New York Knicks Secure Playoff Spot in Win Over the Raptors

The New York Knicks have successfully clinched their playoff birth, after beating the Toronto Raptors 99-94. The New York Knicks, who are 41-26,  got their first win against the Raptors, who are 26-43, in three games against them. Toronto has lost 11 of its last 14 games, including their last three in a row, while the Knicks snapped a three game losing streak versus the Raptors.

Carmelo Anthony injured

Big reason as to why the Knicks were able to secure this is because of the performance by Carmelo Anthony. Every night, Carmelo is always going to be able to put up some crazy number, and tonight was just one of those nights. Carmelo went for 37 points this game, leading everyone in the game in points.

Another presence that was felt was from Kenyon Martin, who shot 9-10 from the field, grabbed 11 rebounds while scoring 19 points.

(via, @Hoops_Nation)


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