Denver Nuggets Gauging Trade Value of Kenneth Faried

Denver, CO - According to Zach Lowe of,  the Denver Nuggets have begun sending out trade feelers to other teams regarding Kenneth Faried. While they are beginning to shop him around the league, they will not move him just to make a trade. Reports have said that the Nuggets have been asking for a lot in return in any deal that sends Faried out of town.

media_426edca5961541c19bf519d28c0f0595_t607Kenneth Faried, or “The Manimal” as some like to call him, had a solid season for the Nuggets last year. He averaged 11.5 points and 9.2 rebounds per game last season. While he isn’t a very big offensive threat, he still is able to get his points with his athleticism and hard work on the offensive glass. He’s a blue-collar type of player that every single team loves to have on their team. There is no doubt that there are multiple teams who will be interested in acquiring his services.

The Nuggets have denied that they have been shopping Faried to this point, but then again, what are they supposed to say? There is no mention of what Denver would be looking for in return, but draft picks and expiring deals could be something that would interest them. Denver has a very bright future ahead of them, and will be competitors in the Western Conference this season. Brian Shaw is the new head coach in town and it will be interesting to see what they get in return if they do decide to move Faried. Assuming Denver trades Faried in exchange for picks, betting sites such as bwin would definitely place the Denver Nuggets as underdogs.

As we mentioned a bit above, his offensive game definitely needs some work. He needs to improve his post game and mid-range game to become a threat offensively, but until then he is able to put the ball in the bucket with his athleticism. Defensively, he’s one of the better power forwards in the NBA. He’s a great rebounder and can protect the rim at times as well.

While a trade is certainly not imminent, these rumors are something to keep an eye on. Denver obviously has something in mind that they’re looking for and it will be interesting to see if Faried ends up moving.

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