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  1. Ivan added a post in a topic Drake - Back to Back Freestyle (Meek Mill Diss)   

    This is better than Charged Up that one was just aight but Drake brought the fire on this one. Meek lost the second he called Drake out now no matter if he responds or not he still lost. Take this L and  continue to bang Nicki, Meek
    Just realized Drake used the photo of Joe Carter hitting the walk off vs. the Philadelphia Phillies in the '93 world series to give the Blue Jays back to back titles, and he named this song Back to Back because it's his second straight response and Meek is from Philly. So simple yet clever at the same time  
  2. Ivan added a topic in General NBA   

  3. Ivan added a post in a topic One of the WOAT groups recently made a new song   

    Believe it or not they used to be good but they moved into pop music and became one of the biggest sellouts in music history. Their first 3 albums were heat now they basically influenced this era of trash, electronic pop  Fukk BEP and Will I Am.. Can't believe they still trying to make music in 2015 lmao
  4. Ivan added a post in a topic NBA 2K16 soundtrack revealed   

    If it's that big of a deal you can always use spotify (if you have an account) and turn off the 2k soundtrack   I've listened to half of these songs a million times so I'll probably do that eventually because I hate censored songs.
  5. Ivan added a topic in NBA 2K   

    NBA 2K16 soundtrack revealed

    Better than the last 2 soundtracks for sure and they added some 2K11 songs too  Pretty satisfied with this soundtrack I'd probably replace a few songs with Logic- Never Enough, replace 0 to 100 with 6 Man or No Tellin', and M.I.A. - Swords
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  6. Ivan added a post in a topic Macklemore confirms new album for 2015   

    why do you do this to yourself 
  7. Ivan added a post in a topic Favorite song off Dirty Sprite 2?   

    Serve The Base
    Stick Talk
    Blow A Bag
    Lil One
    Freak Hoe
    Percocet and Stripper Joint
  8. Ivan added a topic in Entertainment   

    Damian Lillard- F*ck Up Some Commas Freestyle
    *fire emojis* if his knee blows out he got a good backup career lol
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  9. Ivan added a post in a topic Off-Topic Discussion Thread   

    what's gud
  10. Ivan added a post in a topic Random Q/A   

    1. A lotta ups and downs but things are starting to look up. Been focusing on more important things and my friends and fam have been supportive of me so it makes it easier for me to grind cause I want to make them proud.
    2. Most positive thing that has happened was meeting J.Cole when I went to his concert. He's a really cool dude and I'm glad to be a supporter of his music. Another positive I've been applying to a lot of colleges and already been accepted to a couple. 
    Most negative was my mom passing away. It was unexpected so it hit me a lot harder. 
    3. Been doing a couple side jobs when I have time. I help out my friend when he's working for his dad mowing business. Make pretty decent money too.
    4. 4 times a week along with football practice 
    5. Went to Cali a few weeks ago. Gonna try to make a visit to Minnesota before football season starts. 
    6. Started that show Total Drama @Korv suggested to me months ago and it's pretty funny until the middle of the 3rd season lmao.
    8. Fun cooked out and went to the fireworks my community holds every year at one of the high school stadium. Had a great time with friends and ran into a lot of old friends as well.
    9. Nah
    10. While some people don't have the ability or confidence to join the army, i definitely think it would eventually benefit you later in life and can teach you a lot of thing
    BQ: Always liked HN. It's been rough the last few months but things are looking up. We just gotta continue to put in more effort and contribute on this great forum.
  11. Ivan added a post in a topic Mo Williams signs with the Cavs   

    He was so salty when Bron left the first time lmao. Good pickup tho for the Cavs I think he's more of a legit backup than Delly even tho Delly is the better defender. If Kyrie goes down again he can start also. Let's hope he shows up in the playoffs for them this time
  12. Ivan added a post in a topic Dwyane Wade Has Interest in Signing with Mavericks, Bucks   

    You mean conference? Bucks and Heat aren't in the same division 
  13. Ivan added a post in a topic Vikings player compares same sex marriage to pedophilia and incest   

    He's definitely gone. Wouldn't be good for the Vikings or NFL's image if they kept him. Shame because he somewhat improved last year (still got burned by Marshall tho) but he was probably going to be cut in the preseason anyway with us already having Rhodes, Wayne, Newman, Capt and Price. Athletes gotta be smarter than this. Not worth throwing your career away because you feel the need to tweet your beliefs. Dude is a dumbass.
  14. Ivan added a topic in General NBA   

    Cavaliers @ Warriors (Game 1)
    Tonight @ 9PM/6PM PST on ABC
    The Cavaliers are in the NBA finals for the 2nd time in franchise history while the Warriors are in the finals for the first time since 1975. We should see many great matchups via Kyrie/Curry. Can the MVP Steph Curry lead the Warriors to their first title in 40 years or will LeBron James lead the Cavs to victory and give the city of Cleveland their first title since 1964? This should be a fantastic series. 
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  15. Ivan added a topic in General NBA   

    You have $15 to make the best 2015 title contender

    Who do you choose?
    My lineup
    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Jimmy Butler
    SF: Paul Pierce
    PF: Anthony Davis
    C: Joakim Noah
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