Mark Cuban Twitter War with Donald Trump

Kind of something fun to talk about, as the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and Donald Trump ,the host of the show “Apprentice,” are currently going back and fourth in a Twitter argument.

CubanThis all started the night Mark Cuban was on the Jay Leno Show. After that, Trump took it to Twitter saying, “I watched Mark Cuban on Jay Leno last night – what a jerk!” now, this is where it really takes off, and it just keeps on going as I write this. This is another tweet from Trump shortly after the first tweet that I listed above, “Dummy @mcuban made up a story about a visit to Mar-a-Lago last night on Leno. It never happened—I don’t talk that way.”

Then, Mark Cuban came with this tweet after the arguing kind of slowed down saying, “@realDonaldTrump let’s settle this like gentleman.I challenge u to a Harlem Shake duel.@SharkTank cast vs Apprentice cast.For charity.” Following this… “@realDonaldTrump on that Harlem Shake offer, we can all bring our birth certificates if that helps…”

Well, that’s all I really have.  If you want to keep following this arguing, make sure to follow these men on Twitter.. Oh one more thing, check out this picture from tonight at the Mavericks-Nets game.


(via, @Hoops_Nation)

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