Rumor: Houston Rockets To Pursue Kevin Love

According to Marc Stein from ESPN, the Houston Rockets “will be lobbing frequent calls” to the Minnesota Timberwolves to discuss Kevin Love’s availability.

A combo of Kevin Love and Dwight Howard in the paint would be impossible to stop. Both big men are rebounding machines, and could also put up over 20 points per game. Kevin Love will complement Dwight Howard more than anyone in the league, since Love can spread the floor and get Howard easy looks inside. Additionally, with Howard dominating the paint, Love and Harden will find themselves open more frequently than ever before.

Kevin Love, Rockets RumorsVia Marc Stein, ESPN:

“Kevin Love isn’t nearly as available as Melo will be this summer. He might not be available at all via trade. Yet you can rest assured that Houston will be lobbing frequent calls to Minnesota to test the Wolves’ resolve, since Love would complement Howard better than pretty much anyone you could nominate.”

Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik are three assets the Rockets may offer for Kevin Love, but many teams around the league will be able to outdo such a proposal. Nonetheless, Kevin Love clearly appeared unhappy in Minnesota, and it does seem like he will be playing in a different jersey sooner than later.

The 25-year-old Kevin Love averaged 26.1 points and 12.5 rebounds per game during the 2013-14 season. Dwight Howard, who just got kicked out of the postseason, averaged 18.3 points, 12.2 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game during the 2013-14 season. Despite losing to the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round, Howard dominated during the Rocket’s brief postseason run. He averaged 26.0 points, 13.7 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game in six games played.

If the Houston Rockets can not acquire Kevin Love via trade, they may also pick him up via free agency in 2015. The Rockets are also expected to pursue Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo. Kevin Durant, who is a free agent next off-season, is also another possibility for Houston.


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