Five advanced player statistics you probably didn’t know















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I’ve gathered tons of data, and I must say, there are some truly undervalued players in this league that don’t get the credit they deserve. This list is mainly for the undervalued players in this league, and rather not the stars.

Let’s get started!



  • Andre Drummond ranks second in the league in individual rebound rate (For Centers) - If you haven’t watched this guy closely on and off the ball, you got to record a Detroit Pistons game just for the sake of it. Drummond is having a phenomenal rookie season and is popping on all cylinders. Drummond averages a 21.5 total rebound rate this season, ranking above big men such as Dwight Howard, Al Horford, Roy Hibbert, and Tyson Chandler. Oh, and just one more thing, he’s coming off the bench.




  •  Greivis Vasquez ranks third among point-guards in Weighted Assists- Vasquez has been doing wonders for the Big Easy this season, and has taken the Jason Kidd role for the Hornets this year; the on-court coach, the leader. Weighted Assists comes down to a bonus for passes kicked out for made three point field goals. Averaging 10.6 weighted assists per game, ranking just under Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, Vasquez gets on this list easily with his aced court vision and fundamental passing.



  • Larry Sanders leads all Centers in blocks per gameLarry Sanders is an absolute specimen around the rim and has carried the defensive anchor for Milwaukee this season. In his first year starting with the Bucks, Sanders is averaging 3.07 blocks per game this year.



  •  Tiago Splitter ranks third in the league in true shooting % with 10 or more games played- Splitter is Tim Duncan’s back-bone and is feasting in all categories this season, but the true shooting stands out mainly because he’s a big man, that comes off the bench! With a 64.4%  average in true shooting percentage, it’s just another statistic to complement his outstanding season!



  • Kyle Korver leads all bench players in effective field goal percentage- A number like 64.2 shouldn’t go unnoticed on any player’s stat sheet. Especially if he gets 30.9 minutes per game. This stat comes down to weighted efficiency, mainly adjusted for threes. Nonetheless, Korver has been the secret ingredient to Atlanta’s success this season.






  •  Rebound rate-  100 * (TRB * (Tm MP/ 5)) / (MP * (Tm TRB + Opp TRB)).


  • Weighted Assists- Assists + (0.5 * Assists leading to threes)


  • True shooting %- PTS / (2 * TSA) 


  • effective field goal percentage-  (FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA





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