Speculation: Lakers interested in a Gasol-for-Rondo swap

Rajon RondoAccording to some investigative speculation by HoopsWorld writer, Eric Pincus, Mitch Kupchak might have just given his tell on what the Lakers are looking for and planning to do in these upcoming months.


Based on a conversation that Lakers sideline reporter, Mike Trudell, had with Mitch regarding potential moves, Kupchak replied with:


“Well, if there were a way for us to get a 25-year-old, All-Star, ball-handling guard we’d love to do it … but that’s not likely in February. So you look at other alternatives, and see if it’s better than what you have. That’s all.”


Scouring his database of birthdays, Pincus found that there is only one man that fits that description and that man is the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics – Rajon Rondo.


(Via LakersNation)

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