Michael Beasley Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana

Michael BeasleyMichael Beasley from the Phoenix Suns has been arrested in Arizona this morning due to drug possession. This is not the first time Beasley has been in trouble due to marijuana use.

Wolves executive David Kahn previously stated that Michael Beasley ‘smoked too much marijuana.’ Additionally, Beasley was previously fined near $50,000 during his rookie season with the Heat after being busted with marijuana (alongside Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur).

In this incident, police officers stated that they searched Beasley’s vehicle after smelling marijuana from the car, and to nobody’s surprise, they confiscated narcotics.

Some other NBA athletes who have been caught with pot include: Josh Howard, Stephon Marbury, Jason Williams, Mario Chalmers, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Bill Walton, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

This incident will not ruin Beasley’s career, but it definitely damages his already not-so-amazing NBA resume. Despite being caught with marijuana several times, the young forward has not shown much improvement since being drafted as the 2nd overall pick in 2008.

(Via Hoops-Nation.com)

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