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  1. Ivan added a post in a topic: HN NCAA Bracket Challenge '15   

    No. This is just for fun and I thought this would be a good way to create activity since HN has been dead af lately.
    If you get most of your picks right tho I guess you can feel good about it
  2. Ivan added a post in a topic: HN NCAA Bracket Challenge '15   

    Hopefully more people will join. I know HN has been kinda dead lately so this years challenge might not be as big as last year.
  3. Ivan added a post in a topic: NCAA Selection Show Discussion   

    You think Oklahoma and Baylor deserve their seeds over Maryland and Notre Dame because they play in a tougher conference? Maryland beat OU and Iowa State and no way ND shoulda been the last 3 seed when they beat Duke and won the ACC tournament. Not to mention 13 loss Oklahoma State is a 9 seed and Texas barely made it after choking against Iowa State. They gave the Big 12 too much love this year imo.
  4. Ivan added a post in a topic: NCAA Selection Show Discussion   

    How tf is OU a 3 seed lol
  5. Ivan added a post in a topic: NCAA Selection Show Discussion   

    Butler v. Texas is gonna be a good game 
  6. Ivan added a post in a topic: NCAA Selection Show Discussion   

    6PM on CBS
    Projected 1 Seeds: Kentucky, Villanova, Wisconsin, Duke
    Projected 2 seeds: Virginia, Arizona, Gonzaga, Kansas
    LAST 4 TEAMS IN, according to Joe Lunardi: Temple, LSU, Ole Miss, Boise State
    LAST 4 TEAMS OUT: Indiana, UCLA, Miami, Old Dominion
  7. Ivan added a post in a topic: HN NCAA Bracket Challenge '15   

    Aight link is in OP
  8. Ivan added a post in a topic: HN NCAA Bracket Challenge '15   

    Link: http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2015/en/group?groupID=700348

    password: kentuckyisgoat

    Signup list:

     1. Frosty
    2. TGIA
    3. MaverixFan
    4. Lights
    5. Ben
    6. Sean
    7. DR1
    8. Korv
    9. DaMan90
    10. Raza 10
    11. BeatsHaveADream
    13. JBars
    14. The Logo
    15. probsKN 
    16. Saint Nick C
  9. Ivan added a post in a topic: Norris Cole traded to Pelicans for John Salmons (Add on to Dragic trade)   

    Pelicans coming out of the West now
  10. Ivan added a post in a topic: So does this mean...   


    Bridgewater/Parker the next Culpepper/Moss (with no injury this time hopefully)
    Amari shouldn't slip past Oakland or NYJ.
  11. Ivan added a post in a topic: 2014 NFL Conference Championship Round Discussion!   

    Rooting for Seahawks and Colts.
  12. Ivan added a post in a topic: WHO WANTS TO DO AN NBA PODCAST? ?   

    Nice job stealing these jokes off of vine
  13. Ivan added a post in a topic: How would you rate your teams 2014 regular season?   

    A+. Our top 5 defense did an amazing job this year and Teddy Bridgewater is already one of the best quarterbacks in the league. We should win the super bowl next year 
    All shit sarcasm aside, I say C+, no more than B-. Patterson took a big step back this year. I hope he gets it together in the offseason and spends all summer working on his receiving skills. The offensive line was god awful. Run defense was pretty bad too. AP may or may not be back next year we'll have to see how that plays out. The defense improved big time this year but that was expected because Zimmer is an amazing defensive coach. Barr is a stud and it's going to be awesome to see him develop. I'm very glad the Vikings picked him. Captain Munnerlyn was a huge disappointment this season but I'm not gonna write him off completely because he was learning a whole new system. If we can't find no one better then he deserves one more shot next year. Teddy improved every week and got the most out of this offense. He made some bad throws here and there but he's going to get better. Norv has a lot of confidence in Teddy and he will spend a lot of time with him in the off-season. The Vikings' biggest needs are OL, LB, DL and WR. If AP doesn't come back for whatever reason we need to snatch up Todd Gurley or David Cobb in the 3rd-4th round of the draft. If we address those needs I think we can be a playoff team in a couple years if everything goes right. This team has some potential no doubt, and I never said we were trash but I try to be as realistic as possible. Not my fault some people can't debate football to save their life.
  14. Ivan added a post in a topic: The Minnesota Vikings are on the rise IMO   

    Will do. and you can continue being a dumbass and bandwagoning artists to fit in with the cool kids and hipsters on KTT. You can also keep bragging about living in the burbs like that's gonna make you cool and tell your lame, played out, unfunny stories about how your dad spat on you and you steal Gatorades.. wow you're so [expletive deleted] dangerous! Have a nice life

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  1. Ivan

    Ayyyyy we can finally like status updates turn up

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      this shit is too hot

    2. Tony Hoops

      Glad you like it!

    1. Aponte

      represents his season beautifully

    1. Ivan


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    2. Pusha Key

      Add me on twitter tho

    3. Ivan

      no and hell no

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    1. Aponte

      Screamed irl

    2. Ivan

      Hopefully no one important gets injured. I'm looking at the Cardinals schedule right now and you guys can finish 13-3 or 12-4 imo

    3. Aponte

      12-13 wins would be ideal.

      We've got San Fran, Seattle twice, St Louis twice, Chiefs, Lions, and Falcons in the second half of the season. So its gonna be tough.

  2. Ivan

    bruh fk Illinois

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      damn im out, druggies aren't liked on hn

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      Oh shit

  3. Aponte » Ivan

    saw u viewing my profile

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    2. Ivan

      I was looking for that Barricade quote you used to say all time but I couldn't find it ;(

    3. Aponte

      There needs to be a BARRICADE... SURROUNDING the city of _____ These individuals shouldn't be allowed IN IT. They should be kicked out the second that they're SPOTTED. and I dont care if it takes a mob with a mobs mentality to get it done, whatever it takes. The ATROCITY that is ______. I CANT EVEN GET INTO. What I just saw.

      - Stephen A

    4. Ivan

      lmaoo thanks bruh

  4. Ivan » jay rock

    Yo bruh you need to drop your album soon. the thirst is real

  5. tripleaamin » Ivan

    Hey I forgot to ask you, what did you think of Tinashe's new album?

    1. Ivan

      Solid debut album. Baited Breath is an amazing song gawd damn

  6. Ivan

    fresh prince goat show

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    2. Bayzus

      Really is

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      what r u talking about jdk?

    4. Mbb

  7. Ivan » Antetokounmpo

    yo slide me some of that powerful koosh you been smoking the last 2 years

  8. Ivan

    @ESPNNFL: UPDATE: Tony Romo comes back into the game after getting CREAMED by Bobby Wagner.

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    2. Bayzus

      lmao apontcac

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      Bac and Ivac

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    1. Ivan

      Coughlin a trill nigga lol

    2. Aponte

      Coughlin about that life

  9. Aponte » Ivan

    so Ted Dre is pretty nice. *cries thinking of what could of been*

    1. Ivan


    1. Aponte

      I post a picture of orange juice and all you guys care to talk about is basketball. There is more to life.

    2. Ivan

      the nerve of some people smh

    1. Aponte

      Rip Ted Dre

  10. Aponte » Ivan

    ill smack the fat off u nigga

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  11. Ivan

    Tank For Todd Gurley

  12. Ivan

    I started school about a week ago, the work is tough, I like my teacher tho

    1. TGIA

      That little kid in the background >

    2. Ray


  13. Ivan

    From this day (August 2013) I will be repping the Celtics (Like I always have been) BUT... I will also be a HUGE fan of the Raptors. (Nets and Knicks are included since I live in the area, but not a huge fan of them)

    1. MaskedPhenom

      No love for Philly?

    2. Ivan

      oh shit you're right. I need to hop on that Philly wagon #Sixers2020NBAChamps

    3. Bayzus

      lmao @AustralianTown

    1. Korv

      That's giving high praise for 2Pac

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    3. Ivan

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  14. Ivan

    RIP Washington

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    2. Pusha Key

      kirk godins

    3. Jan_Sobieski™

      Kirk is white so people will like him for no apparent reason

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