Lakers Trying To Make “Substantial Trade”; Gasol On Trade Block

According to Sam Amico from FOX Sports, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to make a massive trade before the end of preseason. Rumors claim that Pau Gasol may be on his way out.

Sam Amico, FOX Sports: One Eastern Conference executive told FOX Sports Ohio he’s heard from the Lakers recently, and word around the league is they may try to make a “substantial” trade before the regular season. Apparently, forward Pau Gasol remains far from untouchable.

Pau Gasol, Kobe BryantDespite his spectacular talent, Gasol’s $19 million expiring contract may be another element that attracts teams around the league. Just for speculations sake, the Minnesota Timberwolves may be a franchise the Lakers deal with. Recent reports claimed that Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman called his players out due to the lack of effort. Kevin Love and Derrick Williams are two players that the Lakers have previously expressed interest in. However, there have been no recent reports regarding any team the Lakers are in discussions with.

Gasol has recently made it clear that he is not interested in taking a pay cut to remain with the Lakers. The Big Spaniard averaged 13.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game for the Lakers last season. With Howard out of the picture, Pau Gasol looked excellent in his first few preseason games last week. Anyhow, the Lakers may look to trade Pau in exchange for a replacement for Steve Nash.

Trade rumors are nothing new for the two-time champion. Just a couple seasons ago, Pau Gasol was involved in a vetoed trade that sent him to the Houston Rockets. However, Gasol returned to the Lakers in a professional and mature manner, and continued to play with passion and pride. Whether he remains a Laker or not, he will forever be appreciated.


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