Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to Return Tonight Against the Wizards

According to Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are possible to start at the game at home against the Washington Wizards.


If you didn’t hear how the two were hurt, here we go. During the closing minutes of the Lakers-Hawks game in Atlanta, Kobe Bryant took a shot to tie up the game. As Dahntay Jones was playing defense, he went forward and as Kobe was coming down, his foot landed on Jones’s foot, causing it to roll on it. Kobe Bryant suffered a sever left ankle sprain from this.


Pau Gasol left during their win over the Brooklyn Nets after straining the plantar fascia in his right foot late in the fourth quarter of that game. This injury dates all the way back to February 6th. Ever since, Pau has been keeping everyone updated on his injury via Twitter, and Facebook. He will finally return, and if he gets the start, he will get Earl Clark’s starting position.

(via, @Hoops_Nation)

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