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  1. Ivan added a post in a topic Kobe retiring at the end of the season   

    End of an era
    love him or hate him can't deny his legacy. Thanks for the memories, Kobe.
  2. Ivan added a post in a topic College football   

    You trying to square up?
  3. Ivan added a post in a topic College football   

    Lmao Ohio State.Overrated ass team. Overrated ass coach. Weak ass schedule. MSU clapped them cheeks. Lol at Zeke Elliott complaining about carries. 33 yards against a REAL front 7. Getting 3 more carries ain't gonna change that  Niggas put THE like they're the first OSU
    Harbaugh did a great job in his first year at Mich, once he actually gets talent that's when OSU will take a backseat. Penn State slowly coming back too that o-line tho :trashemoji: Iowa can suck a dick too lmao MSU bout to clap that ass. Need Clemson to come thru and win the Natty. Watson  Black Excellence too strong. Altho it would be funny to see Bama win again just to see people bitch about SEC bias all summer. Glad I root for an awful B1G team so I don't have to consume my time with that shit. As long as Iowa don't make it in I'm happy tbh
    CFB been lit for the last 3 years tho
  4. Ivan added a post in a topic Is there such a thing as a good cop?   

    Nah good cop is a myth nowadays to distract us from what the crooked cops are doing to citizens with rights. Cops are brought up in a system where they are taught colored people are villains like a fuckin comic book. They have to stick together and think alike not only to survive, but to keep their jobs and live up to the police standard. Even if they're not racist most of them are still dickheads who only care about the badge more than anything else. "Protect and serve" lost its true meaning a long time ago.
  5. Ivan added a post in a topic J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar - Black Friday   

    I think the Collab album is coming in Feb. Cole was just fucking around on that last verse. Someone connected to Kendrick accidentally posted the release date (Feb 16th) on IG & facebook. Guess we'll have to wait and see though. I know we're in for something legendary whether it's Cole solo or Kendrick collab  
  6. Ivan added a post in a topic Let me know some LOW KEY hot mixtapes that have dropped over the last 3 months   

    Fab's new mixtape is nuts and I thought Starvation 4 was nice even tho I saw some mixed reviews. Haven't heard Trey Songz's new shit but people say it's good. And I know you don't fw with Bhris Brown but I think he just dropped a mixtape and there's always some good songs on most of his material :yeshrug:
  7. Ivan added a post in a topic Thanksgiving Day Discussion   

    Posted 5 hours ago
    29 Jun 2011 
  8. Ivan added a topic in Entertainment   

    Freddie Gibbs | Shadow Of A Doubt

    Gangsta Gibbs blessed us again brehs  Check it out on Spotify or whatever app you use for music, it's lit as fuck
    @Bayzus @tripleaamin  @ISOMELO @Frosty @Drizzy Dre @Damnshow@hnmobileisbuns
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  9. Ivan added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Season Week #10 Discussion!   

    Wow after I said Cincy is legit.
    Can't really put this one on Dalton, outside of the pick he had a solid game. Jones and Eifert dropped some crucial passes and Green fumbling on the last play is inexcusable. Another part of it is the Texans just outplayed them on both sides of the ball. Yates came in and delievered a big TD to Hopkins.  I still think Cincy is the 2nd best team in the AFC but they do need to improve their pass rush and the offensive line isn't as good compared to previous years
  10. Ivan added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Season Week #10 Discussion!   

    Bro the Bengals are legit. With that said, if they were to play Pittsburgh in the second round, it would be a very tough game for them. Pittsburgh is still a scary team to face in the postseason even without Bell, but Cincy can open up the playbook when necessary and Dalton's been playing like a top 5 QB. He hasn't made a lot of bad throws at all this season. Of course Cincy needs to get that monkey off their back and win a playoff game but I don't think that's a valid reason to act like they haven't been playing great football all year long.
  11. Ivan added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Season Week #10 Discussion!   

    I think Cincinnati will beat New England in the AFC title game tbh if Dalton can continue this level of play. They have too many offensive weapons and their defense is capable of containing Brady and co.
  12. Ivan added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Season Week #10 Discussion!   

     nigga we made it
  13. Ivan added a post in a topic Rhonda Rousey got KO'd   

  14. Ivan added a post in a topic Golden State Warriors No Fap Challenge 18-0 (Next Game Mon)   

    Wow I always miss all the action
    Lmao yahoo answers. Are we in 2012? I went on there like 6 months ago and it's a fucking ghost town. Not to mention that new layout is *trash emoji*. I doubt Y!A would be more active now than HN was from the time I joined to mid 2014 playoffs. When the basketball section died all of the users from there joined HN that summer and only like 10 people stayed here. The rest waited for the basketball section to become active again and it never happened, so they either went to other forums or they got a life  
    HN is doing ok with our 21 visitors per day, at least 16 are pretty good users compared to maybe 5 users that were on Y!A. Yahoo used to be like KTT, very humorous at times but not a lot of quality discussion unless you created it. Let's not get caught up in nostalgia and act like Y!A was such a spectacular place. I'm not gonna lie tho polls & surveys was the shit. even that section died  
  15. Ivan added a post in a topic Andrew Luck out 2-6 weeks   

    AFC South lmao
    Rooting for Jacksonville or Tennessee to take the division over poverty Houston and Matt Hasselbeck