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Some Free Agency Fun:

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Of the 2013 free agents pick:

a) Any FA for your team and why (has to fit with a need your team has though)

b) The most realistic FA for your team (could be the same as a if you wish)

c) The best fit on the market you believe for any team

d) A team made up so[expletive deleted]y of players from FA with a budget of 35m

e) Signing you would most like to see outside of your team

A) Taj Gibson, a role playing PF who can do it all.

B) Troy Murphy, older forgotten with a jump shot, 3 point range and supposedly washed up? Yeah he fits the Knicks alright.

C) Isiah Thomas to Portland. Imagine him and a Lillard as a one two punch? We know it would work because they both play the same direct style and Portland are desperate for more impact from the bench.


Pekovic - 4.8

J.J. Hickson - 4

Buddinger - 850k

O.J. Mayo - 4.2

CP3 - 17

Sixth Man: Isiah Thomas 770k

Keep the change ya filthy animals

E) CP3 back to NO, go Pelicans ...

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