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  1. Ivan added a post in a topic Cudi out here making school shooter music   

    Give me MOTM1&2 over Em's entire discography. Sonically those albums shit on SSLP, MMLP and even TES. Dre didn't even give Em his best beats and because of that Em made his own shitty beats. Obviously Em is the more talented MC but his subject matter is something I can't fuck with. He's gotten even more cringeworthy since Encore and the man is in his mid 40s
    Although I could never really relate to Cudi when he talked about his depression and drug addictions he still made good music and Emile did wonders for Cudi creatively and production wise. Just so happens when he left good music, his music went ass backwards. It is what it is. If MOTM3 is good, awesome but not expecting anything after these last few songs. 
    Shit, if you combine the best tracks from WZRD, Indicud, and Satelite Flight and make it into one album it's still better than anything Em has put out since 2002  Jesus. For someone that's considered to be GOAT or a top 5 rapper of all time his discography is weak sauce. I'd put Weezy ahead of him tbh.
  2. Ivan added a post in a topic College Football Predictions   

    Yikes I was so off about Auburn and Georgia Tech choked against UNC today
    Tennessee lost to Georgia AND Florida, called it . Florida 5-0 tho 
    Iowa and Northwestern 5-0 in the same year who would've guessed  Still think we can win or tie for the division if we go 3-1 before the Iowa game but that's probably not happening. Northwestern's defense has been insane all year
    The Pac 12 South is probably the most balanced division in CFB. Every team is going to beat each other up until the last day of the regular season. Utah and UCLA with impressive victories over Oregon and Arizona last week. UCLA in a battle with ASU rn and Utah will play Cal in an interesting crossover game next week. 
    Oklahoma State 5-0 but they haven't beat nobody. Needed a horrible snap to beat Texas and almost lost to Kansas State. Oklahoma will certainly make things tight when they play TCU and Baylor back to back weeks as both should still be undefeated by then.
    Still have Clemson as my ACC Atlantic champion and I guess I can see UNC winning the Coastal. They're finally playing defense over there somewhat lol.  
    SEC West will come down between A&M and Alabama imo.. Those will be BIG games for LSU as well as the Florida in a few weeks. Leonard Fournette is beasting but LSU can never win the big games.. SEC East is weird..... and off. Florida's got a tough stretch of games coming up (Mizz, LSU, UGA) and Georgia's got UT next week.. Can't remember who but Mizz got a couple of big injuries that will affect them as the season goes on. Kentucky will finish 5-7 again.
    Ohio State and Michigan State shouldn't be #1 and #2 after struggling against PURDUE and INDIANA, stop pushing some BS narrative that the B1G is better than the SEC now. Florida will probably move up to the top 10 after blowing out Ole Miss. Utah should be higher and it looks like UCLA is about to lose to ASU.
    Nothing like CFB fuckery  
  3. Ivan added a post in a topic The Game - The Documentary 2   

    Only heard a few songs so far but I liked what I heard. Don't Trip and Dollar and a Dream was niceee. Waiting until release day to listen to the whole thing
  4. Ivan added a post in a topic Underground   

  5. Ivan added a topic in Entertainment   

    Cudi out here making school shooter music
    Listen with caution 
    thank god I'm not in middle school anymore, my hype for MOTM3 just went far south. Not even his old producers can save him.
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  6. Ivan added a post in a topic NFL Pick'em Survivor Week 4   

  7. Ivan added a post in a topic Does anyone here have an idea of how much HN is worth?   

    One straw penny and this wingstop receipt I got in my left pocket
  8. Ivan added a post in a topic Since I'm 100% leaving HN   

  9. Ivan added a post in a topic Vikings are done   

    Still like our chances this year. But the O-line & run defense is gonna make it hard for us for be very competitive in our out of division games. Loadholt going down pretty much killed our chances. Cummings will get better as he gets experience on field. Norv's playcalling was on some crack too. He tried to make Teddy shine on MNF and it wasn't the right time. AP was rusty and the o-line obviously struggled. I'm confident the defense and AP will play better tomorrow. If not, we can always use another top 8 pick :yeshrug: Good news is Andrew Whitworth might be a free agent after this year and would consider us because he's good friends with Zimmer and beefing with the Cincy front office. Our cap is probably [expletive deleted], though   I never believed Mike Wallace was the answer on this team, hopefully he proves me wrong before the bye week.
    I find it hilarious that niggas from the NFC SOUTH and EAST hate us more than our rivals from the NFC NORTH lmao. It's not that serious go get some [expletive deleted] or get on a weight watchers plan fuckboi. This team has talent, but  it's hard to predict how this team will do on a weekly basis when you have glaring holes you continue to ignore and put so much faith in a coach he'll be able to fix it like he's God or Urban Meyer at Ohio State. Maybe it's time to explore trade options for AP? There's some pretty decent talent in the draft but hard to tell who's the best 2 weeks in.  Oh, and would it kill to give Traes and Kendricks some time on the field? Playing Blanton at MLB is [expletive deleted] retarded and Traes has been improving since training camp started. Newman is [expletive deleted] old dude lmao nigga could thought he could revive his career with Zimmer again lmao.  He been getting burned more than my stepmom's bacon [expletive deleted] outta here
  10. Ivan added a post in a topic Week 1 Overreactions   

    Trade the entire Minnesota Vikings team to Guatemala and fold. Destroy the new stadium and put a replace it with a strip mall
  11. Ivan added a post in a topic NFL Pick'em Survivor Week 1   

  12. Ivan added a post in a topic Moses Malone passes away at age 60, R.I.P.   

    Wow... RIP. First Darryl now Moses, life really is short man.
  13. Ivan added a post in a topic NFL Pick'em Survivor Week 1   

  14. Ivan added a post in a topic Kevin Durant to Washington (Trade Ideas)   

    Bradley Beal (Top 5 Point Guard when healthy, sharp shooter)
    Dion Waiters (Good Guard, can improve still)