Lakers Win First Preseason Game vs. Warriors

8393_Jordan_Farmar_1The Lakers, unlike last season, actually won a preseason game. Though it’s not much to cheer about, it definitely is a good sign. With Kobe, Pau, and Nash out for tonight’s game, the Lakers “scrubs” battled it out with the Golden State Warriors, in a full exciting 48 minutes.

These are what I picked up on from tonight’s game:


  • Xavier Henry was a huge surprise coming off the bench. Not much has been said about him all week, but in tonight’s game, he was the star. If he is consistent with the way he played tonight, he will definitely snag a spot on the Lakers roster.
  • Robert Sacre looks like he has eased in with the team. He looked very comfortable out there, a lot better than last season. He knows that he will play a big role coming off the bench for either Pau, Chris Kaman or Jordan Hill. Tonight, he was hustling on the rebounds, although did not grab a lot. His shot selection was great and when he pulled up for a jumper, he shot it with confidence.
  • Jordan Farmar played very well, backing up Steve Blake. It looked like he was very happy to be playing in a Lakers uniform again, as he seemed to have almost all the energy tonight. Farmar did a great job looking for his teammates and only scored when he felt like he needed to.
  • Nick Young is Nick Young. He will be the shot-jacker that he is. He did score 17 points, but every time he attempted a shot, the assumption of whether the shot was going in or miss was absolutely 50-50.
  • Chris Kaman, with limited minutes as he is projected to be the starting center,racked in a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds. The energy was not there, but if this were a regular season game, he would have had a lot more on the stats sheet.

Like I said, this is nothing to cheer about, because one, it is only preseason and two, they have not proved anything. The hustle and heart was there tonight, but let’s hope they can play like this.

Pau Gasol and Steve Nash are going to be suited up for the Lakers tomorrow night vs. Denver, in hopes of being 2-0 in preseason.

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