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  1. The Future added a post in a topic: Wade on the Clippers would be awesome!   

    Don't want to see Wade playing with those guys although on paper, it's a good move. 
    Would prefer to see Wade in a different team, although IMO Heat should just pay him the money... he's a [expletive deleted] legend, a name that gets associated with the franchise, its soul and heart... should retire there. 
  2. The Future added a post in a topic: Will people actually hold it against LeBron if he loses this series?   

    Yeah, they most likely will.
    It doesn't matter if LBJ averages a 45 point triple double on 50%... some people cannot wait to bash him. 
  3. The Future added a post in a topic: Interesting stats about East and Lebron James and greats   

    ​Great point. To be honest.. Magic played in a West that was weak for years in a much greater team surrounded with legit teammates and coach for years... how's he not getting ripped for that and he had a chance to get drafted to play for the Bulls or other team but he wanted to play with Kareem in LA. And Mike did enter the playoffs at one point by leading a 30 win team in there. 
    BTW... IMO the 60's were the most competitive era. It took few years for teams to catch on...but once they did, the league was stacked. Now imagine the 10-12 teams in the league with the top players of today playing all together in them. And they faced each other like 6-12 (anywhere in that #) yearly. That's crazy. 
  4. The Future added a post in a topic: Wade & Heat not on the Same Page with Contract Talks   

    Lmao if Wade leaves.
  5. The Future added a post in a topic: Djoker's 2015 Finals Preview   

    And yeah... you forgot one key factor at winning the series for the Cavs. 
    The refs breh
    Or should we place that as an advantage?
  6. The Future added a post in a topic: Is Klay's concussion a reason for concern?   

    He and Curry will be both fine. No freaking way they let anything distract them at the big stage. 
  7. The Future added a post in a topic: Why is Harden so insanely inconsistent?   

    As Noah pointed out, Warriors' defense consistently adjusted to him. So.. yeah, he got his own in some games.. but eventually, they got to him.. because it's hard to do it all on your own (even if you're LBJ/Jordan/Wilt etc) and Warriors' team play is for respect in an era where players play for more individual glory than ever. 
  8. The Future added a post in a topic: Djoker's 2015 Finals Preview   

    No matter how we look at this.. Warriors are winning it. 
  9. The Future added a post in a topic: Bulls fire Tom Thibodeau   

    ​Who's not going to have to play 40 [expletive deleted] minutes per game against every game next season? 
  10. The Future added a post in a topic: Bulls fire Tom Thibodeau   

    Would be an awesome addition with someone who can lead the offense well. 
    He's a good coach.. but his rotations are terrible. Still Bulls are idiots to fire the best coach they had since Phil Jackson. 
  11. The Future added a post in a topic: Brehs... it's about that time of year...   

    Shotout to Bay for making the thread of the year. We gonna make history once again  

  12. The Future added a post in a topic: Brehs... it's about that time of year...   

    This is just taking it to a whole new level 
  13. The Future added a post in a topic: Brehs... it's about that time of year...   

    TURN THE [expletive deleted] UP!

  14. The Future added a post in a topic: Any non Cavs/Warriors fans excited for this series?   

    Shit's gonna be cray. 
    Really excited about this series. I'm a LBJ fan.. but I'm also a Curry fan... both guys are MVP's now... it will be a great battle for sure. 
    We gonna turn up
    Are we gonna do it this year? Are we gonna get turnt up for LBJ again?   
  15. The Future added a post in a topic: Rockets @ Warriors (Game 5)   

    Chef Curry gonna surprise us all today brehs

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  1. The Future

    Alesso's album is finally out :wow: 

  2. The Future » RedPower

    Avicii dropped this new song


    1. RedPower

      very nice song!! 

  3. The Future » Mbb

    How's first year going in college breh? Gonna be a college freshman from this fall. :wow: 


    1. Mbb

      I just finished my first year. It was awesome! Wish I could do it again haha. 

  4. The Future

    Today's prom guys.

    Turn up!


    1. Mbb

      Don't get anyone pregnant

    2. The Future

      IT was [expletive deleted] amazing. 

      And I was superb. 

  5. The Future



  6. The Future

    What an amazing tune!


    1. Bayzus

      i could really see myself prancing in a field of flowers to this song

    2. The Future

      That's why you are :mynicca1: 

  7. The Future » PHILOLOGY

    Where do you see Thibs signing this off-season after Chicago dump him (they are still going to dump him regardless of what happens.. lmao)?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more

      I don't care. We deserve what's coming to us if we fire him, at the very least it means that dumbass Paxson will be exposed and fired sooner. 

      I wish Thibs the best. He'll always be my boy. If the Pels job is open that's definitely his best bet, although personally I hope he doesn't go there because that might hinder the possibility of Anthony Davis coming home to Chicago as a free agent. 

    3. Bayzus

      Bulls will never win with Thibs at helm, good move

    4. The Future

      @PHILOLOGY: I think he takes the Pels job if it's available. And it's too soon for Davis to move. I think he's going to be there until he's like 28...and if that team doesn't get better and in position to contend.. then I think a move to Chicago will happen assuming the Bulls remain in this position in that period. 

  8. The Future » Bayzus

    Lots of feels today breh. 

    1. Bayzus


  9. The Future » Damnshow

    Piru with a classic game winner. One of the best shots I've ever seen.... over 3 defenders... THE TRUTH!!!

    That's Piru... 1st ball HOF

    salute to awesomeness


    1. Damnshow

      Man I couldnt believe it when he made that shot, was watching life and fukkin dissing the shit outta Wittman, the reporters asked him before 4th quarter what would be his concerns heading into the last quarter, he said "nothing". That coach is as bad as it gets, good to see talented wizards still keeping up in the playoffs.

  10. The Future

    Never thought that I'd hear a sound of a drone.. but I did. Boy did shit get real here.. 

    1. Bayzus

      Stay safe

    2. The Future

      The shit is still lasting and it's not finished

  11. The Future » Damnshow

    Just saw the highlights from the Bulls vs Bucks game. 

    LMAO@Rose on the last play. That's definitely :flabbynsick:

  12. The Future

    We seriously need to win tonight 

  13. Noah » The Future

    Are you joining the writing team breh :rejoice: 

    1. The Future

      You know I am. 


  14. The Future

    Oh [expletive deleted] yes


  15. The Future

    ULTRA DANCE MUSIC 2015 IS SO [expletive deleted] ON! 

  16. The Future » JDK

    Stunning cover photo 

    1. The Future


    2. RedPower

      hoooly shit she's good

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    2. Damnshow

      I;m listening to niggaz4life right now, the muthafukkin saga continues

    3. The Future

      Good choice. Damn.. so turnt up right now.

    4. Damnshow

      danng bro, I havent been listening to electro music for some time, bumping rap music pretty much these days when a year back it was all that other stuff.

  17. The Future

    How's everyone today?

    1. Damnshow

      very horny, kik? I like your picture, very nice

    2. The Future

      I knew I wasn't the only one feeling like that!

  18. The Future

    For the first time in my life.. I shot 1-9 from the field and missed a potential GW... living with consequences is tough but that's makes me appreciate hard work and clutch players even more

    1. JDK

      '97 Kobe. Greatness coming soon

    2. The Future

      Indeed. Makes me want to work harder. Thanks for this.

  19. The Future

    Things not looking well for Portland with these injuries. Dunno if we make to the second round.

    1. Jan_Sobieski™

      I dont think so either.

  20. The Future

    Some people on here are really interesting.

    1. Jan_Sobieski™

      Was a friend now a ghost in the dark.

    2. Ray


    3. Mentch

      Yeah theres some weird ass people on here and some tryhards lol

  21. The Future

    Finally finished with several important stuff. Now I can get back to writing

  22. The Future

    Young Sabo is playing like he's better than KD

  23. The Future

    A lot to catch on for missing these few days. Be patient.. everything is gonna be done today

  24. Nolan » The Future

    You the John Stockton of HN. Assists = Articles

    1. The Future

      More like the non Stockton as of lately. Last article=1 month ago.