Dwight Howard Unhappy In LA; Kobe “OK” With Trading Howard

Dwight HowardAccording to Chris Palmer from ESPN, Dwight Howard is unhappy in Los Angeles and is expected to walk away from the franchise this summer.

There has been plenty of drama in Los Angeles this season. The most recent stories report that Dwight Howard wore Kobe’s jersey and mocked him behind his back in the locker room during the All-Star game. Another headline says that Kobe Bryant will be “OK” with a trade that sends Dwight Howard out of Los Angeles.

In a recent report by the New York Post, claims have been made that Dwight Howard mocked Kobe Bryant behind his back during the All-Star game in Houston. Dwight apparently “grabbed Kobe’s uniform, put it on, and imitated him in front of all the other players on the West team. He was joking and berating Kobe”, in front of superstars Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant. The article also mentioned that Kobe later walked into the locker room and greeted everyone but Dwight Howard.

According to FOX Sports Ohio, Kobe Bryant doesn’t care whether Dwight Howard remains a Laker, leaves via free agency, or gets traded before the deadline. These sources have also reported that many of Kobe’s teammates believe that Howard doesn’t care enough about winning, and doesn’t take the game seriously.

(Via Hoops-Nation.com)

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