Playoff Outlook: First Rankings

With the first two weeks down in the NBA season, teams are off and running with the new 2012/2013 NBA season underway. Playoffs are months away, but it is never too early to think about how everything will shape up when the exciting time comes. Let’s see how things are shaping up in the first playoff probability rankings:

Eastern Conference:

1.Miami Heat-Predicted record:62-20

-The Heat are playing like what they are, the defending champions. The Knicks hold the number one spot in the conference right now, but the Heat have way too much power to let them keep it.


2.New York Knicks-Predicted record:55-27

-It may be shocking to see the Knicks all the way up to number two, but with how they have been playing, there is no reason they should not be up here. Here’s a scary thought:The Knicks are playing this well without Amare Stoudemire as well.Look out.


3.Boston Celtics-Predicted record:51-31

-It may not be a perfect start for the Celtics this year, but with how the East is looking, it is good enough. I think the Celtics will step it up later into the season and grab the number three seed in the conference.


4.Brooklyn Nets-Predicted record:50-32

-The Nets are off to a great start in Brooklyn. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson will lead the Nets to a 50 win season and a four seed as one of the leagues best back courts.


5.Philadelphia 76ers-Predicted record:48-34

-It has been a strange start to the season for the Sixers. They have been off to a great start  without all-star Andrew Bynum, but have also learned they will lose him until January. The Sixers will not be able to get a 50 win season with Bynum out that long.Five seed for them.


6.Milwaukee Bucks-Predicted record:45-37

-I have always been one of those people that has doubted the Monta Ellis-Brandon Jennings duo. They are proving me wrong this season. I think they steal the sixth seed from Rose-less Bulls.


7.Chicago Bulls-Predicted record:43-39

-It feels like it has been forever that the Bulls have been playing without Derrick Rose, and they really miss and need him. Rose’s supporting looks like they will be able to get the seventh seed and a winning record.


8.Indiana Pacers-Predicted record:40-42

-The start of the NBA season has not been a kind one for the Pacers. Things got even worse when they learned they would be without all-star Danny Granger for three months. Ouch, that hurts their ranking big time.


Just missing,battling for a spot:

9.Atlanta Hawks-Predicted record:38-44


10.Cleveland Cavaliers-Predicted record:34-48


Highly unlikely to make it:

11.Toronto Raptors-Predicted record:32-50


12.Charlotte Bobcats-Predicted record:27-55


13.Washington Wizards-Predicted record:27-55


No chance:

14.Orlando Magic-Predicted record:23-59


15.Detroit Pistons-Predicted record:21-61



Western Conference:

1.San Antonio Spurs-Predicted record:61-21

-Yep, they are surprising everybody again. The Spurs always seem to be flying under the radar and this season is no different. The Spurs have looked great and right now I think they will grab the one seed and 60 wins.


2.Oklahoma City Thunder-Predicted record:60-22

-The Thunder are playing good. I will not say they are playing excellent, because they are not. Still, I think they get the two seed and a 60 win season. On another note, I have been very impressed by Kevin Martin.


3.Los Angeles Clippers-Predicted record:54-28

-The Clippers are off to a nice start while their cross town rivals have not been to such a hot start. The Clippers are bound for their first 50 win season and home court advantage.


4.Los Angeles Lakers-Predicted record:51-31

-I think this is very generous for how the Lakers have looked so far. I was very tempted to put them behind Memphis, but I still believe they will pick it up and go on a roll. Still, Lakers are not even in the playoffs right now in the real standings.


5.Memphis Grizzlies-Predicted record:51-31

-The Grizzlies have been very impressive so far. They smashed the Heat at home and like the Spurs, have flown under the radar. The Grizz should get a 50 win season and compete for home court advantage.


6.Denver Nuggets-Predicted record:47-35

-The Nuggets are off to an okay start and have some questionable losses. Denver could be farther back on this list with how they have been playing, but I do not see anybody behind them that has as much talent as them. Anything lower than a sixth seed would be disappointing for the mile high city.


7.Minnesota Timberwolves-Predicted record:44-38

-When Kevin Love broke his hand, I thought the Wolves were done. I knew they had a solid supporting cast, but I did not think they could push Minnesota into the playoffs. They have been proving me wrong, and it will be a race to see who can get their start power forward back first between Minnesota and Dallas.


8.Dallas Mavericks-Predicted record:44-38

-Like the Timberwolves, the supporting cast to the Mavs star, Dirk Nowitzki, has been rather impressive. Darren Collison is running the floor very nice and OJ Mayo looks like a good second option. They should make the playoffs.


Just missing, battling for a spot:

9.Utah Jazz-Predicted record:42-40


10.Portland Trailblazers-Predicted record:41-41


11.Golden State Warriors-Predicted record:39-43


Highly unlikely to make it:

12.New Orleans Hornets-Predicted record:34-48


13.Houston Rockets-Predicted record:32-50


14.Phoenix Suns-Predicted record:30-52


No chance:

15.Sacramento Kings-Predicted record:27-55


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