NBA Draft: Boston Celtics Interested in Julius Randle

The Boston Celtics are going to be looking to acquire as much young talent as they can this offseason, and recent reports are indicating that they would like to select Kentucky big man Julius Randle in the NBA Draft. According to Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, the Celtics believe that Randle would be a great fit for their front-court. There is no question that he would fit well with Boston’s system, and he’s the exact type of player that second-year head coach Brad Stevens likes.

“Boston has all kinds of needs to fill, and a starting power forward can surely be considered one of them. Randle is talented enough to get picked much higher than this in a normal draft, and at some point will be difficult to pass up.” - Jonathan Givony

RandleCelticsHN1Boston took Gonzaga center Kelly Olynyk in last year, and Randle would be a very good fit alongside him to build Boston’s future front-court. Randle would add a great scoring ability to go along with solid defense and rebounding. He has the ideal NBA motor, and would wear out some of the big men in the NBA with his non-stop effort.

Randle was a big reason that the Kentucky Wildcats were able to pull things together and make the NCAA Championship game last season. He averaged 15.0 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game last year, and was the true emotional leader for the Wildcats. The Celtics don’t really have the emotional enforcer that Randle would bring, and that is something that is very important at the professional level.

Overall, this would be a very good fit for both the Celtics and Randle. We won’t know exactly when the Celtics will be picking until May 20th when the NBA Draft lottery comes up, but it’s going to be an early pick. Randle is expected to go in the top-five right now, so Boston better hope that they’re able to draw a top pick.

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