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I was named LeBronJamesSlave and LeBron James Messenger in Y!A, I was also under I Love LeBron James the GOAT, I rocked Y!A back in it's glory days. But it's on to Hoops-Nation, been here before but I keep forgettin my usernames so I had to make another new one

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  1. The KING

    Pick a team someone, 2 teams remain
  2. The KING » Carolina Panthers

    Utah-OKC game ain't start yet, make sure u put me down for Kevin Buckets breh

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Got you breh

  3. The KING » Carolina Panthers

    ay for the 3's bet don't forget to add me, I had Klay Thompson

    1. Carolina Panthers

      I got you breh.

  4. The KING

    ayo someone give me my 10th rep

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    2. Bayzus

      nah man I dont pay 4 reps i aint dat shallow lulz

    3. The KING

      iight Bay lol I feel ya

    4. The KING

      real talk tho bay if u need reps jus holla at me I got u

  5. The KING

    can someone give me some credits? I wanna get rollin on some credits for tomorrow and friday.. So ur donations will be greatly appreciated :)

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    2. The KING

      thank you all

    3. Bayzus

      Donated a million credits

    4. The KING

      thanks brah preciate it!

  6. The KING

    After being missin in action for months, your boi LeBron James is the GOAT has returned!

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    2. The KING


    3. TGIA


    4. Pusha Key

      Hi TGIA