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  1. Poohdini added a post in a topic: If you had a chance, where would you commit to?   

    Miami (FL) or Kentucky (for Calipari)
  2. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Minor Preview of Upcoming Skin   

    looks nice
    charge your macbook
  3. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Top 5 Rookies This Season?   

    this class has been a let down...im not saying it won't eventually live up to the hype but it certainly didn't this year
    anyways my list would be the same as yours except i'd replace Jabari with Nikola Mirotic
    can't believe the Bulls got both him and Jimmy Butler at the tail end of the same draft....thats ridiculously good drafting
  4. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Bob Cousy: Whiteside first big guy to remind him of Bill Russell   

    did he miss ben wallace
  5. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Enter - $100 Posting Contest   

    i'll throw my hat in for the $100
  6. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Vlade Divac: ‘Shaq wasn’t talented, he was just strong’   

    yeah Shaq was more Power than Skill but i wouldn't say he was unskilled
  7. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Could Patty Mills be a 20ppg guy on another team?   

    maybe on the sixers but not on any good team
  8. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Should the NBA ban Hack-a-[insert name]?   

    as bad as i dislike it and think it is a weak way to win the game...it is a way to win the game
  9. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Paul George doesn't want to mess with Pacers' chemistry by returning   

    is everybody gonna call him a p*ssy?
  10. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Dolphins trade Mike Wallace to Vikings for a 5th rounder   

    i don't think anybody would be thrilled about leaving Miami to go to cold ass Minnesota
  11. Poohdini added a post in a topic: How many years do you think each of these All time great players have left before they retire?   

    i'd say 1 to 2 years for all of them
    maybe 3 for Wade but his knees are in pretty rough shape so idk
  12. Poohdini added a post in a topic: 2015 Westbrook vs 2011 D-Rose?   

    its a big difference between 32.2 and 38.5 so yes that is a fair argument against westbrook
  13. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Tom Penn Caught in the Moment   

    they arent trading KD unless he says hes gone
  14. Poohdini added a post in a topic: IF the thunder make the playoffs fully healthy.   

    neither tbh Memphis always gives them trouble and GS is just too good
  15. Poohdini added a post in a topic: Wilt had a Kid!   

    based on the pic when he was 16 i can believe it...looks just like Wilt
    Wilt got lucky the woman was so ashamed of herself
    these women nowadays would use the kid as a lottery ticket 

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  1. Poohdini

    my Gordon sigs are back!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tony Hoops

      Ben Gordon?

    3. Tony Hoops

      I was trying to be funny, but I realized it actually is Ben Gordon.

      TNT released his AIM username when he was a rookie, and I kept IMing and harassing him until he replied with "Dude stfu"

    4. Poohdini


      that is hilarious

  2. Poohdini

    you know what really grinds my gears? the Bulls picked this year to be shiity

    1. Show previous comments  3 more

      It's Finals or bust. And things are going south at the wrong time.

    3. Mbb

      Who would've guessed losing Boozer would make you guys worse defensively? Haha.


      Just confirms what I though. Even with the acquisition of Pau, the return of a contributing Rose and the emergence if Jimmy, Jo is our most important player.

  3. Korv » Poohdini

    Pooh u want to join HNL ?

    1. Aponte


  4. Korv » Poohdini

    Thoughts on Bulls not tanking ?

    1. Poohdini

      it is what it is...i wanted to get a good pick this year but this team has to much heart to tank

  5. Poohdini

    Bulls got 69 pts at half

    1. Bayzus

      wow thats a lot for them

  6. Korv » Poohdini

    You still on the Max B wave breh

    1. Poohdini

      yeah i still listen to Biggaveli

  7. Poohdini » Ben

    cant hate on omar...Stringer was my fav character tho...how far are you into the show?

    1. Ben

      Finished mayne, amazing show to say the least.

      I liked the Barksdale crew (Avon, String, D, and Wee Bey).

    2. Poohdini

      dont forget about Bodie

  8. Ben » Poohdini

    Omar > Marlo

  9. Poohdini

    Peace Lu...thanks for all your contributions

    1. TeoTheGreek13


  10. Poohdini

    bucks thought they could out tank us HAAAAAAAA

    1. Ben

      Bulls finna tank doe?

    2. TP9

    3. Poohdini

      @Ben might as well

  11. Poohdini

    this again huh? sighs

    1. Rog

      Well if he really tore his other ACL, its gonna be one hell of a road back. And you gotta think mentally, man.

  12. Poohdini

    lol Rudy Gay 11/37 for 29 points

    1. Carolina Panthers

      37 attempts for 29 points.....wow

    2. Peter

      vision problems

    1. Poohdini

      says not found

    2. Ben

      Eric Gordon for Luol Deng tbh

  13. Poohdini

    i cant lie Drake been dropping heat lately

    1. Mirrors

      This is an old post but THANK YOU. Haters will still hate though.

  14. Poohdini

    finally my sig is back

  15. Ant™ » Poohdini

    Pooh do you know where this line is from "Getting head while I bench, call me B.J. Armstrong"

    1. Poohdini

      nah i got that line off another site

    2. Ant™

      ok thanks anyway

  16. The Logo » Poohdini

    You're up in the gsl draft

  17. Poohdini

    welp this is over...what else is on?

    1. Pusha Key

      My diick

    2. TGIA

      that shit don't even exist ^

  18. Clutch » Poohdini


    1. Clutch

      check that shit

  19. Poohdini

    a layup? really? thats weak....i wanna see a fadaway 3 over 4 defenders

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bayzus

      Done before

    3. I'm Awesome

      and a 360

    4. 2BeLegendary

      Not gonna happen ever for the rest of lebrons career

  20. Poohdini

    lightwork for money may

    1. airWarrior

      in my office

    2. Ivan

      You good? I think we good