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People saying the Suns are simply not good..

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But I don't think they lack of talent... yes the West is deep and I don't think they should make the playoffs but they still got Gortat, Scola, Dragic, Dudley, Brown, Morris... I mean that's some talent right there!!!

Why aren't they doing so good? Or at least a bit better...


Posted 14 January 2013 - 05:46 AM

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I think Frosty knows more than most since he actually watches the Suns regularly.

From what I could tell from my..ahem...fantasy basketball expertise it seems that Beasley was given the opportunity early to become the star of the team but squandered his opportunity with bad play so now he's riding the bench. Gortat has been pretty inconsistent and even admitted to not having his heart fully in the game, this month he's played like the Center the Suns were expecting him to be when they signed him avg 12&11. I traded his ass when he was slumping, go figure he starts balling out a month later... smh

Dudley seems to be the best player on the roster, versatile player who offers probably the one thing the Suns need most. Consistency. I thought Shannon Brown was doing well as the starting 2 guard for the Suns (and my fantasy team), ended up losing minutes to this PJ Tucker dude. Idk wtf is up with that. Maybe Browns defense is bad or something, but he was shooting well from the field before he was pulled.


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 05:56 AM

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Well its obvious we have talent here. Dragic is an amazing PG with little flaws, Dudley is one of my favorite players, he does everything you want of him. Gortat is an above average center but isnt fitting in the system this year. He plays better with a big that can shoot, I absolutely love when Morris starts over Scola, Morris/Gortat fit together really well, but Gentry doesnt care apparently and starts Scola.

Beasley has been absolutely awful though, and he was given every chance to prove himself, and he sucked. I think our issues have to do with coaching/players not meshing well together. You cant just throw a couple good players together and expect them to win games, just ask the Lakers. Coaching has been pretty bad as well, Dragic should be getting more minutes and Morris should honestly be starting, I would at least like to see him get more time on the court.

Theres other issues as well (Bench play, defense etc) but that is some stuff that stands out to me.


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 03:55 PM

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