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  1. The Future added a post in a topic Do you have a girlfriend or FWB?   

    Nah, I've been single for awhile too. Just can't find someone to go in a relationship and I'm the type that goes in for long relationships which means I can't pull away fast and I will hate myself for that. Like @ISOMELO said.. there are times that I want one, but there are times that not. Still would prefer to have a friend with benefit though. 
    but I'm going to university soon so hopefully things will change. 
  2. The Future added a post in a topic Mom diagnosed with Glaucoma   

    Wow. I saw this too late... but hopefully everything went well with the operation and I wish your mom a speedy recovery. 
    That shit's tough on all of you... trying to show your mother love and happiness may be hard, but those things might make the recovery less painful and better overall. 
  3. The Future added a post in a topic What argument is there for Kareem having a better/greater peak than Shaq?   

    '71 Kareem isn't a better player than '77 Kareem let alone '00 Shaq. I get it why this season is picked. He put up good stats, played well in both the RS, PS and Finals while being on that dominant Bucks team that steamrolled through the competition with ease as they won the Finals in a blowout. However, that version of Kareem isn't even the best one of him.
    He was less good offensively (both his efficiency, skills, arsenal improved later on), wasn't as good presence on the boards, wasn't a leader (Oscar was the leader of those Bucks team)so he had to become one, was prone to being overpowered by more physical centers such as Nate and Wilt whereas later on he added those 10-30 lbs that made him tough to outmuscle and less of impact maker on the floor too. Just because he won a title plus Finals MVP when he was in his 3rd season, doesn't mean it's better than the years in which he didn't. 
    I get it.. it looks better on the all time debates when you compare him to a player like Shaq who managed to swept the MVP awards while individually dominating throughout the entire way.  
  4. The Future added a post in a topic Where do you rank Tony Allen's '15 campaign defensively among SGs?   

    I compare that season with Dr J's 76 one. It's basically the same season where both led their teams in scoring, passing, rebounding, steals, blocks and what not except the Doc managed to win it all and this is the closest season where one can say this guy put his team on the back and led them to the promised land. Tag me in on that season. Always thought that LBJ was insane that season.. looking forward to that one. 
  5. The Future added a post in a topic 2015-16 NBA Redraft   

    At least I made it in the lists lol. 
    Good project @84DaysWithout
    Looking forward to the next one. 
  6. The Future added a post in a topic Will Portland be a lottery team?   

    Yeah, we will be. 
    It doesn't take a lot to figure this one. We're starting a new rebuild with Dame as the franchise's leader. Let's see how will that play out
  7. The Future added a post in a topic Official True Detective Season 2 Topic Discussion   

    The thing with Colin's son is like lost at this point. Agreed on that one.
    Personally I think the dirty mayor and his corrupt cops have killed Caspere so they can ran Frank out of business and town because from what the woman described... that police officer sounds a lot like the Vinci PD lieutenant 
  8. The Future added a post in a topic Favorite NBA player and why   

    LBJ for reasons that ISO has here, plus he's so exciting to watch, a dominant force and will go down as GOAT candidate for sure. 
    LMA for being an impactful player on both sides who's also a great teammate. 
  9. The Future added a post in a topic 2015-16 NBA Redraft   

    Hell no.
    AD is a [expletive deleted] monster. I credited him as the best PF this season and he's going to be the best player in the league in few years. To be honest, I didn't even see your team...and few other guys too. I voted from what I saw and just went with it. 
  10. The Future added a post in a topic Most efficient players during the ISO/Most efficient players in the post.   

    Great stuff for sure. 
  11. The Future added a post in a topic Di Maria To PSG   

    Money talks. 
    They still won't win Champions League though. 
  12. The Future added a post in a topic What would 1962 stars put up in today's NBA?   

    For Russell you could around 3-4 blocks per game and around 2 steals per game. The man was extremely amazing defensively and I could imagine him even better now with adding more pounds to his frame. West would also lead the league in steals IMO and have at least one block per game in average too. Bob would have a 3 point game now for sure and he'd be even more difficult to guard with that inside/outside game. 
  13. The Future added a post in a topic Gilbert Arenas basketball analysis   

    That statement would make sense like few years ago, but now, not that much because he doesn't have that much explosiveness duo to fatigue, mileage among the rest. Now that doesn't mean that he can't do it, but he's definitely not the same from his years with Miami and especially before he left Cleveland. So in a sense, that sentence on moving consistently is accurate for now. 
    Now.. I do disagree that he's not a first option. If you can come in to dominate a game the way he can, you can't be a second option. It's true that his lack of selfishness and not being a pure scorer hurt him in the past as a closing scorer plus him putting his teammates above everything else doesn't exactly help in those cases either. However, Gilbert is on point with the comments on him being pissed off and challenged. 
    If he can do that consistently now, he will go down as the GOAT. 
  14. The Future added a post in a topic Where do you rank Tony Allen's '15 campaign defensively among SGs?   

    I always found it interesting to be honest. Tim Duncan and Ben Wallace helped the Spurs and Pistons to the lowest average of opponents points per game (84.3). And that's pretty impressive especially for Duncan IMO who didn't have a reputation of being fearful as Ben had at the time and he didn't rely on his athleticism as much as Wallace did in this regard. 
  15. The Future added a post in a topic Your personal favorite NBA/player related commercials?   

    I love these.