NBA Rumors: Bulls Talking Carmelo Anthony Trade with Knicks

According to sources inside the Chicago Bulls organization, the team has been in discussions with the New York Knicks over the last couple of weeks regarding a trade for Carmelo Anthony. The two sides have been rumored to have interest, but according to this report the talks have already been going on for the past couple of weeks. It will be very interesting to see if the Bulls are able to work out a trade with the Knicks before the trade deadline passes.

MeloBullsRumorHN1The report states that the Bulls would be giving up Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell, Jimmy Butler, and likely a first round pick as well. In return, Chicago would receive Carmelo Anthony, Raymond Felton, and Iman Shumpert. Obviously this is a huge trade that would change the future of both teams dramatically. Chicago is still able to compete with some of the good teams in the NBA despite missing Derrick Rose, and adding Carmelo Anthony might very well be the move that keeps their season alive.

New York would be receiving a good package in return for Melo with this trade. Jimmy Butler has shown flashes of becoming a special player, and rookie Tony Snell has also proven to be a very solid wing player. Hinrich would be a solid veteran piece to add to the roster, and Boozer would be a large expiring contract next offseason. The Knicks would be getting a very similar type of package to the deal that they gave up in the first place to Denver in the original Carmelo Anthony trade.

Once again, the two sides are discussing a deal that they are hoping that they can figure out before the trade deadline. There are many complications that the two sides are trying to work through, including what the Knicks want exactly in return. In addition to the players involved, the two sides will have to agree on the picks that will be involved as well.

Overall, this trade is something that is being discussed, but has not become imminent as of yet. These talks do have traction according to the source, and the two sides are in daily conversations about the deal. Expect more information to come out over the next few weeks, but this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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