidney Rice
  12. Ivan added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    2004 Joe Horn
  13. Ivan added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    1996 Shannon Sharpe
  14. Ivan added a post in a topic One of the WOAT groups recently made a new song   

    Behind The Front and Elephunk are my favorite albums from them. The production on Elephunk is really cohesive with hip hop influenced latin, r&b, rock, and funk and the production on BTF is beyond dope and some decent lyricial content on there. There's some bangers on Bridging The Gap but it's the least I prefer out of the three. Still good though. Their music went downhill when they put out Monkey Business and tried to make Fergie the new face of music . I would link some songs but I'm on mobile. I say Behind The Front is worth a listen if you like Brand Nubian type stuff and def check out the Mos Def song on BTG. Elephunk probably isn't your taste but give that a shot as well.
  15. Ivan added a post in a topic All-Time NFL Draft   

    1973 Buffalo Bills O-Line