Metta World Peace Says “Kobe Show” Bad For Lakers


Kobe Bryant has been playing out of his mind lately. The 2012-2013 NBA season is well on its way and Mamba is already having the best season of his career.


With that being said, it seems like Metta isn’t buying the “Kobe show” as a route to success for the Lakers. The last couple of games from the Lakers (hell, the entire season) have shown them to be a very flawed team.


Though Bryant is having the kind of season he is, World Peace is starting to see it as perhaps a part of the problem.

 “When it turns into the Kobe show, it’s hard for everybody to put pressure on.”

Via LA Times


The, shall we say, expressive World Peace isn’t completely out of term. The Lakers offense has been about as predictable as any in the league. If it isn’t a force to Dwight Howard, Bryant is going to put him on either block and get to work.


World Peace had a great outing in the Lakers’ Sunday night game against the 76ers, collecting 19 points and 16 rebounds. Duhon, Meeks, and rookie Darius Morris also scored in double digits.


This particular game was more fluid for the Lakers. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves more. Sure, the Sixers are still without Bynum and had to play with their star Jrue Holiday last night, but the signs were good for LA.


That’s the kind of game World Peace was hopping for. To explain further, Metta employs a particular analogy.

“Anybody that uses a treadmill, they know you get tired after a while. After an hour, you want to get off that treadmill. Sometimes when we play, Kobe is the only man running on the treadmill and everybody else is relaxing.”


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