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  1. The Future added a post in a topic: wtf Raptors   

    Lmao@this entire thread. 
    @Carolina Panthers
    You're awesome my friend 
  2. The Future added a post in a topic: Thunder let go of Scott Brooks   

    Messina would transform that Thunder team into something amazing. He's just too good. 
  3. The Future added a post in a topic: Anthony Davis & Steph Curry this series......   

  4. The Future added a post in a topic: Are the following legitimate playoff performers?   

    ​What are you expecting from Wall? He's like upped his game in the PS... yes.. efficiency is a bit of problem right now.. but I expect him to improve it as the Wizards continue to get deeper in the PS, him getting experience etc. He's like killing it with his superb all-around game and amazing playmaking. 
  5. The Future added a post in a topic: Game 3: Bulls @ Bucks   

    ​What the [expletive deleted] did Rose do?
    Didn't watch the game.. .saw like a comment on FB about the Bucks in one of the many links about their win and basically the comment said Rose gave up on the play 
  6. The Future added a post in a topic: Jason Kidd is the most underrated coach in the league   

    Was a really good choice for COY IMO. 
    He's gonna turn that Bucks team into something great. Next year when they get Jabari back and be better than ever... maybe make a move or somewhat get better in the FA.. they are going to rise in the East and he's going to rightfully get the COY award. 
  7. The Future added a post in a topic: Game 3: Memphis Grizzlies @ Portland Trail Blazers Thread   

    We'll see about that. 
    Think we gonna win this one 
  8. The Future added a post in a topic: Spurs chasing Aldridge in free agency   

    ​In that situation sure... it's higher possibility than now though still see LMA signing with Portland. He already said that he wants to be Blazers for life.. but things can change
  9. The Future added a post in a topic: Game 3: Memphis Grizzlies @ Portland Trail Blazers Thread   

    The Trail Blazers host the Memphis Grizzlies in Portland for Game 3
    Let's GO BLAZERS!
  10. The Future added a post in a topic: Spurs chasing Aldridge in free agency   

    Hm... not sure how he'd sign there because they'd need one of the big 3 to retire to give him enough money. 
  11. The Future added a post in a topic: Pierce Ain't Playing.   

    Piru killing them. HOF easy 
  12. The Future added a post in a topic: Besides firing Casey what should the Raptors do to improve?   

    They need a shot blocker and a good rebounding presence on both sides. 
    Lowry's injury is what's killing them more right now 
  13. The Future added a post in a topic: Anyone notice how Kyrie stepped up his defense?   

    ​I'd say John Wall right now. 
  14. The Future added a post in a topic: Anyone notice how Kyrie stepped up his defense?   

    ​He's stepped up in both of those aspects.. but the defensive one is much more impressive considering his reputation on that side of the floor. He's a real pest.. and a physical defender who's made trouble for opposing players who were supposed to do that same thing to him. 
  15. The Future added a post in a topic: Follow up for basketball handles   

    Gonna try this.
    My main problem is protecting the ball. Let's say that I can somewhat pass and bring up the ball... but my left hand dribbles aren't that convincing under really strong pressure ala Memphis Grizzlies' type of D... will this really help? 

Status Feed

  1. The Future » Damnshow

    Just saw the highlights from the Bulls vs Bucks game. 

    LMAO@Rose on the last play. That's definitely :flabbynsick:

  2. The Future

    We seriously need to win tonight 

  3. Noah » The Future

    Are you joining the writing team breh :rejoice: 

    1. The Future

      You know I am. 


  4. The Future

    Oh [expletive deleted] yes


  5. The Future

    ULTRA DANCE MUSIC 2015 IS SO [expletive deleted] ON! 

  6. The Future » JDK

    Stunning cover photo 

    1. The Future


    2. RedPower

      hoooly shit she's good

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    2. Damnshow

      I;m listening to niggaz4life right now, the muthafukkin saga continues

    3. The Future

      Good choice. Damn.. so turnt up right now.

    4. Damnshow

      danng bro, I havent been listening to electro music for some time, bumping rap music pretty much these days when a year back it was all that other stuff.

  7. The Future

    How's everyone today?

    1. Damnshow

      very horny, kik? I like your picture, very nice

    2. The Future

      I knew I wasn't the only one feeling like that!

  8. The Future

    For the first time in my life.. I shot 1-9 from the field and missed a potential GW... living with consequences is tough but that's makes me appreciate hard work and clutch players even more

    1. JDK

      '97 Kobe. Greatness coming soon

    2. The Future

      Indeed. Makes me want to work harder. Thanks for this.

  9. The Future

    Things not looking well for Portland with these injuries. Dunno if we make to the second round.

    1. Jan_Sobieski™

      I dont think so either.

  10. The Future

    Some people on here are really interesting.

    1. Jan_Sobieski™

      Was a friend now a ghost in the dark.

    2. Ray


    3. Mentch

      Yeah theres some weird ass people on here and some tryhards lol

  11. The Future

    Finally finished with several important stuff. Now I can get back to writing

  12. The Future

    Young Sabo is playing like he's better than KD

  13. The Future

    A lot to catch on for missing these few days. Be patient.. everything is gonna be done today

  14. Nolan » The Future

    You the John Stockton of HN. Assists = Articles

    1. The Future

      More like the non Stockton as of lately. Last article=1 month ago.

  15. The Future » Swish

    Yo.. check the EDM thread... Eric Prydz dropping new song today and Alesso dropped a new single few days ago

    1. Swish

      i heard prydz song, its fkn amazing, didnt hear alesso yet he didnt release on soundcloud i dont go on youtube no mo

    2. The Future

      It was released on soundcloud and as well as Ypu Tube. That's where I downloaded it f rom..

  16. The Future

    Not sure if LMA or prime Dirk... killed them 3's

  17. Noah » The Future

    Heyy it's your turn in the Golden Era draft buddy

  18. The Future

    Djoker last night posted AD>LMA while congratulating my birthday on my fb. I was like :wtf: for 5 minutes.

    1. Saint Nick C

      Haha. Classic. Happy Birthday D. Sorry if its belated.

    2. The Future

      In my book... a birthday is celebrated 3 days therefore you're not late


      Feliz Cumpleanos El Futuro.

  19. Aponte » The Future

    Cant tag ur name. Answer my Q:

  20. The Future » Noah

    The Sabonis gif :lawd: :wow:

    1. Noah

      Haha his vision>>>>>>> He's one of the GOAT passers imo

    2. JDK

      Darko you up in the draft

  21. The Future » Carolina Panthers

    LMA with a 26/9 game last night. Surprised me af tbh.

    1. Carolina Panthers

      Inspirational. LMA is a warrior

  22. The Future

    Bay is killing them today like Klay Thompson last night in the 3rd quarter

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    2. Frosty

      shut up

    3. The Future

      Nope. IF you don't like this status.. don't get in here to comment.

    4. Frosty

      chillax dweeb I was only playing

    1. The Future

      I've watched that. The more and more I researched on Baylor.. the more offended I felt when Kobe was compared to him.

    2. Noah

      Ew, who ever compared him to Kobe? They're almost completely different I'd say

    3. The Future

      Agreed. It's what people usually compare him :\

      He's unique

  23. The Future » Noah

    Working on a new piece...

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    2. Noah

      Awesome! Can you drop a spoiler on what/who it's on?

    3. The Future

      Sid the Squid and fo fo fo

    4. Noah

      Yes! Can't wait for both.