Predicting the 2013 NBA Season: Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons have stacked up their front-court heading into the 2013 NBA season, but Greg Monroe could be the biggest piece for their success this season. With both Andre Drummond and Josh Smith alongside him, he likely won’t receive as many touches as he has the last couple of years. Standing at 6’11″, he’s a multi-talented big man, who has both a post and mid-range game. You can expect another great season for Monroe, so lets go ahead and break down what you can expect from him this season.

Greg-Monroe-Pistons-349x400Monroe averaged 16.0 points and 9.6 rebounds per game last season as the Pistons’ clear number one scoring option. He showed a lot of improvement in his post game, developing moves from the block as well as improving his consistency from mid-range. He only shot .486% last year, so there is still room for improvement, but his 69% from the free-throw line is even more concerning. Due to his ability to back his way to the rim, he does get a good amount of attempts from the foul line. This off-season, he’ll need to focus on improving his free-throw percentages in order to cash in on all the opportunities he’ll get this season.

While both Josh Smith and Andre Drummond are capable of scoring the basketball, there is no doubt that Monroe will be Detroit’s most reliable front-court scorer. He has the size and strength to match up with any of the other big men in the NBA, and especially in the Central Division. With Roy Hibbert, David West, Larry Sanders, Joakim Noah, and potentially Andrew Bynum being threats in the front-court, the Pistons will need Monroe to step up defensively as well.

Greg Monroe does need to improve defensively in order to match up with the elite big men in the NBA. The Pistons do have their primary rim protector beside Monroe in Andre Drummond, but they need Monroe to step up as well to make things even more difficult on opposing offenses. Monroe averaged just 0.9 blocks per game, and for a 6’11″ player with a great wing-span, that number just isn’t acceptable. It doesn’t take too terribly much to improve defensively as a big man, but it does take the effort and time. If Monroe truly wants to reach his full potential, he will need to work as hard as he possibly can.

The Pistons have high expectations this year, and the fans are buzzing once again in Detroit. Monroe has been improving his game dramatically each and every year, and you shouldn’t expect that to change too much this season. That being said, we’ll need to see how he progresses to start the 2013 season. It should be yet another great campaign for the former Georgetown big man heading into his fourth NBA season.

Overall, Greg Monroe has been one of the most underrated big men in the NBA. This could be the year that he’s able to step up and play a big part on a competitive Detroit Pistons team. Monroe will be one of the biggest keys for the Pistons to reach their full potential this season. Detroit fans haven’t had a season to look forward to like this in the last few years. There’s a buzz in the “Palace” and Monroe will have to step up and be a leader for this team to play up to the fans’ expectations.

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