Deron Williams: Season Has Been ‘Like a Nightmare’

Brooklyn, NY - According to Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News, the Brooklyn Nets’ starting point guard Deron Williams feels like this season has been a nightmare. The Nets are currently sitting at 9-19 and have started the season the exact opposite way than many expected.

“It’s like a nightmare. The way the injuries have been and the things we talk about every day: the lack of energy, the lack of effort. I didn’t see that being a problem when we put this team together.” - Deron Williams

DeronWilliamHN1The Brooklyn Nets made a blockbuster trade this past offseason that left the whole league clamoring about expectations for them. Acquiring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry to go along with a young, talented group was expected to put them into championship contention. Unfortunately for the Nets, Brook Lopez has gone down with an injury that will end his season, and Deron Williams has also missed major time due to injury.

“The bottom line is effort. We’re not doing that right now. The big thing is when we don’t score the ball, we tend to hang our heads. We don’t get back. If you’re not giving energy or effort, I’ve got to take you out.” - Jason Kidd

Obviously the entire Nets team is in disarray following the rough start to the season. Kevin Garnett has also been vocal about his unhappiness with the effort that the team has displayed, so hopefully the team will begin kicking things into gear before it’s too late. There are still a lot of issues to be ironed out before the Nets can get themselves back into playoff contention, but they have the talent and veteran leadership to get things done.

Overall, this season has had a nightmare start to it, but the team is more than capable of living up to the expectations at the end of the season. With Deron Williams being back healthy, the team will certainly be stronger and the team will begin figuring out how to play with each other. The Nets have all the talent to win basketball games, but only time will tell if they can figure things out in time.

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