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USL: Shamelessly ripped off (GSL) and adapted preliminary rules

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As you will see there are some sections that need to be completed which is why this is only preliminary but it gives you an idea.


A. Season Process:

• An individual USL season consists of 4 cup competitions and 36 league games.

• Preseason— There will be 4 games of preseason

• Regular season- The regular season starts September and ends May.

• Cup competitions:

USL Euro Championships – This competition starts with a knockout stage and the top 2 teams from each group go on to the knockout stages which are two legged games apart from the final which is a single tie. If the final is not decided in 90 minutes then Extra Time and Penalties if needed will determine the outcome.

USL Euro Cup – Same format as the Euro Championships only not as prestigious as lower ranked teams are involved.

USL FA Cup – This is a straight knockout competition which takes place over a single tie. Any game which ends in a tie, (other than the final) is decided by a replay and then if still level extra time and if needed penalties.

USL League Cup – This is the less prestigious version of the USL FA Cup, same format other than there are two legs for the semi finals of this competition.

USL Community Shield - Winner of the League plays winner of the USL FA Cup in a one off game. If the game is not decided in 90 minutes then the contest goes straight to penalties, there is no extra time.

• Re-signings- Teams that wish to re-sign players during the middle of the season (transfer window from 1st jan) can put forward an extension offer to a player on the last year of their contract. The player will accept or decline dependent on their wage, current league position, other potential interest (articles are good for this) and in-game happiness. A player will be more likely to sign if they are actually at their original club (i.e. Casillas at Real). Also if they have team mates in their liked list.

• Loans – Loans will only be allowed if you are covering a major injury to your team. To have a loan accepted you must put it in writing in the loans thread and wait one week. The player must also be on the loan list which will be available to view once the season starts.

• Feeder Club Loan – You can send your player to your feeder club (your feeder club will have to be chosen at the beginning of the season) and they will improve based on the fact they will be playing at a higher level rather than sat in the reserves.

B. PR Cash

PR Cash is earned from writing articles, GM Participation, and from team and player accomplishments.

PR Cash tend to be helpful in the off season, where they help improve players attributes.

How To Claim from accomplishments:

[To be added soon]

You can gain reward points for the following:

1. Articles

The article grader will grade these articles on a money scale. The max you may get from an article is £1000. You may not get anything more than that. Anything that isn't about the league in general or about a division or something like that, that max is £500. Anything like power rankings and such will get higher grades.

I reserve the right to overturn any grade given by the article if I feel it’s setting a wrong precedent.

2. Trading:

Unlimited amounts of GM Cash may be traded in any trade. A link to your bank must be provided on both sides, sending cash and receiving cash.

3. Job Bonus’

Article Grader(need 1)- Pays £500 PR Cash

Description: Grades articles on the scale given. simple enough.

Team Sheet Tally(Need 1)- Pays £500

Description: Makes a list of everyone who DID NOT post a TEAMSHEET for each sim.

Analyst(Need 3-5)- Pays £3000

Description: Make at least one type of article per week. It can be about the league as a whole, rumours(use team sections and see what players teams are looking to shop), about history, the trades, etc, Depending on how many we get there will be a rota for what day the article is expected

Banker(Need 2)- Pays £1000

Description: Keep tracks of Banks and makes sure no one is cheating.

Camp Recorder(Need 1)- Pays £500

Description: Records camps in the off season to make sure no one is getting overcamped.

4. Manager of the year:

Whoever wins the Manager of the year award will win a bonus of £2,000 PR Cash and will have the option to take a year off a players contract or add a year. This must be done before the end of the following season.

5. Submitting Team Sheets:

Teams that submit a valid Team Sheets for each sim will receive £100 GM cash. A valid TS will include all the items listed below in the proper format.


Team: Real Madrid

Formation 4-3-3

Position - Player Name - Type - Instruction

GK - Iker Casillas - Keeper - Defend ©

LB - Marcelo - Fullback - Support

CB - Pepe - Limited Defender - Cover

CB - Albiol - Normal Defender - Stopper

RB - Arbeloa - Full Back - Defend

LM - Cristiano Ronaldo - Wide Midfielder - Support

CM - Sami Khedira - Ball Winning Midfielder - Support

DCM - Michael Essien - Deep Lying Midfielder - Defend

RM - Angel Di Maria - Defensive Midfielder - Attack

CF - Gonzalo Higuain - Trequartarista - Attack

CF - Karim Benzema - Defensive Forward - Attack

Bench: 7 players to be named from your remaining players

[Note the instructions for these players are not recommended this is merely an example]

Style - Very Rigid/Rigid/Balanced/Fluid Very Fluid

Strategy - Contain/Defensive/Counter/Standard/Control/Attacking/Overload

Passing Style - Shorter/Default/More Direct

Creative Freedom - More Expressive/Default/More Disciplined

Closing Down - Press More/Default/Stand Off

Tackling - More Aggressive/Default/More Cautious

Marking - Zonal Marking/Default/Man Marking

Crossing - Float Crosses/Default/Drill Crosses

Roaming - Stick to Position/Default/More Roaming

Defensive Line - (A number from 0 - 100 going up in intervals of 5) 0 being Deep and 100 Push Up

Width - 25 (A number from 0-100 going up in intervals of 5) 0 being Narrow and 100 being Wide

Tempo - 25 (A number from 0-100 going up in intervals of 5) 0 being Slow and 100 being Fast

Time Wasting - 40 (A number from 0-100 going up in intervals of 5) 0 being Rarely and 100 being Often

Focus Passing - Down Left Flank/Down Both Flanks/Down Right Flank /Through the Middle/Mixed

Counter Attack - Yes/No

Play Offside - Yes/No


Playmaker - no options

Target Man - Mixed/To Feet/To Head/Run on to Ball

Every time you make a team sheet change you MUST bold changes

11 first team players and 7 on the bench (depending on the competition so always put them in order of importance to you just in case).

6. Manager participation:

Every once in a while we will do a live sim with the ability to answer some questions to earn PR cash. Other options will be given by the commish as we go.

7. Accomplishments/Other

GM of the Year: £3000

Runner Up GM of the year: £1500

League Championship: £3000

Euro Champion: £3000

Euro Cup: £1500

FA Cup: £2000

League Cup: £1000

Make it to any final: half the amount of the winners

Qualify for Euro Champions Cup: £750

Qualify for Euro Cup: £400

Each player in the team of the season: £200

World/European Player of the year: £3000 (2nd 2000, 3rd 1000)

League player of the year: £1000

Young player of the year: £1000

League Top Scorer: £1000

Euro Champion Top Scorer: £3000

Euro Cup Top Scorer: £1000

Domestic Cup Top Scorer: £1000

Team who score most goals in a season: £3000

Team who keep most clean sheets in a season: £3000

Twitter: 1k if you post at least 10 posts

Jobs: As Specified

Tiers: As Specified in Articles

Player Sets A Game Record: £500

Player Sets a Season Record: £1000

C. How to use Reward Points:



Players must be camped before the age of 24

A max of 12 attribute upgrades will be allowed on a player per season. That means a player has the ability to gain +36 to them in their career. A maximum of +3 can be put on one single attribute per season. You may put up to +9 per attribute per career.

Cost: £300 per +1 to an attribute. This may be raised if I feel it too cheap.

To Clarify, this is how a camp would look like:

Cristiano Ronaldo Camp

Ratings to Camp: +1 attribute, +1 attribute, +1 attribute, +1 attribute

Total: £1200

Also, please remember you may only camp a player in the off season unless I give out a free camp in season.

Potential Boost

Any player under the age of 25 may have their potential raised by 5 points at any point until they reach 25. This will cost £2500. You may only do this once per player per career.

Old Man Camps

Any player over the age of 32 may be "old man camped". This will consist of a +10 in any ONE category and a +5 ability boost plus a freeze. This is a £10,000 value for the young players, yours for £5000 for these older players. This can only be done once per player per career.

Lottery Team Camps

This is very important. I would love it if every team would be frugal when trading picks as I don't want to have to recruit for an aging team with no picks. So to encourage this, I will offer a FREE full +2 camp to the player ANY lottery team takes WITH THEIR PICK. Once again, must be a lottery player taken with their own pick. If Barcelona draft Neymar in the u21 draft with their own Pick, then they will receive a full +2 attribute camp(£2500 value) to Neymar for FREE. This must be posted before the beginning of the season with "Barcelona(your team name) Free Feeder Club Camp". For now on, this will NOT count as a career camp.

Legendary Camps


1) May only be used once per career

2) Counts as a full camp. Meaning, once this is used a player may not be camped unless you use a lottery camp or an old man's camp.

3) If you camped using the regular camps prior to this, you may not use a legendary camp. Even if Messi has only been camped +1 in Long Shots, you may NOT use a legendary camp on him.

4) Potential boosts can be used even though this is used. You may only combine Legendary camps, potential boosts, and old man camp

Types of Camps


Lev Yashin

Peter Schmeichel

Franz Beckenbauer

Franco Baresi

Paolo Maldini


Claude Makel.e.le

Lothar Matthaus



Gerd Muller




Draft Scouting

This will not be cheap, to scout anything, post a spend and then PM me.

Attribute Scouting: £150 per attribute (Scouting

True Potential: £1000 per player

Reduce An Injury

Got a key player down for a while? Pay for a pill that will cut that players injury in half! If a player is injured less than 2 weeks, the injury will completely go away. If its more than 2 weeks, it will be halfed. I will round up if I have to. For example, half of 51 is actually 25.5, but it will go to 26. There is a catch. The pill is banned by the league. Meaning, if you use this pill you run the risk of the league finding out. Every time a pill is given to a player, I will run that player through a random number generator, with a 5% chance of getting suspended for 25 days.

Cost 1k

If you want you can pay more and have the player completely healed by the miracle surgeon.

Surgeon prices:

2K – half the amount of time injured

3K – completely healed but can get reinjured straight away

5k – completely healed and guaranteed not to get injured for the rest of that season.

E. Player Positions:

If you wish to change a player’s position then you can within reason. On the game there are a set amount of positions a player can play but he is only a natural in one, maybe two. In the other positions they are awkward, unconvincing, competent or accomplished. (in order of progression)

There are therefore 4 states of ability that exist in each of the player’s allowed position. If a player is awkward then it will cost 2000k each step to get them to improve. So from awkward to natural would cost 8,000. This is the same if they are uncomfortable but will only cost 6000 as there are less steps. At competent the price drops to 1000 so to get to natural there are only 2 stages (accomplished then natural) and so that only costs 2000 and finally from accomplished to natural is 1000.

F. Trades

1. After a trade takes place you must be able to have at least 25 players in your squad

2. 3 players at a time can be dealt from each side.

3. Three-way trades allowed, as are four, five etc as long as they are fair.

4. All questionable trades will be decided by WrongIslander and Penny.

5. Player that are loan signings are not allowed to be traded. Any player that you make a one club player are not allowed to be traded unless they are unhappy.

6. No cutbacks and waivebacks

7. The right to veto a lopsided deal is reserved by WrongIslander and Penny.

8. Please post all trades in the main completed trades forum. If you post your trade in the approved trade forum or vetoed trade forum, they will not get through as I dont look there to process trades. If it’s posted there I will not process it.

9. Please cut players in the Sign/Cut/Wonder section, not in the trade post. I will not see it and your player will not be cut.

10. Back out of a trade after you already accepted it, 50k fine.

G. Transfer Market

1. Teams may only sign from the transfer market if they give up a player they drafted at some point. For each signing you want to make from the transfer market you must drop a previously drafted player.

2. All bids received for players in the offseason will be made publically aware. Whoever is willing to give up the better player will get the player they are trying to acquire. Example: You want Raphael Varane (assuming he wasn’t already owned by another team) and you are willing to give up Carles Puyol. This player’s age, number of games during the current and previous season and average rating will be taken into account. If someone offers a player that is better than Puyol with these criteria then that team will get Varane.

4. You give the same amount of years on a contract and same wage (minimum of 40,000 per week) to the incoming player. The reason for this is so the player stays happy. If the player is already on a higher wage than your other player then that is the minimum you must pay.

5. You may not re-sign any player that you let go in the same season. If you do let a player go out of spite or anger (which is fine) the player WILL hold it against your club.

6. All Free Agent Signings must be put in the Free Agent Section with the following info:

Team from – Team to

Previous Salary – Current Salary

Previoius years on deal – Current years on deal

H. Feeder Club Loans:

Training camps occur during the season. This simulates a player's natural growth.


Maximum length is 5 years for resigning players if they are your player, 4 years otherwise. You can only re-sign a player in the last year of their contract.

note that the commish is not a dictator and when possible community input and possibly a vote will be taken for decisions, however, sometimes the commish just has to make a decision for the sake of time and clarity

note things change occasionally and may not be represented here

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What the hell is this.

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What the hell is this.

An adaptation of your rules for the GSL but adapted for our new soccer league. :)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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I'm going to double check this one just to be sure.

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I'm going to double check this one just to be sure.

The prices will probably change.

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