Los Angeles Clippers Likely to Sign Lamar Odom

Los Angeles, CA - According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Clippers will likely end up signing forward Lamar Odom before too long. The 34-year-old practiced with the team today and then proceeded to meet with head coach Doc Rivers and Clippers’ front-office officials for two hours following the workout. Odom has been working hard for the last month to get back into basketball shape and speed up his plan to sign in the second half of the season.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles ClippersIf the Clippers do decide to sign Lamar Odom, they will likely be able to sign him at a veterans minimum salary. Odom is looking to get one more chance to make a run at an NBA title, and he would have a decent shot at doing just that with this talented Clippers team.

Reports surfaced yesterday that both the Clippers and Lakers were keeping Lamar Odom on their radar, and were contemplating giving him a chance. Many Clippers players left today with the assumption that the Clippers will wind up making a deal with Odom very soon. According to Stein, Lamar Odom’s presence at the practice facility was a very shocking surprise, but a pleasant one.

Odom is coming off a very rough offseason where he faced both personal and legal issues, and was not expected to be signed by an NBA team until late in the season if at all. The Clippers do have a roster spot open and have been looking for a veteran player who could give them more depth in their front-court. Lamar Odom will have to prove that he is healthy and able to play against NBA competition before the Clippers decide to sign him, but with his strong showing today that doesn’t appear to be an issue at this point.

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