Gary Payton Compares John Wall To HImself

Gary PaytonDuring an interview with the Hall of Fame finalst, Gary Payton was asked who reminds him of himself, and named John Wall.

These comments brought mixed feelings among NBA fans, due to Payton’s high level of success. Nonetheless, John Wall has had a better start to his NBA career statistically, when compared to Payton’s first 3 seasons.

Via NBCSports“First of all I struggled for three years,” said Payton, speaking as part of the Thuzio launch in Los Angeles. “Really for two years, and then when George Karl got there (to Seattle) my struggles ended because I got a basketball coach that let me do what I wanted to do.”

John Wall has previously reached out to Gary Payton for help and advice.

“Me and him have talked a lot on the phone,” Payton told ProBasketballTalk. “He has called me about the situation, the same situation (I was in) to learn about things, and I’ve been talking to him about things and I’ve been talking to him a lot.”


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