How Will Jarrett Jack Fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Since coming to the league in 2005, Jarrett Jack has found himself wearing five different uniforms, and this year will mark his sixth. Jack, an eight-year veteran in the NBA has been a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, the previously known New Orleans Hornets, Golden State Warriors, and finally this season will be a Cleveland Cavalier!

g12c000000000000000d551e5ff013f38f287a2d1abece52634deb40c98Jack will join a Cavalier squad that is still building around their franchise player, Kyrie Irving.  Jarrett Jack is a great addition to this team because it automatically adds some depth to the Cleveland back-court of Irving and Waiters.  He is a very solid guy to have come off the bench, as he has averaged over 25 minutes per game in his past three seasons. He is a solid free throw shooter and a smart all-around shooter, and he has a respectable shooting percentage. In addition, he has averaged at least 10 points per game his past three seasons. So coming off of three solid seasons, the Cavaliers are hoping to see that side of him this coming season.

The Cavaliers have crafted a pretty interesting team, as their biggest reel this off-season was Andrew Bynum.  If healthy, Bynum automatically becomes a threat and another tool that Kyrie could rely on. However, there is a big question mark on his health.

Aside from that, the Cavs can finally have someone to look towards in relief on their bench in Jarrett Jack. He will definitely contribute to this team especially in close-game situations simply because Jarrett Jack has that ability to take over when given the green light.

So how will he fit in Cleveland? He will fit perfectly. His addition to the team takes a lot of pressure off of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters’ shoulders. While this team is still a work in progress, and they are still pieces away from being contenders in the powerhouse of the Eastern Conference, they’ll be an entertaining team to watch. They may not have it altogether now, but they are certainly headed in the right direction, and the Jarrett Jack signing proves just that.

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