Pierce invades Celtics locker room

Brooklyn, NY- Paul Pierce, one of the greats to ever put on a Boston Celtics uniform, found it strange to play against his old team for the first time in his career. Paul Pierce was the captain for the most storied franchise for 15 seasons. Pierce passed Bird on the Celtics all-time scoring list in Boston, and helped end the championship drought in 2008.

Via ESPN Boston:

“It was a little weird looking over and seeing all the green uniforms,” he said of his first game against the Boston Celtics “I’m used to lining up in the green and white for so long.”

Pierce also visited the Celtics locker room before the game to wish them luck this season. Pierce seemed like a player that was longing to be back with his old team, and at the same time was happy with his new squad.

Via ESPN Boston:

“He’s got to go do what he’s got to do, but it’s good to see his face,” Green said. “I ha”He’s got to go do what he’s got to do, but it’s good to see his face,” Green said. “I haven’t seen him in a while.”

“Probably seeing that green jersey on the other side will kind of be different,” Kidd said. “But I think he is a professional and he will handle it well.” ven’t seen him in a while.”

Pierce did not talk to reporters before Tuesday’s game. After the game, he addressed the future that is ahead for the Celtics:

“They’ve got a lot of good, young talent,” Pierce said. “I’ve had a chance to watch them a couple times on TV. Obviously you see their big rookie [Kelly Olynyk]; you see [Jared] Sullinger, he’s taken the next step [and] I think he’s finally healthy; and then when they get Rondo back, this team has a bright future. Jeff Green, I expect him to emerge and really have a good season; Courtney Lee is comfortable out there; Avery [Bradley], it’s time for him to really step up. So they have some nice pieces to build with.”

Paul Pierce had a decent game against his former team, outside of his scoring woes. He had 10 rebounds, along with 5 crafty assists. Although his jumper was falling short all night, he still managed to get to his spots. Paul Pierce squaring off against his old team in Brooklyn wasn’t magical, but emotions were high during their first meeting. It seems like Paul is missing his role as a captain, but he has definitely moved on. He has a chance to win another ring, and that eases his transition from Boston to Brooklyn.

(Via Hoops-Nation.com)

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