Mavericks Stun the Clippers in Overtime

Tonight, the Dallas Mavericks hosted the Los Angeles Clippers at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks were in deep need of a win in this game to keep on having a chance at that number eight spot that they’re chasing. This game would go into overtime as the Dallas Mavericks would shock the Clippers, winning the game 109-102.


This game was big for many reasons. First off, the Mavs were able to defeat the Clippers, who have the fifth best chance in winning the NBA Championship, according to They Mavericks were able to beat a top four opponent, which they haven’t done yet this season. The Mavericks are showing signs that they are still a team that shouldn’t be reckoned with. Dirk Nowitzki would score a season high 33 points, and would grab 9 rebounds, but it doesn’t stop here. The game was sent into this overtime by one person, that person was O.J. Mayo.

Mayo hit a free throw which would tie the game up, then as the game went on, the Mavericks were down by two. Mayo was able to get a score down in the paint to tie the game at 97-97. The shot he took took patience, and awareness. Dirk said in the post game interview with David Aldridge, “Finally, we just battled.”

The Mavericks look to use this win as a power surge as they take on the Indiana Pacers at home Thursday.

(via, @Hoops_Nation)

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