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  1. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Stepping Down As Admin, Leaving Site   

    im lost on the current affairs so i don't know why you're leaving
    but i appreciate all the time you put in  with the sim leagues
    good luck
  2. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Tobias Harris or Wilson Chandler?   

    Chandler will be cheaper
    Harris about to get overpaid to be a poor mans carmelo
  3. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Tobias Harris or Wilson Chandler?   

    Wilson Chandler
  4. Poohdini added a post in a topic: My Ultimate Lakers Pipedream   

    thats a pipe dream alright

  5. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Start Jordan Clarkson or sign veteran point guard?   

    go with the youth...its time for Lakers to revitalize the franchise because unfortunately the Kobe era is done   
    no need to waste money on Rondo....he doesn't make the Lakers contenders....for one he doesn't even fit next to Kobe because hes too ball dominant...hes also a headcase and has not been the same player since the ACL injury....best to avoid Rondo all together
    Dragic doesn't make them contenders either and based on everything said it looks like he'll be returning to Miami
  6. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Bucks are going to surprise a lot of you guys   

    [expletive deleted] the bucks
    we bringing out the broom on those faggots
  7. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Game 1: Bulls vs. Bucks   

    ​well atleast then i get my Fred "FRED Auerbach" Hoiberg wish
  8. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Hoops-Nation.com Is Back Online!   

    the "Show that the message has been edited" checkbox doesn't work
    i hate that "this post has been edited" under post...always makes post look sloppy
    edit: it works in this section but not others...weird
  9. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Kyle Korver is a little better than you think   

    can't believe the Bulls gave him away for essentially nothing (although admittedly hes in the perfect system for his style and he wouldn't be same here) that was def a move that gives the impression that the Bulls are "cheap"
  10. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Game 1: Bulls vs. Bucks   

    i'll say Gentleman's Sweep...Bulls in 5
    the funny thing is the Bulls have home court every game...thats quite an advantage
  11. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Game 1: Bulls vs. Bucks   

    do we?

  12. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Lost lots of posts wtf   

  13. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Are you surprised that the Heat missed the playoffs?   

    considering the injuries...no im not surprised
  14. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Circle or Rectangle Profile Pictures?   

    rectangular avi
    ive been asking for them back since we had that chocolate theme with the avy edges rounded 
  15. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Top Available Center Next Season?   

    Oak will probably put up the more gaudy stats but Towns will be the more impactful player

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  1. Poohdini

    my Gordon sigs are back!!

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    2. Bayzus

      I turned sigs back on. you welcome

    3. Tony Hoops

      Ben Gordon?

    4. Tony Hoops

      I was trying to be funny, but I realized it actually is Ben Gordon.

      TNT released his AIM username when he was a rookie, and I kept IMing and harassing him until he replied with "Dude stfu"

  2. Poohdini

    you know what really grinds my gears? the Bulls picked this year to be shiity

    1. Show previous comments  3 more

      You know what really grinds my gears? This is the best year opportunity wise they'll get to win the title

    3. DR1

      You know what grinds my gears? When you buy a product online and shipping costs more than the actual product

    4. ISOMELO

      I wouldn't say y'all shitty, the defense isn't where it's been but watch out for the second half. This has the potential to be the best Bulls team of the Thibs era.

  3. Korv » Poohdini

    Pooh u want to join HNL ?

    1. Aponte


  4. Korv » Poohdini

    Thoughts on Bulls not tanking ?

    1. Poohdini

      it is what it is...i wanted to get a good pick this year but this team has to much heart to tank

  5. Poohdini

    Bulls got 69 pts at half

    1. Bayzus

      wow thats a lot for them

  6. Korv » Poohdini

    You still on the Max B wave breh

    1. Poohdini

      yeah i still listen to Biggaveli

  7. Poohdini » Ben

    cant hate on omar...Stringer was my fav character tho...how far are you into the show?

    1. Ben

      Finished mayne, amazing show to say the least.

      I liked the Barksdale crew (Avon, String, D, and Wee Bey).

    2. Poohdini

      dont forget about Bodie

  8. Ben » Poohdini

    Omar > Marlo

  9. Poohdini

    Peace Lu...thanks for all your contributions

    1. TeoTheGreek13


  10. Poohdini

    bucks thought they could out tank us HAAAAAAAA

    1. Ben

      Bulls finna tank doe?

    2. TP9

    3. Poohdini

      @Ben might as well

  11. Poohdini

    this again huh? sighs

    1. Rog

      Well if he really tore his other ACL, its gonna be one hell of a road back. And you gotta think mentally, man.

  12. Poohdini

    lol Rudy Gay 11/37 for 29 points

    1. Carolina Panthers

      37 attempts for 29 points.....wow

    2. Peter

      vision problems

    1. Poohdini

      says not found

    2. Ben

      Eric Gordon for Luol Deng tbh

  13. Poohdini

    i cant lie Drake been dropping heat lately

    1. Mirrors

      This is an old post but THANK YOU. Haters will still hate though.

  14. Poohdini

    finally my sig is back

  15. Ant™ » Poohdini

    Pooh do you know where this line is from "Getting head while I bench, call me B.J. Armstrong"

    1. Poohdini

      nah i got that line off another site

    2. Ant™

      ok thanks anyway

  16. The Logo » Poohdini

    You're up in the gsl draft

  17. Poohdini

    welp this is over...what else is on?

    1. Pusha Key

      My diick

    2. Guest

      that shit don't even exist ^

  18. Clutch » Poohdini


    1. Clutch

      check that shit

  19. Poohdini

    a layup? really? thats weak....i wanna see a fadaway 3 over 4 defenders

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dude

      and a back flip

    3. Bayzus

      Done before

    4. I'm Awesome

      and a 360

  20. Poohdini

    lightwork for money may

    1. airWarrior

      in my office

    2. Ivan

      You good? I think we good