Report: Keeping D’Antoni Might Mean Losing Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard, Mike D'AntoniOne major issue that could cost the Lakers Dwight Howard is potentially re-signing Mike D’Antoni, according to Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports.

Currently, it seems like the roster is uninvolved with D’Antoni. Fortunately for Dwight, a coaching shakeup seems likely if the Lakers keep playing at this level. Due to the way they’ve been playing, you would assume the Lakers are not the team you want to put your money on. Nonetheless, according to Los Angeles Lakers betting odds at Topbet, the Lakers are still favorites to win Friday’s game against Utah.

According to Woj, a source connected with both the Lakers and Dwight Howard quoted, “Even if they’re right, and Dwight stays, do you want Dwight unhappy and feeling uninvolved with D’Antoni?”

According to the LA Times, “Of the two biggest issues facing this dysfunctional mess of a professional sports operation, Howard’s failures are the more curious, and his future the more perplexing. Mike D’Antoni is the wrong coach, but they can find another coach. There’s only one fluid giant like Howard, and the decision they make here could affect the organization for years.”

According to Kevin Ding, the Los Angeles Lakers are not considering a coaching change with D’Antoni as of right now, despite potentially missing the playoffs.

D’Antoni’s coaching fundamentals do not involve big men, which explains the lack of touches for the Lakers franchise player.

After the loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, Mike D’Antoni quoted, “Ever watch an All-Star Game? It’s god-awful. Everybody gets the ball, goes 1-on-1 and plays no defense. That’s us.” The LA Times article also continued to point out that despite D’Antoni’s failure to get Dwight involved, Howard isn’t so perfect himself. “The Lakers can’t live with him. They can’t live with his lack of dominance on defense, his passiveness on offense, his ability to laugh off missed throws, his inability to get tough with Bryant, and the nagging notion that his back problems may linger for the rest of his career.”

As of right now, the Los Angeles Lakers are 17-25. Sneaking into the playoffs isn’t mathematically impossible for the Lakeshow, but it seems highly unlikely due to the way this squad has been playing.


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